Samsung Gear S Review: More Smartphone than Smartwatch

Samsung’s Gear S is the most powerful smartwatch we’ve ever tested – but how much utility is too much? Find out in our Gear S review video!


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Khaled El Maadawy says:

would i be able to use it to its full potential via Bluetooth only?

cafè manster says:

should i always On the mobile Network to use my sim Network. can i disable the data?

ChannelUnknown says:

Bring this model shape back! Please! Before I OD on the lean :'(

ThermiysticMGK says:

is it waterproof ?

itsCdn _ says:

can u text on it

JM Fatycake says:

so wait
does all smart watches require a phone?

Sathya Moorthi says:


Tausif Ur Rahman says:

facik watch

Bivas ray says:

this product price ???

Sicko Dude477 says:

does it works with tablets?


where do you get one of these
brand new

Vijay V says:

Ca i use this with an iphone 😛

Rijal Anup says:

When we connect to android how long distance can we move and will be connected with the phone

Doomssh epic says:

is there in the Play Store on it

Esperanza Gutierrez Nilsson says:

No youtube fuck u then

DoctorMeh says:

yes but can it play Pokémon Go?

Sanjay Yadav says:

mai is watch ko bhut pasand krti hu saale

Tiembre Matthew says:

where is google play

Jimmy Cheung says:

i don’t care about but, is gear-s water resistant? and does it have nfc wavepay feature?

Alvito Erza Witama ALVITO says:

woyyyyy itu beli dimana

Highboost 145 says:

I still use this watch to this day. The only thing I dislike is it runs on 3G. The plastic wrist band is also better if you happen to sweat a lot like I do, as opposed to leather bands on S2 or S3, which could get a bit crusty over time.

Tim Hadzisavas says:

hi I have a problem and hoping you can help me. Firstly I have my sim in my Samsung s4. The phone is connected via blue tooth. now my problem is that when my watch is out of range of my phone the connection drops off. I can understand why. When the watch is in range it reconnects. why doesn’t reconnect all the time. Sometimes I have to reconnect it manually 4 or 5 times a day. There are days when I have to reconnect it only twice a day. Why is it that it doesn’t reconnect all the time. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Nkcubeko Mgodeli says:

Where to buy it in SA

Mario_MarioPlushGUY says:

Question… if I buy this used do I still have to pay for it on a separate bill even if I Bluetooth it with my current phone?

Jason Severe says:

is this the first generation

Laggy Plays says:

does it had a Cam?

Spencer says:

Screw the phone part of the watch. Camera + appstore + bluetooth = glory.

Fabian Gudiel says:

can you use spotify?

John Camp says:

I saw so many videos of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch and it had a speaker on bottom of brace and a camera on side of the brace. What did I watch that is different than this? Thank u

RayMysterXD says:

Would this work with my S7 Edge? If so where can I find this in the UK??! I CAN’T FIND IT ONLINE ANYWHERE

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