Review: Using a Razer Blade 2016 Gaming Laptop for Video Editing

I needed to upgrade! My old ultrabook was fine for writing articles, but was WOEFULLY under-powered for editing video. Razer’s new Blade laptop looked like the perfect system for me on paper. Using it for a week, does this sexy serpent live up to the hype? Here’s my review, using a gaming PC for work!

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1kakje says:

what I really can’t understand is that the price over is is 3000 EURO’s.. like the euro is higher than dollars and it’s still more. 2000 dollar = 1817.2 EUR, but no, let’s just do the prize x2.. like wtf!

magicmartin says:

Why didn’t you get the Dell xps 15

james cook says:

Hey Juan, I love your audio. What is your microphone setup?

Plongkie says:

yeah, but the temps.. It really kills the laptop.. how did it handle yours?

Razzaq Redha says:

How about vs mac pro? Will it be more faster than macbook pro?

NorthWest Gaming says:

Fucking pissed off that it isn’t available in the UK -_-

sid rathor says:

What’s the price after tax?

Green Meanie says:

I have gone through 2 screens already the second they wont warranty because I was barely out of date.

FeelTheBirdie says:

lol “seizure inducing strobes”

The Strider9 says:

on heavy gaming will it last for 2-3 years? I’ve heard that thinner laptop like razer won’t last for 12 months max.(on heavy gaming)

Zen says:

Wow You are by far my best pocket editor

tigerbaitcom says:

good job Juan, i knew you were good for something. I need to photoshop images and render 4k video for my website and i was about to go overkill for the Lenovo P50 but i love the 14inch size and this seems to be all i need to get it done.

p.s. Dont let those douchebags get you down about whether those douchebags on the pocketnow weekly podcast show answer questions or not. 😉

Dung Nguyen says:

i’m looking for a laptop for video editing (adobe premiere pro + a7s ii).
– my last one: mbp retina 15″ i7 16gb ram + ssd (mid 2014).
– what are your recommendations?

andrew hanson says:

can you please do full review on the v20 including the speaker test

magicmartin says:

Why do you want touchscreen for editing?! Waste or battery, and just another thing to go wrong.

Fernando Almada says:

if you had to choose between this laptop, or The stealth with the core, which one would you choose?

Guy Porteous says:

At what point do you talk about video editing apart from the render times

Super Starlin says:

So basically its for 1080p gaming and more power intensive work while on the go. See I’m looking for an upgrade from my 2012 (ish?) Toshiba L850. It’s done a fantastic job of almost everything thus far and I wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest to call it an absolute soldier of a laptop. It still runs things really well (some things are even above is spec range somehow.) But its old. Its blue screening. The graphics card has a habit of crashing 2-3 times a day and I just started uni for a media degree in animation so I think its time to say goodbye.
I wan’t something small and light to take with me because my Toshiba is a bit on the bulky side so an alienwear money printer is out of the question. And as a mobile gamer my laptop is everything. I don’t have a desktop and probably won’t until I get my own place and have time and money to sit down and really put thought into building my own.
Would this be a good all round machine in this situation? Or am I asking for too much…?
Thoughts anyone?


can it do skyrim?

Kathy Brashear says:

do you no a good gaming mic plus youtube for under 50

Daniel Davila says:

Juan, how come you decided to get the razor blade over say an XPS 15 or 13?

I was on the fence of either this or the XPS but the infinity edge display won me over. I was close to getting this due to its super stealthy look but I decided against it since its a fingerprint magnet (they drive me insane).

Cb Castillo says:

I seen you today in San Antonio at guenthers house restaurant.

Jo Zh says:

Finally, one of an editor who is not hyped out and use crap MacBook for his workstation.

Sea Panther says:

hey didn’t you just recently get the MSI ghost pro? I was looking at both the, ghost pro and the razer blade, for 4k video editing. which one would you recommend?

Eman xG19 says:

awesome review!! will you be reviewing the razorblade stealth?

007K says:

Hey Juan, nice video, but I was wondering what settings do you have for vegas to render? I ask because I was considering this as a replacement to my Toshiba s855, but my toshiba renders 5 minutes (average) of video at 1080P 30fps in about 20 minutes, so I just wanted to make sure I’m not downgrading here

PK_Ultra says:

Would you recommend the brand new Stealth or the Macbook pro retina?

L Y says:

Oh no… Boredatwork… The ignorant guy.

Edmond Kan says:


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