Reviewing a Collection of Solid Gold Watches | Rant&h Collection Review

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Drew says:

too tacky imho

Venus Dee says:

The IWC perpetual is very nice. Chris, it is great when people have a watch pass down to them because it usually is the basis for them having a collection. Interesting to hear your grail is a Day Date. Mine has always been a DJ because my dad had one (which I have) and bought my own recently. I am sure you will have your grail soon enough being that you are good at finding vintage.

jileel says:

that new intro though… damn cool.

Damir K. says:

the breitling is hideous

Pierre ERNST says:

Brilliant new intro!

Anthony Kozlowsky says:

I’ll be honest this collection is all over the place. To each his own

Gianlu Brancacci says:

I think this guy got into watches too late in his life with way too much money and has no idea what he’s doing. I would keep the Patek, then sell everything else, and invest in something else other than watches.

MrMustang990 says:

Nice eggs bro

hervé Chretien says:

I am so glad this is all somebody’s else’s collection because I would never put a dollar of my own money in any of this

Ab Dessouki says:

My heart hurts after that breitling

Roelf van der Merwe says:

So much gold and diamonds…. No no no no

Redskins Pride WGIL says:

you must be extremely tired from that review. Lots of money but under represented.

Sir Alfred Powell says:

Props for being neutral and not letting your screaming little inner voice interfere with what you say.

Cedar Canoe says:

Honest review. We share the same taste btw

Simon Warriner says:

Another great and very informative video. Keep up the good work.

iimaniDAVID says:

The problem with IWC is “IWC” on the dial. Looks like a cheap gas station logo. Great call on the Breitling (Sell that). Maybe the non-bling Pasha balances the other bling pieces?

Tony Lee says:

do iwc use ata

shiftyfob says:

Cool iwc

flyingphoenix113 says:

I actually really like that Maurice Lacroix and the two IWCs (pilot/perpetual). The Nautilus is not my favorite reference either, but it’s a Nautilus, so….. Yeah. You were spot on with this one, Christian. Given where his collection is at, IMHO, he should find a more iconic Cartier, sell the Breitling and either get a more complicated Chronomat/Navitimer or move to a JLC. An AP RO or VC (Overseas, Patrimony, etc.) might be an interesting edition as well. Any who, just my 2 cents.

MrMatt C says:

Pretty nice collection I agree he should get rid of the pasha and the other bling watch but I would also get rid of that skeleton watch it looks ugly to me !

Ryan Jones says:


Ali Alexander says:

To each his own, indeed. But this collection of watches is really polarizing and divisive. Even the more beautiful and complicated solid gold watches are made ‘ugly’ with black dials that are adding the opposing tool watch character that is destroying the class. A dressier, gold watch should not have a black dial, In my opinion, and here we are having even two of them! The two-toned Nautilus hits at least the irony of the 80s-Wallstreet-theme which the two-toned Rolex watches are so famous for, however, I fear here it’s without the irony. Same for the Breitling, as a wild card watch that adds a bit of irony and fun – or guilty pleasure – I would totally approve but here I doubt that any irony is intended or the collection does not allow this idea. Then one of the only Cartier watches that is really divisive and dislikable, in addition, a skeleton watch that is again totally divisive and even I would assume rejected by most. But on the bright side: A very unusual collector. Not somebody who is following the mainstream at all. At least we are seeing something different. But luxury watches are jewelry for men and I don’t understand how you can only choose very polarizing and divisive pieces and fear being labeled as taste and classless?

Big E says:

these are some of the ugliest expensive watches I’ve ever laid eyes on

RationalPragmatist says:

he’s got the curse of gold, as in brand pieces that don’t warrant it and that Breitling is particularly cursed. If you’re going to pay the premium for gold, get a brand model that’s not made in steel; Patek Calatrava, Rolex Day-Date, or since he’s into IWC, a Lange Saxonia might better fit his aesthetic preference.

Michael O'Connell says:

Aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwgggggggghhhhhh! My eyes! My eyes!

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