REVIEW: RCA Voyager 7″ Tablet Quad-Core (8GB, 4.4)

Not the best, but not the worst, RCA’s 7″ Voyager Android tablet stays afloat with its rock-bottom price. Otherwise, specs include 8GB of built-in storage (expandable via microSD), 1GB RAM, and a 1.3MP front-facing camera.

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Hunter Cruz says:

My brother and my sister have one. But I have an ipad

Chris Juneau says:

do you know if you download game apps on it?  I like the nes emulator app and was wondering if it would play that?

The Golden Train says:

Rca sucks

Apple guy iOS comparison says:

nice video great job

Matheus Andrade says:

This tablet is TFT or ips ( agulo has good vision ) ? Thank you good video

Objectified Cross says:

but is it better than the Chuwi Vi7?
That has a nice speedy Atom inside.

jacob cammaroto says:

I’m watching this on the
same tablet

Jonathan Long says:

for My BDay

Vicki Thompson says:

I can’t get it to accept my wifi. I put in my password and it says there is a problem. My family uses our wifi when they come to visit and I have several other devices that use it. So what am I doing wrong?

Michael Paige says:

My son’s rca voyager pro stuck on the voyager pro screen right before it’s supposed to come on and it won’t it’s been doing that the last week I done took the back off upluged the battery still doing the same thing PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Corey Kempf says:

Can this run madden mobile?

Chip Brandon says:

I just ordered this one for my teenager. I didnt want to spend a bunch of money on one and some of my friends said this is a good tablet for cheap.

Roy Harper says:

This is a terrible tablet I only have one app and I cant download another one.

Ashley Zamora says:

can you download the myon app?

Rayden Wysote says:

I had one of these I loved it until I dropped it and it broke

Arceushera says:

I have one of these. The file manager is the best one I’ve ever seen. It has files that would allow for Bluetooth and if you add a settings shortcut widget, you can set it to access Bluetooth settings, but trying to use them will cause Settings to crash. I’ve had it since last year, but a couple days ago, the LCD screen received a crack and it screwed it up. The LCD now only shows random lines and bars. RIP. Also, can someone leave a reply with a link to download the File Manager APK? My new tablet has ES and it sucks.

confused program says:

i hate this thing


is there a sim card in modoex tablet

killerkid 32 says:

I’m usin a RCA tablet to watch this

char gamer-roblox-and more says:

i got that tablet it’s a tablet mixst with a computer

Jonathan Long says:

cool I want it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Rose Rod says:

you have same tablet as me

Jorge Granda says:

Very good review, I didn’t know that the RCA Voyager II does not have NFC. The one that I purchased from Amazon is a 5.0 android. I also was not aware that the camera was not that good. Thanks for the information about the firmware, I did not know that either. By the way, my RCA Voyager II has not arrived yet.

Damian Clouse says:

mine is brushed but still plastic.

Linita Landry says:

great day and gobe

RiRiRym says:

RCA tablet is the tablet im using now!

Kayla Nisby says:

I am watching this video on the exact same tablet i just got this year

Michaels Gaming says:

What app with no root can record on it please help me I been searching but no luck I’m getting really sad because I love making youtube videos but I got no recording for my tablet 🙁

Shuntieria Wright says:

I have this and my cam is always backwards

Anastasia Cashmere says:

soooo you can’t do Snapchat on the RCA

robert wood says:

can you play roblox on this im buying 1 tomorrow i need to know please help?

jazzy gamer44 says:

mine takes 30 min. to charge

Sabrina Bain says:


alfred dominguez says:

can this run final fantasy BE/ mobious final fantasy ?

Andrew Morash says:

O’s reviews wonderful video great job

Thomas Knight says:

try locking the focus on your camera if you can it will make your videos a little clearer

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