Samsung Gear S3 Review: The Watch That Does Everything

What do you do when you’re making a smartwatch for a world that doesn’t seem to care much about smartwatches? If you’re Samsung, you cram in every feature you possibly can. Join Michael Fisher for the Samsung Gear S3 Review!


MrMobile’s Samsung Gear S3 Review was produced following seven days with a Samsung Gear S3 review unit [Frontier, LTE variant] on loan from Samsung. The device was paired with a Galaxy S7 edge and used on AT&T in Greater Boston, MA, US.


Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE [Samsung]:

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE [AT&T]:

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE [T-Mobile]:


Read Android Central’s full Gear S3 Review:


“The Ballad of MrMobile.” Mobile Nations, 2016

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“Cutting Edge Technology” by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat:



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Jack Theripper says:

I’ve had the gear s2 classic since released and love it. Wear it every day. I will be looking into this in the future.

SmarterForex Capital says:

can I install spotify on this device?

Liam Mecklenburg says:

Great Video! I was wondering what background you used for the rainbow scene where you talked about the screen?

Mark Coupland says:

rip off prices. no wonder smart watches arnt popular

Andy Zhang says:

Great review hhh

Saurabh Tiwari says:

​When I put my gear S3 on power saving mode it simply act as if its off the wrist. It wont count your steps, your heart rate and evn it wont detect your sleep. I was using gear fit2 which was doing so very well while on power saving mode.  Not happy with this feature. While sleeping I just dnt wish to keep it on normal mode. And after turning power saving mode on there is no point keeping it on your wrist while sleeping.

Queen Heavenly says:

I’m thinking about buying it, is it worth it

OttoPie says:

can you use NumberSync on anu android

wseamon12 says:

the gear s3 is beautiful, but i absolutely hate Samsung phones. i saw his review of it for the iphone and, apparently it sucks for iphone. too bad, as this is my favorite smart watch.

Foldup Buzzard says:

if anyone wants to know what the rainbow circle animated watchface is, it is called: Rainbow Molecule

PJ Walker says:

Going back to my Gear S. I still bought the watch but sprint doesn’t offer it in stand alone mode 🙁

Shaun Bowen says:

I love the look of this watch and the rotating bezel control is something I suggested when smart watches first arrived on the scene (I should get royalties!).

But that price! What I think we need for smart watches to succeed is a sub-£100 version. I say get rid of the heart rate monitor, get rid of any cellular stuff. Even (controversially) lose the touchscreen. I’ve never understood the insistence on including them on such a tiny screen. I’d rather see four buttons – left, right, top and bottom. Then redesign the OS to work with these 4 inputs.

What you’re left with is a simpler device, with maybe room for a bigger battery and/or thinner back.

I don’t think I’d even need a constant connection to my phone – why not save battery life and connect every 5 mins for updates to notifications? I want a watch to do ‘watch stuff’ but with the benefit of a choice of faces and the ability to add truly useful apps.

Mega Minotaur says:

what is the watch face at 43 seconds called please

Josh Tune says:

You can launch the stopwatch right at the watch face.

A Dude says:

Honestly, I have no idea where you came up with the pricing… I just got it today to upgrade my Gear 2 NEO, which I also was/am in love with. The price for the Frontier as of Jan/28/2017 is: AT&T: $349, $249 with two year commitment at a $10 monthly plan or 20 installments of $17/month. Regardless of the purchase option, the added device to anybodies plan will com with a price tag of $10/month. B&H sells this watch for $249 – No tax + free shipping, however the carriers will charge you $49 for “activation”. In any case, the watch is simply stunning and was a good enough reason for me to give up the also very well designed Gear 2 Neo. It connects flawlessly to my car’s audio system, just like the phone does and I intentionally left my phone at home… Car conversation – impeccable; call from wrist (in a store), impeccable… Nothing else to ask; will install the browser and I will most likely leave my phone at home most of the time 🙂

Pepe the Frog says:

I’ve been told you can use the Qi Wireless Samsung Chargers

Jafar Farhat says:

Hi is there a smartwatch that does not use smatphone plus than 100 dollars ??? THANKS

Marcel says:

can i use the gear s3 with my htc 10, too?

Joe Bob says:

2:27 I had to take a walk after that one… damn that’s crazy

Pepe the Frog says:

I went to Best Buy yesterday to get the S3 Frontier and that was sold out but I did manage to pick up a S3 classic again I only got it yesterday but so far in the last 18 hours or so I really enjoyed this watch

Ravindu Wegiriya says:

Does Gear S3 support Galaxy j7 (with 1.5 GB ram) ?

Jon snoon says:

at 5:15 band with white stitching…where can I get that

Leo Freihofer says:

Didn’t know you can pay with credit card readers. That is so cool. I think you just sold me on it. Hopefully it will be a deal when the S8 comes out.

MrMobile [Michael Fisher] says:

For those in search of a deeper look at the Gear S3, Android Central’s review just went up:

Omar Soto says:

this may sound like a dumb question.. but will this watch work with my LG V10??

SunSon29 says:

i just think this watch is too big…..

shan rite says:

I’m considering using this as my primary phone and activity tracker, since I have a tablet so never use my phone except for txts and calls.

Andy Zhang says:

I own a apple watch myself, I am already getting bored with it

clarence0100 says:

Oh! So michael fisher have his own channel now!

Kristin Hanson says:

Thanks for the video. For me the watch is all about productivity. Samsung tells you to literally leave your phone behind – navigate, pay, answer calls. Also for actually typing I use MODALITY.

Ola Mustapha says:

@MrMobile what watch face were you using at 0:41?

rio sena says:

is bluetooth version had a speaker for answer call ?

Eduardo Molteni says:

For me, always on display it’s the killer feature

flakapr25 says:

I stay with my gs2

store1992 says:

Question: Can you read viber or messenger messages on the watch when you recieve them?

Jibber Jab Couple says:

Nice vid! I did a number of reviews on this as well, check out my channel. So far though I am loving this watch!

SmoothbassmanStudios says:

Great review. I just got one. In love it so far.

Ben Schach says:

Do the Frontier and Classic have the same battery capacity?

Ravi Rajyaguru says:

One question about it though, What about replacing the battery after using it, say for 3 years?? This is one of avoided questions (I have never seen people even mentioning it on the internet) as most of people tend to change/replace their old tech every 2-3 years. But this here, is basically a “watch”!!! It should be at least kept 4-5 years. Also one hell of a watch!!!

Darki says:

What was the diffrent between the “classic” and the “Frontier” version?

Brandon Fullem says:

Anyone else love @ 0:45 when he slams the watch down on the table? The sound on that just killed me idk

FRISHR says:

Can it turn me into at least 10 different aliens?


can you use the frontier without LT if so how does that work with phone calls and texts?

Tim Derry says:

I’ll agree with everything Michael said with one exception. I love that my S3 Frontier is completely autonomous from the phone. If I’m out on a ride there’s no need for my S7 Edge since the watch can handle calls and messages. I know for some it’s not a big deal but for me, that’s the whole reason for a smart watch. Great review as always MrMobile!

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