Samsung Galaxy View LTE Review! (vs iPad Pro)

Watch the Unboxing and Review of Samsung’s biggest tablet yet the 18.4″ Galaxy View. You can choose wifi only or a LTE capable model through AT&T. Is it the best and biggest tablet? Is it the Galaxy View better than the Apple iPad Pro? Its a Portable TV with Direct TV, A Full Tablet with Android and has a built in stand with a 1080p Display. Best tablet for the Holidays?

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renato muu says:

who the fuk buys this shit !

MineProductionz says:

just use the tablet as a mini tv

Bh Gamer says:

Hi i love your videos! Keep it up! Hoping for iphone 7 😉

Death Scythe says:

I rather pay 400 for this. Rather than that piece of shit ipad pro expensive piece of shit

BleachChica says:

you need to update this, the kickstand CAN be removed, very easily in fact

Ali Akar says:


LEARN IT says:

sir I m from India I want this device but it is not available in my country please help me to buy or give me yours I will pay for u

globalklaus says:

I ordered it yesterday. It arrives the day after tomorrow. And I didn’t watch any review of it, until now. I just instantly liked it. But yeah, I came here fearing I had just bought this huge chunk of poo. Glad to see it does exactly what I want it to do! Btw. Great review 🙂

Diana Boodhram says:

i love it i have one its great!

patty drumheiser says:

Does it have a camera

charlie law says:

It depends on what ur using for before you buy it….. if you a consumer who want something nice then this is it…. but if your looking for production then go buy what’s needed for whatever project you got going on….

Maker Garage says:

What was that game he was playing? It looks fun.

MineProductionz says:

touch screen tv*

pamela wicker says:

What was the game name on this video

Helder Tavares says:

sim card slot on a tablet?

ceaserjake areno says:

$300 new on amazon 64 gig

framcico josé Oliveira santo says:

58th dctg

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manchumuq says:

It’s a little bit crazy to see such a HUGE device running a mobile OS.

A Gigantic Failure.

Clorex Bleach says:

And yet another experiment from Samsung! That hinge is cringe worthy! How could they even dare selling that? Take a look at MICROSOFT. They have NAILED how an hinge should be on a tablet. Rock solid hinge while still retaining the “I AM HINGE PROPERTIES.”

The Galaxy View should have had an amazing IPS-display, Galaxy S6-specs, 5.1 speaker (it is possible!!!), Microsoft Surface hinge and that’s it! Those specs would’ve been killer! It would have been THE ULTIMATE NETFLIX & CHILL Machine. Literally THE ULTIMATE.

amanda woodward says:

thinking of getting one for my upcoming deployment. does this support memory expansion via micro sd card? i would be downloading a ton of movies and tv shows from google play.

Bret says:

im going back to a slim laptop tablets are dead.

peanutbutterlover jr says:

I thought this would be like 900$

Imrana Naz says:

Hey Danny, i never bought any smart phone from amazon. Will they give me original tablet?Please help anyone.

Frank Elyar says:


Robin Markowitz says:

Does it offer an S-Pen? I know there’s one that does have the pen.

Even so, I don’t need this at the moment because my laptop beast, which is a Samsung, still works wonderfully and has Windows 10.

My hope is that Samsung returns to fully packed PCs: laptops. I do a lot of graphics using Adobe applications and I need more RAM than my machine can take. I would definitely consider a new Samsung laptop for content creators. Needs the latest NVIDIA, 64 GBs of RAM, the ability to unhook the keyboard for touch screen use (hint: S-Pen!) as well as using an ergonomic split keyboard.

A 1 TB SSD will hold all your multi media, which also can be stored in various clouds. But a device for enjoying media needs more storage space.

There’s no need to size up the SSD that it needs: 1 TB would be ideal. But the local storage on this large tablet device seems absurdly small. Not everyone wants everything in one or another cloud.

Next, no tablets have Blu-ray writers. A real laptop does, or can. (I also need to rip my CDs to Windows’ iTunes.) I would just rather have a state-of-the-art SSD and a Blu-ray writer. How can I find a home for my lossless music collection?

So, since I’m very happy with a 2013 iPad 4, I will likely pass. (My phones are all Samsung. I think I almost needed sedation when they announced they decided to kill off the Note 7.) So, I love
Samsung to pieces, but this giant tablet looks awkward and is neither fish nor fowl.

Thanks a bunch for your review!

Thomas Moseley says:

It’s intended to be a portable TV. I use it in the bathroom in the morning to watch the news while I am getting ready for the day. And when I’m ready to move to the kitchen for breakfast it goes with me. I pair it with a blue tooth speaker for more robust sound. Works great.

Frederick Holton says:

can i use this as a car stereo? anybody

mego jody says:

it’s worth it!

J Doe says:

Dude, excellent review. You actually talk about ergonomics…actual USE. How it is to have it on your lap, sitting up, laying down, etc. Awesome. Most people skip that part when it comes to about anything, just babbling about ports and specs…nothing you can’t get off a website. Meanwhile…

I wouldn’t be surprised if the sound fleshed out a good deal after break in. Most speaks break in at around 40 hours, give or take. Highs usually smooth out, bass and mids open up,

Taylour Hodges says:

I have the same thing

Ali Akar says:


charlie law says:

I love my Galaxy View…. and I hope when updates roll around or the View has a part 2 I will be getting it…. very impressive start…. and I paid 350 from best buy

NimsChannel says:

A Samsung tablet OR Android tablet. xD

Mario D. Zmaj says:

can you mount this thing on the wall?

mego jody says:

it’s worth it!

Mantej Singh Dhanjal says:

What about facebook and WhatsApp app..does they work on View ??

Osama B says:

so basically a fucking gigantic cell phone… I’d buy it if it had a real operating system.

Martin Smith says:

I basically wanted a portable wireless TV to drag around the house with me and this thing fits the bill. In retrospect I could have probably just purchased a 32 inch smart TV for around the same price (or less). That curved stand is just weird. I think something like a Yoga stand would have been a better choice. It could also double as a much needed screen lid. Somebody explain to me what use a micro usb port provides? I can see it on a tablet as a PC interface but connecting this monstrosity to my PC seems unwieldy at best. A USB 3.0 port would be more useful. I also agree that this thing begs for 4k resolution. Still I can watch ESPN while doing the dishes and isn’t that all any of us really want?

Daníel Þórhallsson says:

hey Danny, thanks for the review. If people want to use hdmi on this computer, they can buy a “micro usb to hdmi” cable. Riight? Anhyways. Thank you.

ตัว เล่กๆ. says:

how much

CruellaUrsula says:

I think this was a big test for Samsung. Thee only reason I bought the Note 4, was for viewing movies, TV shows and YouTube on a larger screen. Plus, I also needed a phone at the time. I agree with you and most other reviewers, that built in stand needs to go! Hopefully next time we get 4k resolution, built in S-Pen and more power. It would be nice if it came in metallic finishes as well. Including a Coral Blue option. I love it’s size though! Even though it is pretty heavy! Lol!

DeliriousIntentions says:

No one ever talks about the ports or charging!
Can it charge from USB? I hate proprietary cables and chargers!

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