Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Samsung’s high end Android tablet for the fall of 2015. The tablet is impressively thin at 5.6mm and light at 13.7 oz. (389g). The S2 tablet is available in 9.7 and 8 inch sizes and we look at the 9.7” model. It has a really lovely and sharp 9.7” Super AMOLED display with extremely high color gamut and high brightness. It has a 4:3 aspect ratio and a resolution of a2048 x 1536 like the iPad Air 2 with which it competes. That makes it great for web browsing, reading, word processing and gaming, but you’ll see black bars on widescreen movies and TV shows.

The tablet runs Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on the 1.9GHz Exynos 5433 Octa-core 64 bit CPU with 3 gigs of RAM and your choice of 32 or 64 gigs of internal storage. It has a microSD card slot, WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.1 BLE and a GPS. Carriers will offer variants that also have LTE 4G. The 9.7 is $499 and the 8 inch is $399.

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Eric Mazariegos says:

This or the iPad pro? I have an iPhone so it would be nice to text from the iPad with iMessage but also I use so many Google services which just work better on Android. But battery life seems better on Apple devices… Hard decision.

Ezy says:

What 16:9 or 16:10 tablet do u suggest for someone who watches many movies?

Kira Ford says:


Randy Witherspoon says:

I bought the 9.7. awesome

Reed Douglas says:

Hey Lisa, enjoy your reviews. Pretty much only use your reviews when it comes to wanting a full look-see into new products, so great job on your being thorough. Real brief question on this Tab s2. Is this tablet one I would consider for getting a stylus for? I do allot of note taking and have the note 5, which has amazing Wacom sensitivity. Should I even bother with this Tablet?

Bassamation S says:

Samsung has the best products but this tablet has many issues .. the black bars isn’t a small problem .. the device looks slow .. the aspect ratio is good in general but in gaming I don’t think so ..Thank you

David Er says:

I have one question and I hope it will be answered. I am very familiar with Apple products, though expensive when you get a 64g or 128g you know thats where the memory is being used. However, I was about to purchase this SGT S2 and I was told although you can get a high memory MicroSD card, you can’t really set the card as the primary location to store apps downloaded. You have to manually move each one and it truly isn’t moved, just copied. Is that true?

Ovidio Garcia says:

Hi Lisa. I really like how you do the reviews I just subscribed

Ralph Bromley says:

I really don’t get why Samsung has such ridiculous pricing on their keyboard though as one can pick up a generic one at one-quarter the price such as the fantie blade X1 which can give you a fold-out keyboard

Mehadi Epas says:

how much is the LTE version?

Cambaudio says:

An excellent review. Thanks much!

TheKnorkey says:

does it have IR ?

Paul Bahre says:

I like it. Very fast and very smooth. I have an Ipad Retina that I use and an unbranded tablet that is duel boot / windows 10 and Android 5.1. This is a very good tablet. I installed Google Now as my launcher so that I would match what is on my Nexus 6.

Hans Tauriainen says:

don’t u mean 5.6 mm?

Cameron Rich says:

I purchased this tablet and I will get it next week. I never thought of it missing the IR and that’s a key feature I was wanting. It was on the last model I believe. Pretty bummed that’s been removed!

hiding in my room says:

i ordered one cant wait to try it. ive never had a 10inch tablet before dont really need it but eh have the money might as well try one out not like i have a girlfriend or a wife or kids to support so fuck it i can buy what the fuck i want to DONT JUDGE ME FFS i worked hard for my money!!!!!

Just try and remember the good times... says:

Can you include bench marks on future videos?

88xLord says:

the 4:3 ratio literally killed it for me. Video isn’t the only reason id get a tablet but its about 75% of what i would use it for.

MountKash1 says:

Hello everyone, this comment is a question that is open to any and everyone(video poster, viewers, commenter etc) that can shed some light on the issue and/or knows or has the experience of dealing with this very issue(each device/ testing etc).

Ok this has to do with “MHL” and the Galaxy Tab S2 devices. Some of you may be very aware of the issue for others that don’t this is the issue. MHL is what is used on devices without a mini hdmi output to transfer the video/audio/devices screen onto your tv via the micro usb port using an MHL adapter, HDMI cable and your devices micro usb charger cable to power the MHL adapter.

the problem is that there’s a lot of mixed information about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (both 8.0 & 9.7) having MHL support(even from Samsung themselves). There are people who say that their device has MHL Support and others that say theirs doesn’t.

Now there’s a number of reasons why this is happening and as of right now it seems nobody has put together anything to help get to the truth/facts. So right now it’s all theory and logic.

Reasons so far are:
1) Only certain MHL adapters work(brands and/or version ie 2.0 or 3.0 etc)
2) Only certain TV’s will work

I think the following reasons are heading more so in the correct direction based on the fact that I’ve seen a lot of people that say their device does support MHL seem to mostly be owners of the original versions released in 2015. Since then the company has made some revisions to the devices (both 8.0 and the 9.7). these changes/upgrades included:

3) Hardware Upgrade
4) Software(OS Upgrade)

when changes to either of these to take place is very easy for certain capabilites to be gained or lost in the process.

example the 8.0 version are:
SM-T710, SM-T713(gsm/phone) & SM-T715

the T710 is the original 2015 model.

The T710 & T715 (Both running with)
Exynos 5 Octa 5433 (SoC)
Android (Lollipop)OS

The T713 (2016 upgraded version runs)
Snapdragon 652 MSM8976 (SoC)
Android (Marshmellow) OS

Has anyone tested/worked with all version ?.
if you have a version of the Galaxy Tap S2 and tested MHL capabilites/support, can you say which version/model and what MHL adapter you used?.

I want to get to the facts of this to determine which version actually does support MHL.

My theory is the T710 (original version and possibly the T715 both run Exynos & Lollipop) are the MHL compatible versions.

Same for the 9.7
Models are:

T810 & T815 = 2015 w/ Exynos & Lollipop

T819 & T813 = 2016 w/Dragonsnap & Marshmellow

leave you experience, insight etc Below this comment/in response to this comment.

apologies, not trying to hijack the video or direction.

SimplyLeah says:

I’m still using my samsung galaxy note 10.1 with the front speakers lol… its heavy & I’m ready for an upgrade.

NidiGames says:

Hey guys!I need a tablet for gaming and watching YouTube (the black bars doesn’t matter).Does the Samsung Tab S2 8.0 work?Thank you.

Heidi S says:

I have this for about a year now and I like it. Battery life is good. I have it running netflix all night so after 8 hrs of playing video it is still charged. I also owned an ipad air 2 and the ipad is still better as far as resolution and color/screen quality

chinezeFURY says:

Are there any good styluses for this tablet? And is there a way to know with styluses are compatible?

Werner Ehrlich says:

Excellent review. Outstanding tablet but with unacceptable battery life.

UnlimitedProduction1 says:

Hate the aspect ratio, bad battery life especially if it’s high end tablet. It’s a no buy for me.

Nathan Ray says:

I don’t get black bars when I view my photos

mohammed aslam says:

What’s with the bars while watching videos . I hate that .
any suggestions how to get rid of it . anything in settings I can do ?

Onome Omobien says:

solid review, hope I learn to like the 4:3 ratio. just got a new 9.7 for 260

Javier says:

love this review this lady is top notch.

digitalmediafan says:

Tonally ruined with the daft ipad sir 2 copy of having both speakers on one side only, shame

e d says:

not worth the money, tab A 580 is better

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