Samsung Chromebook Plus Review – 2 in 1 Chromebook Tablet with Stylus!

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Samsung’s Chromebook Plus pairs a beautiful high DPI 12.3″ display with a fast ARM processor. See more Chromebooks: and subscribe!

01:00 – Hardware overview
01:05 – Display quality
01:43 – Display aspect ratio discussion with Netflix
02:47 – OP1 Processor
03:29 – RAM and storage
03:33 – Weight and build quality
03:56 – Ports and USB-C
05:15 – Stylus storage
06:01 – Keyboard and trackpad
06:25 – Speakers and sound quality
07:35 – Performance: web browsing
08:07 – Battery life
08:31 – Octane benchmark scores
09:40 – Stylus : Capturing and annotating screen shots
10:24 – Stylus : Wrist detection
10:40 – Stylus : Pressure sensitivity
11:34 – Running Android apps
12:13 – Running MAME for Android
12:42 – Conclusion and final thoughts

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This is a great value for a mid range Chromebook. Excellent high DPI display, surprisingly good performance for an ARM processor, and decent Android compatibility too. 2017 will be the year Chromebooks become more relevant for consumers and this is a great one.

It’s not perfect though, the speakers could be better and I found the keyboard to be slightly cramped. But the light weight combined with its 3:2 aspect ratio display makes it useful both as a tablet and a laptop.

The included stylus stores itself efficiently and securely in the side of the tablet. Really nice design.

All in I’m impressed. I’m very excited to see where Chromebooks head in the next 12 months, this is a very strong offering that perfectly blends ChromeOS with Android.

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Dude McPunchy says:

As an artist, I want this

that is a rather functional solution to using an nvidia shield OG tablet

Charlie Gonzalez says:

Great vid I love the disclaimer at the beginning right away trusted ur opinion nd I loved how u displayed a emulator at the end…

LapisGoBlue says:

good for school

mike maynard says:

i got one on an open box deal for 417 dollars at my local best buy. just like new and i love it.

Sir Nigel Cogs Gaming says:

I imagine it would have better video performance if they further optimized the browser for video.

David Thompson says:

its $100 off if you trade some kind of “functional​” laptop at bestbuy. so its $350.

Hugh Dinwiddie says:

Lon, thanks for the review. You’ll get a lot of comments from folks who don’t own one or haven’t even really worked with a Chromebook so I thought I’d share a bit since I bought mine three weeks ago. The cost in this is almost totally in the screen. If you check you won’t find touch screens with a native 2400X1600 screen resolution pumping out almost 400 nits of brightness in the cheaper price ranges. For those who want it, having a pressure sensitive screen/stylus also makes it more expensive. As for the Android apps, the primary reason to load them is not to have an Android tablet, but rather that some apps simply are normally only available for mobile devices and some mobile apps run better than their web counterparts. As an Office 365 subscriber I was hoping the Office suite of tablet apps would install, but the Play Store says they aren’t compatible with this device. I have a couple of home automation apps, though, that only run on mobile devices and they run fine on the Plus. I doubt most of your experienced viewers would be happy with a Chromebook as their only computer, but it makes a great 2nd or 3rd computer for many of us. I’m happy with mine.

Stacey Luster says:

They look cool, but *for me a Chromebook is not.*

I’ve been spoiled by full computers and I use them for college work (Access databases, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Winamp for Music, etc..) So yeah…they look nice but it’s not for me.

I loved the video though.

$400 for a web based *Chrome*book that really threw me for a loop. Man…Still, I don’t know what the purpose of Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and ChromeSticks are. It’s just a computer running Chrome and nothing else. I don’t understand why they have to be so expensive.

Endgame says:

“Hey Everybody, Lon Seidman, and we’re taking a look today at the Samsung Chromebook Plus, this is a 2-in-1 Chromebook that sells for about $449 — ”

I stopped the video right there. $449 Chromebook? Hahahahahahahaha, wow.

Bout the same price as a Surface 3 / Surface 3 Pro on Sale… And it runs Chrome OS. $449.

No thank you, I’ll just get an iPad or surface or a real laptop for that same price.

What a joke.

Justin McCullough says:

I was hoping for more review of handwriting ability. Like taking notes, how many lines and such? If it’s only fat tip like a sharpie then I think they are missing out on student interest

Jacob Lanning says:

When do you expect the android store will be rolled out for the other chromebooks?

Dave Scarpa says:

Just got the deal at Best Buy traded in a core duo 2 laptop they gave me $100 plus a fifty dollar coupon so $324 for the plus a pretty good deal I think

Stamatos says:

great review! I’m getting One of these but would love to see how well One Note works; pressure sensitivity etc. Thanks.!

MariusS Catalin says:

Lon I have a few request if you are going to buy the version with Intel CPU. First I want to know if you can boot windows 10 from an external HDD on that Chromebook, and if the touchscreen and stylus still works. And last I want to know if you can replace Chrome OS with Windows 10, because that will be a stylish Windows 10 laptop.

Al Mueller says:

I am looking at the Acer R 13 and this one. You have used both of the 2 witch one would be a better buy ?

clockcycle says:

+Lon.TV I noticed you mentioned Kodi on the Asus C302 review, but didn’t see you mention it on the Samsung Chromebook Plus. Does it preform any better, usable? Consider this to replace my Pixel C tablet for Android Apps, social and media consumption.

Goran Jovanovic says:

It’s an interesting notion that NONE of the reviews online are even mentioning camera quality with mic and sound, let’s say in Skype.

Given that this device is really uber replacement for tablet, this feature would be first one for me to look into since I really wouldn’t want to buy other device JUST for Skyping…

Especially given that price is in range of solid windows laptops…

Stuffyou100 says:

I can’t decide if I’m going to get the Plus or the Pro

Yonn Lopez says:

Chrome OS is starting to look like Android. I am exited fro being an ARM device tho.

Rerez says:

I really like Chromebooks, but the last two I got couldn’t replace my larger speced Macbook Pro.

Kattz says:

This could possibly eat into Samsung’s tablet sales even more. The Tab S3 will have a better screen and speakers but for a lot of people this will be the better deal. I have heard that they don’t have the Android app support quite right yet but once they do, this is going to be an awesome device.

SuperDodgeboy93 says:

Hey Lon volume is a little low. Otherwise Great video!

mike maynard says:

the beta channel is really the way to go on this right now. runs quite well.

saturnotaku says:

With Google Play coming to Chromebooks, I’d love to see a machine like this powered by the NVIDIA Tegra X1 (same chip as the Shield TV).

Victor Monaco says:

$450…… No friggin way. Otherwise, it’s a nice device. Maybe it should be around $280 or less. After all, it’s a Chrome Book.

TheFrozenTurtle says:

oohh this one is tempting…

Vanisshen says:

For under $500 you can get better performance from an ARM processor than that of a $200 Intel device.

webcomment says:

I like the 3×2 display, but lack of keyboard backlighting ruins it for me.
Backlit keyboard, 8GB RAM and processor with enough power to eliminate all lag doing anything a Chromebook can do would be perfect even for an extra $100 or $200 more.

Mr Dover says:

holy i’m early

Piers Lort-Phillips says:

Lon, I think you’ve finally got me over the line. Excellent review. Thanks

Bill Dineen says:

I think this my new go to review site for Chromebooks always a nice job

DevilsRejection says:

I’m only one minute in, but I was wondering if you’re also going to review the Intel model when it ships later this year?

Qban Celli says:

I agree with you.
This is a surprisingly awesome Chromebook. I love it!

Alek Belinario says:

hey nice review…i just purchased my Chromebook plus on arrived today..after setup, I successfully install clash of clan.but I cannot crashes every time I open this game app…any related issue like mine? kindly install the Coc and let me know what happens…thanks

Pro Logic says:

but can it run minesweeper

dave4shmups says:

Great review! What really surprised me is all the things that the stylus can do. It’s not like Samsung just threw it in for the novelty of giving customers one. Fantastic product! And you’re a LOT better at Street Fighter games then I am! I’ve never taken the time to learn the combos for those games.

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