Rolex Datejust II Watch Review • Luxury Lifestyle Channel • Ref 116300

Rolex Datejust II Watch Review • Luxury Lifestyle Channel • Ref 116300

Correction: The bracelet is 904L steel. My freudian slip for the day.

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Lovin that watch Dave great choice


Is it new or 2nd hand and how much did it cost?

EL L says:

Another great review Dave. Would love to see reviews on the Rolex BLNR down the road and also your take on Tudors new line ups of the black bays w/ in house movements.

Brandon Rebuck says:

I’ve been planning on this buying this as my first Rolex for a while now. I wanted to see what they released at Baselworld but since there is no datejust 40 I will be getting this one.

observer eye says:

this watch looks even prettier with the arabic blue numerals

Tony P says:

Stunning watch! Thanks for sharing Dave

Adam Chase says:

The date feature is on my 2 year old Armani watch

Arvin Torres says:

Gorgeous and clean looking watch! Congratulations, Dave! 🙂

Afsar Hossain says:

Its not looking that good in white dial ..
Blue dial is awesome ..

Ram Francisuk says:

Dave you could get a jeweller to replace the Swiss Army Watch movement for a few quid. I did that for an old Rotary – it still works fine today

King Bee says:

Too large for your wrist; you need to be a huge guy to pull this one off!

coote62 says:

Glad you like your Datejust II. They’re such a clean design and very comfortable to wear, I absolutely love mine.

The Urban Gentry says:

Stunning and great review, just wish it wasn’t so big. I think Rolex really messed with the bigger sizes, but I understand they were keeping up with trends. Love that dial especially, are you going to review your FOIS by any chance? So glad you got one, how is it treating you? I hope you love it.
Best regards,

mikevac1978 says:

how much would that watch go for in America

Moff's Autos says:

This is the Rolex my Father wears. It’s super cool and stylish.

Thady Senior says:

A lovely timepiece – very happy for you

golf raven says:

not a big fan of the DJ II. I was looking at the DJ 36 with flutted basel however will hold of for now. Time Rolex released an updated Date Just version, maybe a 39mm and hopefully with a better clasp on this particular Oyster bracelet or even one with a leather strap.

Nathan Dawson says:

David, i thought pornography wasn`t allowed on YouTube? haha

Darren Gator says:

Nice simple but elegant watch. Rolex definitely has a knack for making something that is simple into elegant.

K.D.P. Ross says:

Oh, that’s gorgeous! I’m a huge sucker for white dials, and I love the smoooooth bezels on the DJ. I’d be really keen to see this on an SS Jubilee … just looked up pic’s and feeling a bit weak in the knees! Looks great on the Oyster, also (and probably *really* good on leather) :~D

Shawn Chinnery says:

Another great review…a pleasure to watch. Cheers

ThaiprawnCurry says:

It’s too big. I think the 36mm would look great on your wrist… Congrats regardless.

My Opinion says:

Nice video. Wish Rolex would introduce this model in a 38/39mm case. Given the excellent slider feature of the sub bracelet, it would be great if they would also add this as a standard (or option) to all their bracelets.

R Zimmerman says:

Dave, I have small wrists, do you think the DJ11 wears big? I will be trying one on of course before buying, but i wanted your opinion on its size. Thanks.

Tom Dwyer says:

What would you say your favourite is of your Rolex’s, the Datejust II or the Submariner?

daltonjr says:

Gorgeous! Congrats on your new watch!

Kwales66 says:

Love the simplistic look of this watch.

Sir Alfred Powell says:

Not my cup of tea and I think luxury items shouldn’t be bought like they were chocolate chip cookies unless you genuinly are wealthy to avoid being faux riche. Regards, Alfie.

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