Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Review – Best Cheap Android Tablet?

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The Samung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 makes quite a good impression in our review. For a pretty good price you get a decent performance, a full hd display and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. The only major downside are the speakers that are placed on one side only. Everything else including battery life is pretty good.


kajja27 says:

hell yeah this is the best tablet for the money

K.G janee says:

which is the best ipad mini 2 or tab 10.1 or tab s2 8.0?

mike mcelwain says:

got this like it alot

ellie Nicholson says:

I got mine for Christmas, I used it for a month mainly to watch stuff on an app. A month after I started using it the screen randomly blacked out without any cause, and after doing research it’s labelled ‘the black screen of death’, but due to it being a new tablet there aren’t any fixes for it except possibly taking the back off. I’ve tried as many possible button combinations and taps on the back as I can but nothing works but I’m not sure how much it can cost to repair. Anyone have any final fixes I could try?

Paulo Ruben says:

I would not ever buy this brand again. Their update screwed my tab as soon as the warrantee ran out, and on top of that, with many people having the same problem, they give different reasons like wifi problems with the router, but all my other stuff works fine, then they say I need to go back to the seller, who is in another country as I bought it on line, and tons of people had the same problem I did after the update. I reset the samsung tab but it kept the same problem of the wifi switching on and off by itself, draining the battery and not being able to log on. Samsung is overpriced for this sort of stuff. The same happened to my Tab SM t520, and my mobile went haywire spending money as did my sons after application updates. This happened within a couple months of each other because I usually try not to update anything. It is not the wifi adapter because It is happening on various other tablets of the same make and if I contact samsung they say they cant do anything about it. What a rip off.

Andrew Smith says:

what would be better this or the lenovo a10_70

Simthembile Phesa says:

There is only one thing i hate about this tab, the home button will be on the side when u put it horizontal, that is crappy for me.

Hi fi says:

Echt jetzt?

Alucard8319 says:

It’s a great tablet also for gaming. But also a wake up call never spend out too much for a tablet. Med system is just enough

Dimitrelos300 says:

Could you please do a speed test comparison with this tablet against one other (tab s2,mediapad)I’m thinking of buying this and I would like to know if it is fast in general.

Jazneo Gaming says:

look like good tablet for drawing if you get s-pen version

Tleafygxl4 says:

I’m thinking of upgrading to android from my iPod 5. What would you suggest?

Paulette Kennedy says:

can it run gta San andreas mid settings

Chamnan Lila says:


Kaveer Nagessar123 says:

it is not even cheep

Queen Miki says:

great review
can this work for college

Chris Baskins says:

hey excellent video thanks a million. Made the video even better when you were going over other tablets that are sort of similar in price. Very helpful

Jay Stevens says:

Tab S 10.5 to me is still better.

K.G janee says:

tab a 10.1

Capde ponds says:

Great Video. Thanks! Can I use the Wacom Bamboo Stylus on the Samsung Tab A 10.1 with no pen included? Thanks!

nicola facciolini says:

To Italian Secret Services : Red Alarm from these free videogames in Italy scenario !!!

Joy Freiha says:

Which tab do you recommand me to buy … tab A , tab S or Tab 4 ?

Demiigodd says:

I’m really looking for a 8″ tablet but the 8″ version of this tablet is not near as good as this one so I guess having to handle a bigger less portable device to have better performance and display is worth it. Another good app is the Asus Zenpad s 8 but it has no marshmallow support and probably the best affordable tablet to get is the Nvidia k1 but is completely sold out everywhere :/ the only other tablet I can think of is the tab E 9.6″ but I don’t know if it has marshmallow support…. overall this tablet is very appealing to me for performance and the multi window feature which is almost exclusive to samsung.

GrimmyReaper says:

Really great tablet for the price.
Speakers are kinda oddly placed but not a huge problem for me

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