Review: Tissot Tradition Quartz Watch “Vanilla Winner?”

Do “boring” watches have their place in the industry? Description Below!
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Watches like the Tissot Tradition quartz might be fun for collectors to bash, but the likes of this well-made watch are the backbone of the Swiss watch industry. Is that a problem? Well if you are looking for a reliable, well made, and affordable Swiss watch -like many people are- the answer is likely that it isn’t a problem at all.

Model: Tissot Tradition Quartz T0636101103700
Movement: ETA F06.111 quartz
Date window at 3 o’clock
Sapphire crystal
Solid end links
Applied hour markers
Case width: 42 mm
Case thickness: 7.5 mm
Lug width: 20 mm
Lug-to-lug width: 49.75 mm
Weight: 120 g
Water resistance: 30 m
Swiss Made


marcustya88 says:

what a beauty

alittleolder says:

Great video. I just recently bought a Tissot Chronograph because I wanted to check something. Turned out to be a pretty nice watch.

Савва Подопри - гора says:

Have this watch on brown strap. Very happy.

Ian Ng says:

Have you been watching a lot of Jeremy clarkson lately?

CampfireTalk says:

Well told using the “every man” perspective.

twobronys play says:



Elegant without being pretentious
I like this watch.
Plus I love the story book Idea!

Bass Player says:

Nice watch

Jace Añonuevo says:

Great Review! Could you review the Tissot T-Navigator Chrono?

Ruth Lee says:

tissot bacwards is “toss it” , ha ha

FastActionBlades says:

Excellent video

dieselboi91 says:

Not a huge fan of the watch but I do agree that it would be an excellent watch for the average joe who knows nothing about watches!

Anton Chiseliov says:

are this watch has a slightly domed crystal ?

planejet42 says:

Keep the great videos coming!

NewFormofSilence says:

If you like it, you like it, but I’d rather spend a hundred more and get maybe a Seiko SARB or something like that.

Weyta Widjaja says:

I have about 10 of those books haha. Maybe I should read it sometime

Joshua Gillbanks says:

great review. i inherited a smaller diameter Tissot quartz Seastar from my father and while I’m not a big fan of quartz watches, it serves its purpose, and id say for most non-watch-guy types it’d be the prefect dress watch. I agree with your conclusions.
Best regard’s.

Ben Aronson says:

Well that was a fairly abrupt ending. Great, to-the-point review though.

Francisco Melo says:

I have one with black dial and all the arabics. It’s a good confortable watch, even beeing big.

le h says:

Nice one


Elegant without being pretentious
I like this watch.
Plus I love the story book Idea!

Albert says:

Corniche, thats a beautiful one

Vinay Soni says:

Good review content! I liked the metaphor to the everyday refrigerator. I would warn against the overuse of bokeh/ formulaic shots in your watch reviews though. I would like to see as unique visuals for watch reviews as your writing/ scripted content is.

chillwill120 says:

42mm is way too big for that style of watch. 38 to 40 would be a lot better.

Sean Pollard says:

90% of watches sold are quartz. Lots of watch guys forget this. I am glad you are keeping it real. In my opinion mechanical watch collectors that bash quartz are like car guys that bash electric cars. There is room for all types and they should all be respected. Thanks for the video. I do think the Japanese are better at quartz than the Swiss however, not just for inventing it but for small details like the seconds hand hitting the markers. I got a Japanese watch for a tenth of the price and it lines up. I like the hour markers on the dial and the butterfly clasp.

Lavy Khurana says:

duh boringg

youtubister says:

It is simply too big. Especially with regard to the relatively delicate dial. Saw in the TISSOT boutique. Definitely a ‘no’ AFAIAC. Also, seconds hand did not hit the markers on the watches I saw.

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