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Hi Guys,

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I review the Iconic Seiko SKX009K (made in Malaysia not Japan). This has to be one of the most iconic dive watches ever made. It is definitely a budget piece and one of the least expensive timepieces in my collection however it punches way above its weight! Great personality and looks ensures that I give this watch a lot of wrist time. It is quickly becoming one of my favorites!




Dusan Veselka says:

the lume on the second hand is there in order for a diver to see that the watch is working. and the fact that it is on the other hand absolutely doesnt matter. this is a diver, not some racing chronograph, so seconds dont matter. ive been having my eye on skx for a long time and am just waiting for some nice occasion (which is the way i buy watches now).

hervé Chretien says:

As soon as my Chr Ward C60 Trident is sold, I buy myself an SKX009

Ugly Puppy says:

haha my gf got me this as my first proper auto watch…man I love it. Can’t wait to pick up an Alpinist for my birthday in a while. I’m so late to the watch game….

Valer360 says:

Counting seconds doesn’t matter for a diver. What matters for him is the movement is working. This means that the lume pip can be placed either on the second hand or on the counter balance. Placing it on the counter balance allowed Seiko to put more lume there, than on the end of second hand, so it is even more legible and reliable for a diver. Now I think you see the perfect sense of doing this and how well this watch is designed by Seiko to do what it’s meant to do.

stevie 1 says:

hi good job i love the feel of the case really solid well made cheers stevie

Rob4Motion says:

Great review thanks , planning to start my collection with the skx thanks man

TimeKeeper says:

Federico, you sold me on the SKX. I finally got a K version, and I love it. After watching this video, I noticed the minute markers on the flange of my watch don’t line up with the dial. I’m guessing this is pretty hit and miss (?). Still love it though. Cheers S

Moose 9144 says:

Definitely a must have in K or J.
Without the hand winding is the reason why I am not wearing it to frequently for only one day.

Steve Cole says:

I love my one.

kyndryd spyryt says:

Who wouldn’t want to own the most iconic affordable dive watch ever made?!

Darius Yekta says:

the indicies are not painted on the dial, they are on the chapter ring. Its a separate part

Tee Giang says:

it gets 90% of my wrist time and youre right! it brings me soo much happiness even tho its soo inexpensive.

Net_Chix_AnKill? says:

I love this watch. I just got one for Christmas. The only problem I have with it is mine doesn’t keep its ‘charge'(?) over night. I’m assuming I just got unlucky and received a watch that’s been on the shelf for a bit and the coils are gunked up. I’ll be exchanging mine here in a few days.

Asad lion says:

Out of most watches I love seiko

flying frenchman says:

Watch is being phased out I believe. The movement is old (20 years) and it looks like Seiko is replacing its entry level models with the hacking/winding 4r36.

Carlos Morales says:

Hi Federico.
I have some watches that fascinate me and I particularly happens a very particular feeling with Seiko kinetic sportura SUN017P1.
It has a cobalt blue that I love and bezel fits extraordinary. Independent movement that is not 100% automatic, has what you’re talking about the X factor for this is that I also love the SKX 009 pepsi model.



Alejandro Medina Acevedo says:

it is a nice watch, but i prefer the
Seiko SRPA21 turtle

jim LEHMN says:

I had 007 and wasn’t impressed by it. Yeah it’s only 200 bucks but still looked cheap. Too much polish cheapens the look.

Donald Anderson says:

I like your mood, Federico.

Phil Bandle says:

Hi Federico, great video. I think I’m going to finally pick up an SKX on the jubilee. I own 4 vintage Seikos from the early 70’s. Jdm models mostly. I recently picked up a 6139-6032. I think you would really like this watch too since you are partial to vintage. It has the coke bezel and reminds me of the panerai GMT with the silver sub dial.

SmokeRingsPipeDreams says:

I have an SKX007, and wasn’t that fond of it until lately, I see now why they are so loved. It’s growing on me.


Stock jubilee is shit, order aftermarket jubilee super solid

Distantranger says:

My sKX175 arrived from Long Island Watch in the middle of this video. How cool is that.

Lior Leser says:

You have such a unique perspective on the industry, please don’t fall into the trap of doing reviews of such common watches as the Seiko. I love the watch, I have one, but why repeat the work of others who don’t have your background. Please continue to create fresh and unique content.

gamefan519 says:

What brand/model are the glasses that you are wearing?

Great videos Federico!

Wandy Richiez says:

Hi Federico, a question that recommends me of seiko Prospex PADI/ or bulova Accutron Chronograph Stainless Steel 45mm 96B236 I also like this one of bulova Automatic BVA-Series Stainless 42mm 96A118 If you can help me I appreciate it

Alexandre Besson says:

Nice review !! What about The Marine Master 300 ?? This Is a much better finish And esthétic

HextyVision says:

been thinking of picking one of these up. got a (slightly) off topic question – I just bought a planet ocean Omega 8700 coaxial and was flabbergasted to find it has no micro adjustment on the clasp – its got a diver extension but without adding links theres no way to loosen the watch slightly if your wrist expands a little. Very annoying – have you encountered this? Is there an after market solution for this like a replacement clasp with the micros? Seems a huge oversight by Omega in what is not a cheap watch

jamesc says:

Movement made in my country! Hooray!

Manish Sahay says:

What’s that poster on the wall with different small watch pictures? Can we get a picture of that picture? 😀

Mike Sierra says:

Thank’s l !! good video the SKX and the turtle would be a good example of two watches that need to be in a seiko collection . as for first sigh and hitting the sweet spot . A new watch collector doesn’t feel it or see it until either one of the two is bought first used , than levitate to liking a skx 007 or a srp turtle begins. I bought the SRP 773 blue dial only because it was there and the last in stock now I can’t seem to get it off my wrist it’s a beauty and I fell for it , either way if I was to get the skx first I probably end with the same result on the skx , so now I’m satisfied with my turtle and can’t get enough of it , I think it’s time to get an skx for collection sake and see how I feel about it because that sweet spot wasn’t there to start with like the turtle. Thanks again I !!! may I coz it be cool take it easy bro.

Michael Strange says:

Even Federico can’t resist the pull of the SKX009!

I’m still waiting on my “J”, currently somewhere on the Pacific ocean.

JD2ndcity says:

I couldn’t help but notice you said you only had experience of higher end pieces, not Seiko. I would love to see you review a Grand Seiko. A Grand Seiko GMT and a JLC Grande Reverso Ultra Thin are my grail watches. Great channel.

Joseph Gawronski says:

Thanks for giving the Seiko more public visibility through your channel.The SKX009 and SKX007 are both great watches, but
don’t overlook their Orient cousins, the Mako and the Ray, especially the new version 2 Mako and Ray automatics that are both hacking and wind-able…..Keep up the great work …. and I like the collaborations that you do with TGV and with Christian from Theo and Harris…Best wishes for 2017….

Giang Vu says:

I have that same exact watch and it is definitely one of my favorite watches. It is extremely well made and accurate. Nice review.

Vladimir Ingilizov says:

Great Review! Iconic Watch! Thank you!

IAmCharliemouse says:

I just bought myself one of these for Christmas. Actually the J model and on rubber, but close enough. I really like it. It’s smaller than most of my watches, and I have really big wrists, but it doesn’t look small – it looks great. I love the deep blue face, and the shape of the hands and other lumed parts add to the character. And the high frequency gives a great looking sweep. Keep up the great videos!

Gianpa kasa says:

Hi Federico. What about Paul Picot Sub300 and Paul Picot in general? I’d like see a video with your opinion. thanks,ciao.

TheCrackerman501 says:

I have both the SKX 009 and 007 J model and I think for the money it’s one of the best dive watches on the market. One thing you forgot to add is all the Skx’s are ISO certified and for a watch under $300 to be ISO certified says a lot about the quality and pride that Seiko puts in their watches especially less expensive watches. The reliability and durability in this watch is top notch. I take mine in the ocean all the time and no issues with water resistantancy. Only alterations I did with both my Skx’s was put a super oyster bracelet from strapcode.

Ara Ara says:

I had to login just to say that Seiko is, in fact, a high-end brand. A simple look at their production should make that evident.

Soji Ogungbesan says:

Love the watch, bracelet is terrible though.

x kaarshe says:

The aim of having lume on a dive watch seconds hand is to indicate the watch is still working. No diver calculates dive time by the second, it is reckless and quite unnecessary.

Asher Fawcus says:

Is your pronunciation of ‘innovative’ and ’embossed’ the American way?

enjoy your reviews!

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