Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tablet – REVIEW (Old is new?)


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You “know” to get your own fucking ideas.

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Zoro says:

Even though movie watchin is not that enjoyable on 4:3.
You still save some battery from the black bars , because amoled doesnt use pixels for black color

sudip biswas says:

Good one Jimmy.

NonsensicalVids says:

I’m an android fan, but in terms of tablets i’d prefer an ipad

Regardt Stander says:

nice review, #teamcrispy

Anthony Bowyer says:

Great review Jim; highly polished and professional. I have been waiting a long time for this tablet but was worried about battery life with the S2 having such a small battery (compared to an ipad). When I realised Apple was not updating the ipad to an Air 3; I bought an Air 2 128gb at a great price on Amazon (UK). Very pleased with it; multi tasking now possible with IOS 9. Please Samsung introduce a Note version of this tablet with an S-Pen and a larger battery; I would be at the front of the queue !!!!

OlleBW says:

Hi Jim, nice video! Quick question, do the JBL reflect BT sit in the ear canal or on the opening?

jermamevo says:

I’m thinking about picking this up over the weekend, not sure if it’s too late though. New one coming out soon?

emersonleon85 says:

my nexus 10 from 2012 has a higher resolution and ppi

TechMelee says:

wow excellent video! you get a like and subscribe!

Nipa Thaker says:

is it the best

Shounak Sasane says:

do you know why are there 2 circles or holes at the back of the tab s 2

Joshua Lieder says:

why buy this with worse resolution than its predecessor?

dena duh says:

@7:15 **UP TO 5 apps at the same time actually. Open any app and swipe diagnally from the upper left hand corner and it makes the window smaller. You can do this with 5 apps at one time.

Roshan Poudel says:

version. ?????

Jerry Huang says:

I just got mine yesterday and so far i’m really liking it, but I do have some issues with the tablet:1)The tablet doesn’t come with a speaker on the top, which is a little weird when watching videos in landscape mode. 2) No NFC, this may not be important to some but for transfering files this would’ve been helpful. Samsung does have a software that allows you to transfer from old devices to the new one.3) No Infrared IR blaster. I use the tablet mainly at home, having it for remote control would’ve really been handy. (I use the IR blaster a lot on my phone)4)The battery is on the smaller side, and with no wireless and fast charging.I really like the tablet but I do think it’s overpriced at close to $500 retail. But if any of you are thinking of getting one and can get it for $400 or less I would say go for it. I got mine on ebay during the holiday sale for $359 so i’m quite happy with it. I also have a 2013 Nexus 7 and that’s why I went for the 9.7″ instead of the 8″ this time.

Tony Evans says:

Very great review!!

MigSu pue ram says:

heey man you know i am samsung lover, now after seen your review i just want this tab, even was not in planning, that is because of you rev sooooo good

leahparidopirt says:

Excellent work!

Kanwar Anand says:

Although I have an apple watch already I am surprised you haven’t reviewed it. Come on JIM, more videos for your fans!

Ahmed Senbel says:

Hi. I had one since October very nice. the screen great once you fix the screen mode. the only issue is the metal frame around the devise it is painted and the paint peals off by time same for the power bottom. it is also very thin and the pointed edges are not easy to hold. It is very easy to bend also it got bended once but was easy to fix. I wish they did the body like the new tabpro s with the unpainted metal frame.


Netflix plays full screen as well as other movies in full screen with no problem on my tab s2.

Mr2pint says:

Excellent review – is this 64 bit? i know they didn’t unlock the chip in the Note 4..

Svigos Rules says:

Dude first time watching one of your reviews and its awesome..Keep up the good work 🙂

Mike Barajas says:

ahh I would say on the contrary to the s2 tabs battery life. It really depends on what games you play in regard to battery life. if your playing games like solitaire then I’m sure it will last 7 to 8 hours ; however I get about 4hrs max when playing games like world of tanks blitz and mmo like order and chaos 2.. I loose about 25% life per hour on my tab with no sound (using blue tooth speaker or headphones and around 30 to 35% reduced bat life per hour with 1/3 to 50% tab volume when playing those games. watching you tube and general use the battery last 7 to 9 hours. so if you are going for a gaming platform it’s OK BUT not great. I have the tab a also and it will play both those mentioned games at the same settings with a battery life of around 8 to 9 hours. so games with preset static environments it will work fine but with open world games , the s2 is marginal. another annoying point is while playing those games when I try to charge to maintain the battery (charger plugged in) life, I the s2 will become so hot that the battery warring signal appears on the screen… so if the intent is real general use then this tab is great; however if it’s for more demanding open world type games then it sucks suck sucks…. and remember discharging lithium battery’s is very bad for them. I know it’s a single cell 3.7 volt (or similar) , however if you discharge theses types of battery’s multiple times there’s a chance they will loose there memory and will never be able to hold a full charge in the future. I’m sure you all have experienced similar affects in the past with other devices.. , when the battery says it’s charged then goes dead within a few hours. just saying

Justin Lang says:

such great reviews, love the overhead camera btw.


Great lighting, videography and review. Very professional. I wonder why Samsung made the idiotic decision to put the speakers on the bottom in portrait mode? Do people watch a lot of videos/movies in portrait mode? This is a deal breaker for me. The iPad Pro has speakers in all 4 corners which is a great solution. Yes, more expensive but a well thought out design. I use a Macbook Pro, so maybe iPad is the way to go anyway for file sync, and other compatibilities. I was ready to buy this S2 as I don’t mind Android (I use an Android phone) and the Samsung has a MicroSD port, where iPad doesn’t. But watching movies with the sound only on the right side would drive me bonkers.

Real Men Love Jesus says:

I bought the LTE variant and love it

Axonteer says:

Meh jim, i dont know.
Beside those harsh mistakes they did (with no reason to do them because they actually had to deliberately make those), i see no reason to upgrade my tablet.
Not only because i lack the money ;-), but the difference from the TabS to the S2 is so minor, i see no point in spending the Money. Heck they even “downgraded” certain things.
Also, previously from my Galaxy Tab 10′ to the S it was a huge performance upgrade, but as long as i use the device only for media consumption and light gaming (cardgames)…. no wonder tablet sales are declining.
I see the Tab S holding its value well for a LONG time

Plus, most devices get thinner and thinner, thus reducing space for battery, but instead of using upgraded components with the same power, but less wattage draw, they go for the higher performing ones, thus actually lowering battery life.
Im still surprised, a 720p 1h movie on my Tab S… 5-10% battery use (depending on display brightness and background stuff running / streaming vs local etc.).

Onome Omobien says:

trying it out for 270 mint condition off eBay, sounds like a good investment. only tablets I saw in competition in the Android market was the pixel c and the z4 tablet and both are rare to find cheap and are super expensive new

LogicalGamer says:

you should do a review on boost technology from Adidas. A shoe review would be different from your usual videos.

Lennox1492 says:

I love your reviews and I really enjoy them! I feel they are very honest and not biased.

I wish that Samsung would make an updated Note 8.0 that looks like the Note 5 like the Note 8.0 looked like a bigger version of the Note 2 back in the day! I think that would be super cool and I would definitely buy it

Zoro says:

other then the resolution, does the s2 have brighter screen then tab s1? and quality wise

samieuu says:

great review as always! My dad is looking for a new LTE tablet, not sure what kind to get him, he mainly uses it for the internet/facebook rather than videos or games. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Jérôme Depetris says:

The best review I’ve seen on this device. Thanks. Subscribed !

Emirhan Ağca says:

01:33 5.5 mm tab s2 and 1.5 mm dusts 😀

Brian Griffin says:

gold or black?

Michael Pan says:

enjoyed your  review as usual. do you recommend this or the z4 tablet? the z4 tablet looks quite underrated

Harpo Marx says:

Cloud storage came into being primarily because of Apple tablets and phones which are severely hobbled when it comes to storage space. My Tab S2 has 160 gigabytes of storage because of my 128 GB microSD card … about ten times the storage space on the Apple. I don’t buy Apple products because they’re overpriced and, well, they’re the “starbucks” of the tablet world.

I do love my 8″ Tab S2 …

Carroll Ware says:

no flash forget it

Simple and Fun Gaming says:

this tablet can play vainglory ?( play store)

M I C H A E L says:

Down the road, the iPad still hold its value and usability.

Janssen Santos says:

hi Jim, can you do a review of the Sony Xperia Z4 tablet? 🙂

tatar alex says:

+jimsreviewroom i got the tabs 2 🙂 im 3 for 3 with your reviews so far hahaha !

Tech1Tv says:

This tablet is trash compare to Galaxy Tab S, they knew there’s no iPad Air 3 so they didn’t care. The price should of been $329.99 the most for the 32GB. It’s a downgrade in my opinion

KoNut says:

Which tablet should i get Tab S2 8.0 or Tab A 8.0?

Luca Rini says:

I held this tab in bestbuy. and it feels amazingly premium. it’ll be my extra tablet.

lifesavrdwd says:

I played with this tablet in the store and really liked the speed and features. I feel it is surely worth the money. I liked the 8″ and the Gold. Of course your review is great.

Raza Soomro says:

Jim can you do a review of astell & kern jr review please?

N_ Zzz says:

great video!!! very stylish, clean and clear

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