Samsung Notebook 9 laptop review

Most thin and light computers have small screens, but Samsung’s new Notebook 9 packs a 15-inch display into a computer that’s lighter than a MacBook Air. It’s not a perfect machine by any stretch, but if you’ve wanted something with a big screen that you can also carry around with ease, this might be the laptop for you.


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jason c says:

I love Samsung but it does look a lot like the Mac book.

Joel Morales says:

No specs, no performance review, no price? Dude, you are just talking aesthetics, we need more info!

Tristian Billy says:

what about GPU?

Dane Rossenrode says:

When will video reviewers learn, MOST people don’t use full-sized SD card slots that often. MOST people aren’t photographers and don’t make videos most days.

My Reviews says:

which smart watch you are wearing

KegPatcha says:

Does this explode too? I would explosion warranty from Samsung.

fazrin harun says:

samsung reviewed by the apple guy…

Jeffrey Phandani says:

what is different from 2015 notebook 9?

gerardo flores says:

you suck at reviews the notebook 9 is good

francis pesino says:

hey samsung is copying apple from the touch id

King says:

This is better than a MacBook but verge is biased

piyush sharma says:

stop bieng apple suckers.

Zoro says:

I wish there was an OS like Android for PC. I hate Windows now.



My Reviews says:

which smart watch you are wearing

Jimmy Cheung says:

15 inches is not big I had 17.3 inches notebook that is big.

Black J says:

Why giving such a nice device for an iSheep to review??? This guy is an apple fanboy and he should stay with apple

Sack Boy says:

I need to know more information about the background music please?

Felli SoKawaii says:

i was about to buy new macbook air but i will rethink about it

Raymond Lee says:

Can it explode? BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Sandeep Singh says:


dj dj says:

That looks gorgeous ❤

Ivan Louis Silvano says:

This is the worst Youtube Channel that i ever watched.

Rahul Zaxx says:

I love Samsung

SlyTheR.I.N/PLAY says:

*Samsung don’t Apple, Apple copied Samsung*

Red Tha Producer says:

I genuinely want to know why people continue to watch the Verge, only to get “biased” information? Why not just never watch them again. I’m not attacking anyone. It’s just a question.

The Miscellaneous Show says:

can this handle premiere pro & after effects?

Thai Dang says:

You can charge through its USB-C port, I’m charging mine right now using a $29 Targus USB-C charger from Best Buy.

tn_ 37 says:

will this good for engineer graphic designer? is it good HD display quality? I was thinking about to get a real nice laptop for work but I don’t know which brand should I get.

Stanley Mathew says:

how much does this cost exactly?

Sleep Less says:

is that new explosive device from samsung ? wow bigger bomb this time ha

Chhoy Sothea says:

hello sir i want to buy this computer, but how i do it at my contry. please give information to me on my facebook: chhoy sothea

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