Samsung Notebook 9 13.3″ Review: the 1.9 lb Core i5 Laptop

Lisa Gade reviews the Samsung Notebook 9, an insanely slim and light 13.3” Ultrabook that doesn’t sacrifice performance or battery life. The 1.9 lb. (0.86 kg) laptop is 0.53” (13.5mm) thin and is clad in metal.

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It runs Windows 10 on the Intel Skylake 6th generation Core i5-6200U, a dual core 2.3 GHz ULV CPU with Intel HD 520 graphics. It has 8 gigs of RAM and an M.2 256 gig SSD. The Notebook 9 has Intel AC 8260 dual band WiFi 802.11ac with Bluetooth 4.1, a 720p webcam, backlit keyboard and large glass trackpad. It sells for $999.

The Notebook 9 has a 1920 x 1080 non-touch PLS display with good color gamut, high brightness and wide viewing angles. For those who want something larger, Samsung also sells a 15” version with similar specs and a slightly higher price tag. The laptop has two USB 3.0 ports, 3.5mm audio, an SD card slot, Ethernet via included dongle adapter, micro HDMI and a mini VGA port.

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Forgoroe says:

nice reviews

Roy Reno says:

no Samsung if I’m gonna spend that kind of money on a laptop I’m going for a MacBook, I’m sorry but that price is ridiculous.

Uday Rai says:

how much it cost

Gixxxer138 says:

Is the memory upgradeable from 8gb to 16gb?

Qusai Mistarihi says:

is macbook pro13.3 inch retina display core i5 ( base model) 2.7 GHz better than core i7-6500U 2.6 GHz?

Evan Wilson says:

So much help thank you!

sasa ha says:

Good bye apple macbook air.

A L says:

You would recommend notebook 9 13.3″ or thinkpad x1 carbon?

Max Grau says:

What should the european people do to get this notebook ?

Scout [né Anonymous] says:

Why oh why can’t you get this in the UK..?

Teal'c says:

*Can you please review the Samsung Notebook 7 13.3? I can’t find a single review or unboxing video on it.*

wow - says:

man… I would buy it but the color is sooo ugly.

Adilet Saralinov says:

Wanted xps 13, but experienced bad customer service, finally found a better alternative

Dora Egan says:

I dont get it. this is the second video in which she says hp spectre has all silver in case and keyboard. i have silver hp spectre with black keyboard which lights up, and it is terrific to work on. is there another hp spectre model I dont know about?

Omair Enam says:

Samsung must work on integrating their phones with laptops..

Christopher Zhou says:

I’m curious about how low the brightness of the display can get. I sometimes use my computer in very dark settings and screens that can’t reach a low brightness tend to strain the eyes after a while. How dim can the screen get?

Jacques Coetzee says:

The laptop doesn’t have alot of online presence, I’m really struggling to find more reviews and comparisons etc.
any idea why this is?


Can anyone please tell me a website for comparing and seeing laptop specs?


Can You GIve Me Samsung serires 7 for free

Jaylen Mills says:

mbp 13 2013 or this im going to use it for things such as using the internet youtube netflix twitter gmail without out going slow and and can last the longest til I buy a new one

Paul Fyffe says:

im looking for a ultrabook that can edit videos with. do you recommend this laptop (13inch or 15 inch) or should i look elsewhere

Eric C says:

Is the memory Dual Channel?

Shiloh wood says:

You’re really inspiring

Runnningonempty says:

WOW….Really cool.

Cool Cool says:

omfg take your time when talking and learn how to pace your words without making it sound like diarrhea from the mouth its so awkwardly forced

billchoi2000lsc says:

You had mixed up the micro HDMI and micro VGA port in the video. The one next to the lan adapter port is indeed the micro HDMI port

amit garg says:

What about Samsung Notebook 7 spin 13 inch Laptop launched in June 2016? Please review it asap.

kain seviers says:

only 0.86KG…My samsung Note 10.1 weighs 0.54KG, with its keyboard it’s nearly 0.75KG….
and 999 dollars, definitely a good choice for college students and windows users…

sivaddi RangareddyGari says:

Can you review Samsung notebook 7 spin 15.6″ 16GB model?

Just a Google user says:

sadly samsung’s Chromebook’s designs is a rip off of a MacBook Air desgin

lunagirl6388 says:

would it be ok if you dropped it a couple times?

Robin B. says:

thanks for the review. I live in Korea and I just bought one today. It’s a great laptop so far. I am not sure if Samsung puts 256gb ssd on US version but what I got one today only has 128gb. Well I can add more spaces by puting sd card so I don’t complain. Once again thanks for the review 🙂

A P7 says:

can it run gta 5 and fifa 17 plz reply

Nisan Nova says:

something im seriously considering. should i trade in my surface pro 3 to buy this??? the sooner the answer the better i want to be able to sell off this surface pro 3 before it depreciates any further

lok tin ho says:

watching your video make me hyperventilation.

Zi jie Lim says:

14:00 hahaha HAHAHAHA

Inferno says:

Is USB C worth waiting for?

Mario Pensotti says:

having to carry around a micro hdmi adapter is the only thing that annoys me from this ultrabook, everything else top notch!




I Just Brought The Samsung Notebook 13.3 In I like models it fast I love typing On it as Well And I Like How Samsung Put A Different Security.

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