Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7-inch Review

High-end Android tablets are becoming few and far between, indicating to us that the tablet segment has been seeing a slowdown. Well, here’s our review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7-inch – a brand new premium tablet product.

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david michael says:

I have the Tab A 10.1 and it’s amazing

TaoNakamora says:


Dominique Elia says:

Can you make regular phonecalls with this tablet? Like normal phones like Iphone and the others, or does it only work with skype and that stuff=? 🙂

Neels Jordaan says:

I don’t have the multiple user option on my Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 T815. Can someone help? No option under settings, device or in right corner of screen. I’m on lollipop

Tracy Nastiuk says:

I can’t find the 10.5 one….:(

Dillon Newman says:

I think that the tablet is very “zippy” and “snappy” too.

Abdulmalk Karbosh says:


Roshan Jacob says:

hi…. can Samsung tab S2 read external Hardisk??

chris jones says:

When is this company ever going to make a decent size internal memory for it’s tablets..16gb is beyond poor, and why are their larger tablets actually getting “smaller”, and not completely panoramic friendly. Poor show Samsung.

FantasticEnder says:

Thats Tabled Is My Favorate Do You Want Review Again

Matheus Moreira says:

Bottom line: it’s just a regular tablet with a nice screen and a “premium” price.

Danica Austin says:

Can someone recommend a durable cad for the tab s2 ? Other than Samsungs $70 case

NoWiredGaming says:

How is the youtube app on it are there black bars ???

Starving Rtist says:

I don’t understand all that nagging about “lower” resolution crap, even if the previous models have higher resolutions. This little thing has more pixels than a freaking 1080p TV that’s as large as 70″! NOBODY needs so much resolution in a table less than 10″.

steve m says:

so its a lower resolution screen, lower processor, lower power battery and no IR blaster? great backward thinking by Samsung there. this is why im sticking with an ipad

Duane Angelo Valenzuela says:

very confused right now ….. what should I get Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 9.7? or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition )?

LiftOrGTFO says:

This is the best review I’ve seen thus far. Debating between this and the iPad Mini 2.

Grumpy Footprints says:

Should I get the Nvidia Shield or this btw I want a tablet with a good screen good specs and descent battery and I mainly want a tablet for portable gaming please help me!!!!!!!!

Prophet Elijah says:

Who the hell cares about the camera on a tablet?

Enrique Moreno says:

Really ?? incredible that has no HDMI port.
Who wants a tablet with HD resolution but no hdmi port? absolute madness. I have the TOSHIBA AT300 since last year, with no problem and it is a great wonder, not change it for any other

mbonda mesak says:

Please can u actually make a call like a normal phone on this tablet????

Android Gaming says:

will it slow down after like 5 months of use ?

chris jones says:

Martin, sorry for my confusion, I was referring to Samsung in general not just this model(perhaps should have ranted elsewhere)☺. The A and the E are both low storage, in fact the E is 8gb..what?? that’s really far too low. I know there’s the slot for extra on all, but it’s time they put at least 64gb internal in all models plus the card slot. And it’s also about time that when they sell their products(all companies), and say it’s 16gb…that’s what should be wholly available at first use (I know adding apps/photos etc will eat into that).
I get that some users probably won’t use all then it’s just spare extra for whenever, but I do know loads who can use the extra internal, and I know loads who have to add via the slot because there’s never enough space. Samsung particularly are hugely profitable and should stop skimping on consumer wants, for a bigger purse.

Hemayet Uddin says:

i have the Samsung Galaxy s2 tab

Kyle says:

How many songs can I hold on it?

Edward Lynch says:

Daddy want!!!!!!

DMS5511 says:

Is there mirroring on the S2?

Eliav Edri says:

Tab s2 9.7 or Huawei mediapad m2 10?

Sasha Cop says:

does it have stylus??

Boss Big says:

How annoying is to watch movies on a 4:3 display compared to the 16:10?

JudA K says:

I like your watch where can I get one from? “)

M and C says:

Got it on Bestbuy by pricematching through B&H. Regular price is $399.99 but I got it for $299.99 🙂 Saved me a 100 bucks

ناطق علي says:

Battery life watching videos?

Raahem Nabeel says:

Is this better than last years tab S or no ?

Chase Short says:

Do people really use tablets or just buy them to have them lol

Laurensius Satya says:

im still waiting note 10.1 2015 or 2016 edition…

Tracey Van Den Berg says:

Can you use Stylus to write (not type) on this tablet??

AntoineFitnessModel says:

question: it is better to buy the 32gb version or the 16gb. IF i can just buy a 128gb micro SD card anyway? I would appreciate your opinion thanks

Lucy Austin says:

nices. tabe

the legend29 says:

is this thing water resistant

James P says:

I just got my S2 and I love it. my main fuss with my old tab s was how sluggish it was and that’s cleared up. I didn’t feel spending all the extra cash for an S3 for some faster ram. I’m happy 🙂

Mr killer of noobs says:

should i buy this or an ipad for watching movies and games

Tawhid Rahman says:

i have itt

chris jones says:

When is this company ever going to make a decent size internal memory for it’s tablets..16gb is beyond poor, and why are their larger tablets actually getting “smaller”, and not completely panoramic friendly. Poor show Samsung.

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