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Rolex Datejust 41 reference 126333 Watch Review

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch reviews the Rolex reference 126333 Datejust 41 watch “Rolesor” in steel and 18k yellow gold on the Jubilee bracelet.

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Time Heist says:

why the hell am i getting Spanish scrubbing bubbles commercials? im pretty sure im not in damn Mexico!! love the new datejust though! looks a hella lot better than the datejust II, that thing just looked like a fat person with skinny legs

the Epster says:

It’s a cool piece, but there are golden laser beams shooting all around the room and that watch is going to attract major attention some of which could get you in trouble depending on your environment. I’m sticking with black sports with a full steel jacket.

tedwijaya1 says:

hong kong businessman love this watch….

RobReports says:

the old clasp look better on the DJ

onLYbyMoon says:

No lume display? 🙁

Douglas Quaid says:

women’s watch. end of discussion.

Glen Daly says:

It’s amazing how popular this watch color combination is. The gold hands against the champagne “gold” dial can make it difficult to read, especially at night.

ael buel says:

Old style clasp would have sold the piece, like this is just a patch.

My Email says:

Love Jubilee bracelet. However, in two tone I believe Rolex AD’s require a copy of the purchasers birth certificate. They need to confirm the purchaser is over 60 years old.

m4mario says:

Only the champagne dial looks like a grand fathers watch. Other dials look more modern

Devan Van vliet says:

hey guys! if you are interested in watches check out this instagram (all about watch history)

flash burt says:

Hi one question, is all these watches yours or do you do commercial for rolex?

Alex Tan says:

Appreciate if you can let us know what’s your wrist size? I tried it on at an AD, it doesn’t wear big like a 41mm. I compared it with my GMT IIc and almost identical in size.

B LOLER says:

I dont like the new clasp. It seems to me that rolex decided to use a little less gold on this bracelet or i cant find another reason to use it while the other was more suitable for a classic dress watch. And they still use the hidden clasp in daydate 2016 so that reveals they consider it more classy so its sad they wanted to avoid using some extra gold on datejust. Didnt expect this from rolex.

T Michael says:

Timeless watch, it’s still my favorite…

Tom 84 says:

Sorry to rain on your parade but the datejust 41mm looks best in steel. The reason why i say this is because the steel 41mm is very understated and more sporty looking then the tt.

sciuridae says:

this guy says UM too much!

noraneko nekomatagi says:

So nervous to witness date change on the new 3235 movement throughout the whole video, but it seems to be shot at noon… orz

Chris says:

Why such short hands come on Rolex should know better by now

Nii Annoon says:

Hey Ariel, can you please review the new Tudor Style?

trectic says:

Try not to say “ummm” so much it ruins the listening experience. What your saying is not bad but if you take out “umm” it would be perfect. Hope that helps improve the videos

Bogart1980 says:

39mm would have been sweet.

Marc Goldberg says:

Holy cow, that price! I bought my 36 mm two tone DJ in 1987 for somewhere around $3000 new at the A.D. I get that this is a much larger watch but wow.

Tekhelet75 says:

The size is garish

Mother Of Three says:

could you do a review on the rolex datejust 36mm black dial with index hour? Thanks

alexxxandder says:

can get this with white dial too 🙂

Todd Campbell says:

Just picked one of these up with a black face. The size is perfect in my opinion and the black face is awesome!

erichwlim says:

Could you do a video on comparing Datejust 41 with Datejust 2?

MoneyOverFame says:

Anyone know where I can get a datejust like this for a price range of 3000-4000$ , preferably a smaller size ! Any suggestions?

waynerjson says:

Watch companies, please quit making watches for fat people. 41mm is too damn big for this watch. 36mm was perfect for this watch.

richy jay says:

Timeless watch, match with a white shirt.

A says:

Same shit 1980s old fart watch.

DerpEye says:

the fluted or engine turned bezel is better because it gets less scratches

LT YV says:

old fart watch

Buffler Jacqueline says:

where did yo buy her

AjaxForever says:

I don’t like gold and or two-tone watches. And also on this watch i dislike the bezel.



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