Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack for GoPro – Wireless Audio System! REVIEW

The Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack for GoPro® is a specially designed adapter for the GoPro® Hero3 allowing for Bluetooth capabilities. With the use of Bluetooth headsets, the Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack allows users to add their voice to the video on-the-fly using Bluetooth Audio Recording™ feature. Being able to narrate the video during recording not only provides users a whole new experience but also reduces the need for follow-up audio editing allowing for in the moment audio experiences!

Lets put the Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack for GoPro to the test!

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Intro – 0:00
What is the Sena BT Pack? – 0:43
Package Contents – 1:28
Closer Look – 1:43
Installation & Charging – 3:45
Pairing to a Headset – 5:20
Testing – 6:13
Final Thoughts – 7:40

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Spencer Geerlings says:

will the gopro charge and record at the same time?

Ben mcshanag says:

Can you do a comparison of the gopros mic and the backpacks mic?

c0pyimitati0n says:

Wow that audio is TERRIBLE. I wonder if it’s just the mic you are using or the Sena system itself. It sounds like you are talking on a phone.

Shadowcruise99 says:

GoPro needs to disclose the pinout, on the rear port! The concept of utilizing the Mini USB port, although usable isn’t ideal and requires the use of special housings/frames. Bad Form GoPro!!!

ElevatorMan says:

so the reason my audio sounds like its inside the helmet, is because i only have the POWER switch on, so according to you, if i turn the power ON and the mic On itll record my motorcycle, AND my voice, and since the mic is infront of me in my helmet u should hear me crystal clear instead of helmet sounding audio…

Pejman Behbahani says:

I got one of this, while charging and recording there is a lot of digital noise on the recorded audio while charging.

sea sand and soul says:

can you pair it up with a lapel mic?

lonestarrider says:

Great review! This was very helpful, Thanks! Would be nice if GoPro starts building their cameras with bluetooth for audio use!

Silver Nomad says:

Best review yet. Thanks

Richard's World says:

You said it has two micro-USB adapters. You know those aren’t micro USB adapters.

Pete Best says:

Your driving on the wrong side of the road! Look out!

yulaw5110 says:

can you recommend a bluetooth mic? gonna mount the go pro to my motorcyle helmet and a bluetooth mic near the exhaust any recommendations

MonsterChuck says:

I could be wrong but I believe on the Sena site it says that the Bluetooth device is NOT able to be used while charging. I have not tested this but even though you are able to charge the GoPro and still use it I do not believe the audio pack will be functional while charging. Also, users that intend to use this on a motorcycle with a Sena headset will be disappointed to learn that listening to music via Bluetooth connection to your phone is not possible while connected to the audio pack. To my knowledge there is no firmware update to fix this.

Wake for Me says:

Sena is garbage. I have the GP10. It freezes / crashes my Hero 4.  The warranty replacement unit also crashes / freezes my Hero 4 with the bonus feature of static / popping noises on the sound track. Don’t waste your money with this.  Or at least if you want to try it, make sure you have a money back guarantee. I bought mine direct from Sena – out of luck, out of pocket.

Ernani Joppert says:

Ouch, that side usb thing killed it! No standard housing…damn, it is nearly perfect.

Mile High & On Two Wheels says:

So I recently got the Bluetooth audio pack for my GoPro and I’ve run into a problem. I want to record external audio but I’ve noticed that my voice echoes because I have a chin mount. Is there anything I can do about this without having to resort to full headset sound only? Also, I don’t have a Sena headset so I’m unable to use UltraHD voice mode which is a reason why I don’t want to resort to headset sound only.


is there any way to use this with Sony action cam?

D4rkD3ATHx says:

does it come with the head set ?

Maryland Bass Hunter says:

Since the SENA device also charges the GOPRO, does it record while charging? I would like to get this device, however I want to ensure I can use an external USB battery with it. Thank you! Very good video.

Maharlika says:

The Bluetooth can be pair to cellphone

BigBoy Toys says:

Hi, just a very quick question. Would I be able to connect the sena smh10 with a gopro and tomtom rider gps unit at the same time?

NismoFury says:

Hold up. Where did you get a 3+ skeleton case? Or did you just get a reg 3+ case & cut the hole yourself? Ive looked everywhere for 1 & ended up buying a 3 skeleton case.

Roy Kygar says:

Will this fit the Hero4 ?

Andy's Fishing says:

Sounds like the audio is not very good.
All audio on my video’s is done with a mic and cable, much better than what your test sounded like…..
How much is the system?

Ryan W says:


Drunkun_Munky says:

I really want to get this but I use the battery BacPac and it’s a life saver, what should I doooooo XD

FlyBy says:

i can connect the pack to my sena but then when i try connecting my sena to my friends it disconnects the pack, or i will start with the group intercom and both sena’s be connected then the pack cuts us out of the call and connects to one of our senas, how do you make it possible to talk and have it record both senas and not only one?

elmaster22 says:

Can i talk to my friend true this and get a recorded? Like from two different motorcycle record and herds what he saying to

Grant Williams says:

I Love your videos and i have 1 question. Is it worth spend more money on a SanDisk Extreme card than a Lexar card for my Hero3 Black

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