Samsung Galaxy Tab A Tablet – REVIEW


Samsung Note Pro 8.4


→ Samsung Tab A Review
→ Samsung Tab A


→ Music: Bohkeh x Lavendaire – Summer Sky

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Oliver S says:

tab 4 was and is lame i have one

Jason Matthews says:

I have the 7″ tab A6 it’s a good tablet but looking for a newer tablet I am looking into this one. Good review first time on your page

Andrei Tarasenco says:

that’s what I am commenting on right now!!

Coffee Shop Productions says:

so does anyone still use this? if so what version is it at now for android? How does it run?

Mathujan Sivarajah says:

Could you please make a video with the marshmallow update and new features?

ridiculusgenius ! says:

I’m watching this on my Samsung Galaxy tab a. same thing in video

Adan Patino says:

I just bought one of these for $30

Kira Ford says:

can you travel with this tablet ?

WombatBull says:

Thank you for the review nice job on the video good info

Kris says:

can I insert a sd card that’s 64gb in it? The color of the SD is orange and says Samsung on it?

Trickstar Gaming says:

is this tab fast and good

Mike Jones says:

I’m watching this on an iPad mini with 500 Meg’s of ram

Tyler Heitman says:

Hm, is the 7-inch variant any good? Seems like it has higher pixel density (216 ppi).

Christofer Carl says:

he was watching bart and geo

Say Keard says:

Excellent review. Very cool music too!

Luciano Martinez says:

For $150, world you recommend this for school/text book use?

I kinda also want it as a manga/comic reader, but that low pixel density makes it questionable….

Multi Productions says:

I’m seeing this video on the same tablet

elvis navarro says:

Hi I have a good question. It is possible to add a keyboard and mouse to this tablet. My second question is if I can download note++ in order to do JavaScript programs and used it for my online classes . Thanks

Diandra Whittick says:

Where did you get the wallpaper?

Andrei Tarasenco says:

the TAB A

PurpleHD says:

Just got it and it’s very good
Barely any lag
I play minecraft and it’s good
But Netflix is
Only 720p but other wise it’s good
If u have a budget it get it but if u can spend I recommend the tab s2

newfnshow031 says:

seems like paying more for an iPad mini would be a good idea

Seif Eddine B says:

Will you review the A 10.1 2016? It’s a real upgrade over the 9.7 and the price is just right

Akimbo says:

This table is $149.99 right now should I get it?

P Susanna says:

Will you do a review on Samsung Tab E? I just got one and it looks like just like Tab A, but are there differences/updates?

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