Seiko SARG007 Automatic Watch Review – The Best Field Watch Around $300?

Today I review a watch courtesy of Long Island Watches.
After the success of my SARB033, I decide to look at it’s more “tool watch” inspired sister range designated the “SARG” line. This fantastic and affordable automatic watch contains the same 6R15 movement as my much beloved SARB but in a very well executed field watch design complete with an inner rotating compass bezel.

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Altex lan says:

Seiko Automatic is not up to par. so I avoid it. I rather prefer quartz. Solar quartz is the best for me.

Adrian Negreanu says:

do you own any Hublot watches? and what do you think of them

kleinbottled79 says:

Hardlex, hmm. Hamilton does sapphire in the same price range. might be enough to dissuade a purchase.

drewlehmann25 says:

Could you please do a video of your most recommended field watches? That’s the one type of watch that I still haven’t narrowed down to the one I want to buy. Thanks you and keep up the great work.

citic101 says:

$ 553 ON AMAZON !

Chris Sempek says:

Never knew about this Seiko. Looks great! I’ll have to consider this.

gobighdgames says:

im a long time viewer and I’m glad to see your channel is growing keep up the good work

darrin hughes says:

I bought this at Seiko Outlet store in Kansai, cheers.

John Tan says:

Hi TGV, may I ask which strap do you have on your SARB033 in this video? Thanks in advance!

Ja Si says:

does this watch have diashock? if not will it hold up as well as the alpanist?

Rob4Motion says:

The seiko SRP715 field watch is just beautiful , please review when available thank you.

Mark_B says:

Very nice video. This watch may be a bit too large for me. If you don’t mind my asking, how large is your wrist? I think my wrist is 7″. I don’t want the lugs to extend outwards without resting on my wrist.

I want a field watch but I need to be frugal. I have been looking at the Seiko 5 and 5 Sport but I was wondering what the next step up would avail me. Is this sarg007 that next step up or is there another Seiko placed between? I really would like a hackable watch but I don’t have a need for that second crown. BTW, for what is that compass thing used?


I bought this after watching your review a couple weeks back. It’s pretty great, though a bit hard to find.

Jason Wilson says:

Hi Tristan, is the case and build quality on the seiko sarg007 the same as the sarb033. Many thanks Jason

aka.fhu7hai says:

hey TGV any other trusted sites sells this watch ??! on Long Island its out of stock !! Thanks

Eric says:

Great summary of these watches. I just got the white face small numerals SARG001 and love it. Power reserve test went 57.5 hours!!

James Martone says:

What is a Hamilton Car Key?

rikki-tikki-tavi says:

It puzzles me why Seiko didn’t make this with a screw-down crown, sigh…

Rob W says:

Bah! I cannot get hold of the SARG007 anymore and I am having trouble picking between SARG011 & the SARB017. After a daily watch that can cover from field to desk and from “casualish” through to smart with simply changing a strap. How does the green dial of the 017 hold up in more casual situations? I like the uniqueness of the 017 over the 011. If you were picking one which one would you go for? Oh, I too have tiny wrists 😉

Garry Perkins says:

Did TGV ever do a video on how to change straps/bracelets?

Shawn B says:

Trying to decide whether to get the SARG007 or the Alpinist. Can anyone advise me?

Rodrigo Mussak says:

I dont know why, but I hate see thru back cases.

Andrew LaCroix says:

Thank you for the great review. You say can’t swim with it with 100m water resistance. Did you mean you can’t dive with it? I thought 100m resistance meant that swimming would be safe. (I have a SARB033 — don’t want to ruin it). Best Regards, Andrew

sanjursan says:

Thank you for adding the wind and hack over graphic. It seems that you seldom think of these features while reviewing.

Julian Johnson says:

could you review a Filson?

Daniel K says:

This or the Hamilton Khaki Field 38mm or fork out extra cash for the Sinn 556A?

Bruce Jones says:

After seeing this review I was ready to spring for the Seiko SARG007, but I can’t seem to find one for less than $549. Has the price gone up so much in the past 13 months?

Tony Hill says:

I think the bezel tension is about right. This isn’t like a divers watch which needs a stiff bezel to measure elapsed time. Five minutes after you find north you will need to reset your compass or your setting will become increasingly inaccurate anyway. Personally I always use a compass (Recta and Silva compasses are dirt cheap and much more accurate for North finding than a watch could ever be) but this is a nice backup on a very good watch. Thanks for the review. 🙂

otowise says:

I can’t find one of these anywhere, have they only made a small number or have they stopped making them ?


I don’t think this is going for $300 now.

Marko Peric says:

Im little confused.longisland and TGV says its hardlex crystal protecting the dial,while japanese websites say its sapphire crystal.can anyone shed some light on this??

DigoriePiper says:

Just bought the white version SARG005 after watching this review. Also got a really nice Hirsch Lucca strap and it’s a beautiful combination. I love watching your videos – great enthusiasm and even handed reviews.

jpim75 says:

Love this watch, I just feel it will be small on my wrist. Love the straps too.

Bacchus Leto says:

To be completely honest, I think that the Hamilton Khaki easily beats this now. Not only does it have better lume application and sapphire, it also has a new movement with an 80-hour power reserve. Since the SARG line has gone out of production, it has lost its price advantage as well. The only advantage that the SARG has is its compass, which most people seem to find gimmicky or unnecessary.

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