Samsung Galaxy Tab E Android Tablet Review

There’s a lot to like about this Samsung Galaxy Tab E Android tablet, including its bright, vivid screen, slim form factor and quick charging, but the best thing about it is its price. If you’re used to Apple tablet pricing, you’ll be astonished at how much tablet Samsung’s packed into the Galaxy Tab E for under $200.

And one other great thing: It includes a microSD card reader so you can add up to an additional 128GB of storage space for just a few dollars. Hundreds of movies, thousands of songs, whatever you want on your own Android tablet, all ready to go.

Tech expert Dave Taylor of gives the Galaxy Tab E a solid test run and likes what he sees from this AT&T 3G enabled Android tablet…

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Grand Crusader says:

was thinking about getting 2 of these for my kids….but i want to get a tablet that they can also use as a phone if in an emergency. i use US cellular.( have a great galaxy S7) wondering if these Tab E come with a phone option…i will have to look it this some more thanks for the review.

Abz Abz says:

What soccer team do u support

Jack Kitchen says:

“YAY Audio Jack!” LOL I like this review. You cover some ground and make it easy to understand. Well done.

OneEyed Jack says:

Either you have really big hands, or you have the 7 inch model mixed up with the 9.6 inch model. I have tested the both models in the store, and the 9.6 is a 2 hander no questions asked.

Jaemarlee Goin says:


DogeWolfRocket Gaming says:

I got one for my mom. I know this is a good deal!


ooo waw real

Tal Az says:

How is the pdf reading experience on this one ? i mean from a regular desk distance, can you read through sceintific text book text without zooming ?

Daniel De Guzman says:

how do you get lollipop

ian mcdonnell says:

That’s a 7 inch tablet in his hand not 9 inch!!

Susan Mayfield says:

how’s the camera when it comes to making video

ownviews says:

can use it as mobile … i see in website ” phone company in canada ” they show it in phones section NOT in tablets section so wonder if can be used as phone ? thanks

Kristina N says:

how do you change the keyboard size for using Facebook? it doesn’t adjust.

Slangief says:

how is gaming on it? because I a game called vainglory and its pretty big, and btw great video!

AgarioWolfGamer says:

my tab e is larger and looks different than this one

Brenda kit says:

how to you change the email notification sync schedule on the Tab E. I want it instantaneous. Can you help me? Thank you

longfaxegaming Elliott says:

I wanna get this tablet! 😉

Larrymarx says:

Dave! Great job on the video explaining ( very articulate)  the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, short and to the point….. LM

G Potter says:

Are you the same guy from Police One.Com? Great video too.

Magdalena Janse van Rensburg says:

what is the sound like?

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