Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review- 12″ Windows 2-in-1 AMOLED Tablet

Lisa Gade reviews the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S, a 12” Windows 10 tablet / 2-in-1 with a vibrant Super AMOLED 2160 x 1440 display (3:2 aspect ratio). This Intel Core m3-6Y30 (Skylake, 6th gen) tablet has 4 gigs of RAM and a 128 gig SSD, and is priced the same as the entry Surface Pro 4 model with similar specs at $899.

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Samsung includes the keyboard folio in the box, but not the optional TabPro pen. This full Windows 10 64 bit tablet is as slim and light as Samsung’s high end Galaxy Android tablets— 0.25” and 1.53 lbs. It’s classy looking and well made— much like Samsung’s ATIV Book laptops. The tablet has dual band Qualcomm Atheros WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC.


Cesar Jondiz says:


Paul Mabley says:

What happened with the long-term burn in? I’m coming to the end of my iPad contract and am thinking of getting one of these to have as a token Windows machine for the things I can’t do in MacOS.

John Holmes says:

The first windows device to use OLED screen. Best selling point for me.

William Dobson says:

Hi Lisa, I bought the Tab Pro S with the pen. I love it! It works very well for me! I don’t have any troubles. The battery lasts me almost 8-9 hours with moderate use (writing reports, surfing the internet and watching movies).  I am very pleased with this purchase. I am not fond of the trackpad but I prefer the pen or a mouse. Thank you for your awesome reviews!!

Copper Blue says:

this lady does great reviews.

Brian Trotman says:

does this have a digitizer for use with a stylus?

7VlesSiah says:

Wow, talk about a good review. You defy stereotypes. Don’t take offense but you are a woman and older so I was all ready to move to the next video. One of the best reviews I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot. I got this tablet for xmas.

analiya159 says:

can i connect this with my hp leptop or external harddisk to transfer data

Miraj Ali says:

And it’s 12 inches

Laurens Gregoor says:

Hey, great review. I’m looking for something ultraportable for traveling, but I wonder if the core m3 and 4 gigs of RAM are powerful enough to edit pictures in Lightroom and do some light video editing (like with Windows Movie Maker)?

p0tent says:

I bought this device, it’s not bad… really lacks inputs. No MicroSD slot is just stupid, for example.

Kristine Harkin says:

Is there anything new about this item

Jaskaran Aulakh says:

do it have a sim slot

Nexures says:

so its literally a laptop. you can watch movies online, it wont prevent you from accessing some websites because theyre not mobile compatible etc. its like a touch screen laptop with inferior hardware

abeer khan2017 says:

bat 12 good

azim salihov says:

Hi Lisa, I was wondering why does the Samsung advertise it with the processing speed of 2.2GHz while you were claiming that its processing speed is as low as 0.9GHz (14:50)?Could you please tell me whether Samsung is correctly advertising it or not? Thank you!

Padmini Ram says:

Hi Lisa! Wonderful review. I need a portable laptop to carry to classes (I am a university teacher) so I do use the word a lot. Do you think I would have a problem working on it for a long time?

Kiel Knight says:

Lisa are you a man? Lisa Gayed?

Jeff Lynn says:

Do all Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro’s offer cellular connectivity?

Shaun lemnix says:

love it , but too expensive for me 🙁

ThePharaohsCat says:

On playback getting well over 7 hours battery, but on wifi (poor connection) getting only 4 hours. Anyone else getting the same?

Michael Lyric says:

no spen

Gabrielita Nord Videos says:

Hi there. The OS is 32 or 64bit?

Bisesh gautam says:

Can we use this product while charging? …

CensMen says:


Manu says:

Is this a bad buy? It’s 150 dollars cheaper than surface pro 4 at Best Buy

Jason Ding says:

I don’t get it, why bezel so big. Technology constraint?

Cee_Jay Henry says:

Nice Job done by Samsung on Tab pro S , but i want a tablet exactly like Tab pro S with android OS with high megapixel camera and flashlight.

Samsung Fan

izoyt says:

battery is removable?

atif fan says:

wd have bought had it been is a thing of the past

Simon Boyle says:

all i can hear is the saliva in your mouth!

Adam Watson says:

You are awesome. First time I’ve watched you

Patricia Ochman says:

Lisa, would you please review the asus transformer 3 pro T303UA? Thank you.

Paris coke says:

starting to see I need a Windows machine, and I really would like to go 2 in 1 for the tablet uses. I’m normally a Mac guy when it comes to computers. my only worry here is anti virus. what’s a recommended good antivirus

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