Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 Review – TGV Watch Swap – Federico Talks Watches

Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 Review – TGV Watch Swap – Federico Talks Watches

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I review the Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 quartz chronograph. TGV from The Urban Gentry gave me this watch to wear for a little over a week and in this video I give you my impressions. Its a very tough little watch which is inspired by the Breitling Navitimer. How does it compare to other Seiko watches?



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Richard Hogg says:

Best watch reviewer on YouTube.

Ben Waddington says:

watching this straight after seeing TGVs nighthawk unboxing… busy dialers go, I think the nighthawk edges it was classier looks

Adam Greene says:

I like Federico and all but he talks in same pattern of voice all the time…lol up and down up and down….its like the tone of his voice is written out for him ….has anyone else noticed this?

Al Aranowitz says:

if you buy the PADI, put a Blue leather strap, Mine looks great

The Wrist Fund says:

Facebook group?

Jonas åfeldt says:

Nice one thanks , but I do love my flighti

misterjay85 says:

great channel, what is your opinion on the bullhead?

Luke C says:

Not for me. Can not see why tgv likes this watch.

AssHypnotized says:

what strap is that?

quinnjim says:

The crystal is domed to magnify the tiny numbers. It serves a purpose.

Garry Perkins says:

I think this is cool, and I especially love the slide rule, but I just cannot justify it. I like the blue and white one, but it costs substantially more. There is a less expensive blue dial version, but it makes me nervous ($135 vs $200).

When I hold one in the store, I think cool, but I doubt that I would ever wear it so I have never bought it. That said, it is a cool watch. I think I may gift it soon.

Isak says:

Ordered it yesterday, hated it at first, 2-3 months ago but ive really started to like the look of it.

JG says:

I see this listed as SNA411, SNA411P, and SNA411P1. Any differences?

mark percival says:

I like many Seiko watches and think they offer great quality and features for the money, plus being generally tough as hell. However, this one isn’t my cup of tea either. BTW a $200 Seiko mechanical (4R35 movement) I bought recently on a strap wears well. Yep, the straps a little stiff to begin with, but with some patience it wears in nicely and is easy to change for any strap of the size at a local watch shop or mall. I don’t expect better in that price range, nor would I worry about repairing a $200 watch if it goes haywire in a few years. It’d cost more than a new one to get fixed I think, more than its residual value anyway. If you want great straps you’ve got to go German or Austrian, but expect to pay big. Italy and some specialised leather works are also good, but come in even dearer. From the general mid tier range of watches Longines and Oris straps and bracelets wear fine, being comfortable and solid in my experience. Always enjoy your knowledge sharing. Keep reviewing watches across the range of brands and prices. A good watch is a good watch, irrespective of maker or price.

MoPar7055 says:

I own one, I’m pretty sure this is 40mm not 42

Vavazelus says:

What kind of strap is on that Flightly

OldSport says:

I would rather save a couple more dollars and get the Citizen AT8020-54L and if I was really on a budget I would just get this Casio EF527D-1AV.

Georgia Yankee says:

I like Seiko’s but that dial is waaayyyy too busy IMO.

Carlos Massey says:

Fantastic review. I own one and I just love it. I also agree with every single pro and con you mentioned, but it is definitely one of those bang for the buck hits out there. Cheers.

Sam Jep says:

I love this watch

Johny350JJ says:

try Miltat Super Jubilee bracelet for SKX, solid end links, great quality, 10x better than original jubilee

Alan Pawson says:

good review. not much sun in uk antireflective coating not that important, hear lots of rain 200m w/r essential.

revdave61 says:

You nailed the two reasons why I sold my blue/white dialed version. It wore way too small, especially for such a busy dial, and with no anti-reflective coating, the sharp colors of the dial never did pop. I spent the first two days trying to peal off a plastic protective coating that wasn’t there because the crystal was so cloudy.

Mr. Wolf says:

like watching roger ebert trying to say something nice about de niro’s performance in little fockers.

Xavier Lomnicki says:

I have a SNA411. The watch has been great for me. I sleep with it on and I can shower without worrying about it. I took this watch on vacation and I wore it non stop, it is very strong. I really like this watch and I especially like the bezel.

HilleCine says:

Hint, buy yourself a soft light.

Mark Hornberger says:

Still haven’t decided between this watch and the Citizen Nighthawk. I’m looking forward to TGV’s comparison of the two.

Sheep Dog says:

I just purchased the Seiko Flightmaster Pilot SNAB71. It’s a little less complicated and looks better in my opinion.

Tobimadara12 says:

TGV turned me on to this piece a while back on his review of it…Personally love the bezel and busy nature, just like the Navitimer!

Rob Handshy says:

Federico you might like the sportura chrono. They are a few years old now but can be had second hand pretty cheap. They are the solar powered version. It’s bigger than the flightmaster but also simpler. Might be worth a look for you.

Michael Orme says:

Yeah I have an 860 which is lovely but I really only wear it with a suit. I think if it rained on it I would suck it up like a sponge. So I got a Flightmaster and I wear it a lot more. All the slide rule stuff is a waste of time with my eyes but hey great beater. Wear it with a grey NATO.

Jo's Stuff says:

thanks for showing more of the watch this time. You really need to show pictures of the watch or watches you’re talking about and keep them there. I notice on your videos the right side is almost always empty. I do love the content and i’ve learned a lot from you. Thanks

Schoenzy says:

I only have one busy watch, my citizen nighthawk. Similar value, quartz beater, solar charged. I prefer it’s look to this seiko.

M Osman Shabir says:

hi. thank you for a great review.
should i buy this with sapphire or hardlex? which one would look the best?


What I really appreciate in your videos is that you speak very clear and good english. That makes it easy for people who don’t speak english as their main language to follow you videos!

Barry island says:

Nice review Federico..the watch is just far too complicated and looks messy..I love the Navitimer not sure it should be mentioned in the same breath as this … the Padi is a very nice piece of kit uncluttered and stylish….

Louis Meluso says:

And the watch is a mess. I can’t quickly tell time on a face that complicated. For me, a watch has to do that first.

Michael Powell says:

I bought a Flighty on TVG’s recommendation. I like it, but I don’t love it. A pilot watch needs to be legible.The 411 needs to be Seiko Monster-sized, with high contrast hands. When I was flying, I wore a G-Shock which displayed both local and Zulu (UTC) time. As for as the E6B (calculator) functions; I had two flight computers (one digital, and an analog backup) in my bag; both much larger and easier to read in the cockpit. My Flighty gives a different look from the Seiko divers I usually wear; and a “toolier” look from standard chronos.

George Cocciglia says:

To all you “wanna be, me too, snob watch enthusiasts” the minute you disrespect a quartz watch, you immediately show your hand as an amateur, shallow, casual commentator. This type of movement plays an integral role in an a proper watch collection and if you don’t get it then you have not though about the balance between design and purpose – get it?

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