Review of Simple Mobile Cellular

This is a review of Simple Mobile cellular service, including pricing and data.

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Chris Martinez says:

Does the city of Phoenix have no Wi-Fi?

Keith Barnes says:


Crazy Jayray says:

Have you used the BLU Vivo XL 5.5 inch phone yet? It’s only $149 for 4g LTE, 3 gigs of ram and I belive 32 gigs of rom.

TimeDreamsAhead says:

I’ve been with simple mobile for like 4 years. The only problem I had with them is picture messaging. I can’t receive them unless I set it up, I give up on that and use imessage, kik, and email to receive them.

Victoria Perry says:

Do not use Simple Mobile trust me

jaliscolo24 says:

what’s the max download speed of simple mobile ? i know they say 4g lte but doesn’t tell you any numbers , like cricket specifies High-speed data access allows download speeds of a maximum of 8 Mbps for compatible LTE devices and 4 Mbps for compatible HSPA+ devices. i use cricket and on my personal case i get lot of calls not coming through i just get a voicemail alert

Patrick Christopherson says:

I’ve used their $60 unlimited, for around 4 months, and so far, I’ve had no problems. I watch you tube, netflix and amazon video for 12 hours a day.

Luis R says:

you almost got it… but you dont have all the information about it….

Joyce Venadale says:

a very great video I only want to know can I take the blu 6.0 LTE phone to tmobile. without a contract on the $70 plan

76chyanne says:

I just got simple my prob no hot spot tethrr its blocked i guess im a 5year old simple plays my data parents always protecting me from over use of data

Kelly Jeanine says:

Can I use an AT&T iPhone for Metro PCS?

Wildcard Hoss says:

Thanks for the review. Saved me from making a mistake. I wound up going over to T-Mobile instead. Thanks again!

DC R says:

Thx for review.. However I have left simple mobile for H20 .. H20 offers a better deal at 30.00 which includes data. (simple mobile is 40.00).. Cheers

yiyeluwei says:

Great video. Good to know some knowledge.

Sent from Gmail says:

metro is better then simple

100percentGetDatCash says:

Great video. Very informative and detailed. Subscribed.

Ishtehak Ahmed says:

I use simple mobile and I have no problems when it comes to data. Works perfect

Trinas McDowell says:

Can u review h2o wireless

Danial khan says:

Is there a speed difference?

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