Review Ion IPA76C Block Rocker

This is a very cool portable sound system. Is it going to satisfy an Audiophile? No. But for casual parties it’s fantastic. Really it’s the battery feature that makes it so useable in areas where there is not AC power.

There is an app available that gives you EQ control and that is quite helpful. Make sure you get the app. Search for “Ion Block Rocker”. In addition to EQ, the app gives you 24 sound effects you can inject into the sound.

Features a 3″ tweeter and 8″ ported woofer. 50W peak power. “Peak Power” is kind of a bogus way of reporting power of an amplifier. No RMS power is mentioned so I have no idea what the real power output is of this. It’s not a lot but for smaller parties and general listening it provides a good amount of volume although there is audible distortion and unfortunately no THD distortion or any other metrics are provided.

AM/FM/Aux with 6 station presets for AM and 6 station presets for FM. A Telescoping handle and wheels on the Block Rocker make it really easy to transport. The Block Rocker also has handle grabs on each side. Plastic corner protectors and a metal speaker grill make this a very versatile performer. It even comes with a 1/4″ Microphone. Although the microphone is pretty cheesy, it is better than no microphone and can easily be upgraded to a higher quality mic if need be.

The bluetooth was easy to pair to my Smartphone and laptop. It also has NFC if your device supports NFC pairing.

Now the biggest thing for me is that this is not only AC powered, but has an internal battery giving a claimed 72 hours playback time. In reality it’s less than that but still the battery life is pretty amazing.

This also has a “Link” capability to connect a second compatible Block Rocker speaker as well as two 5V-1A USB outputs.

I purchased this 6/24/2015 from Costco for $119 during a $30 Instant Rebate Promotion.


kevin weatherby says:

Can’t get my Bluetooth to work. Thanks for walking me through that part.. NOT! Grade F

Peter Cannizzaro says:

Anyone know if it has a hole in the bottom for a tripod stand?

Lovina Midgley says:

I have the model right before this one and so does my son. Both of our speakers now wont connect to the blue tooth. Is this a common problem and if so how do we fix it.

Youtub Hitz says:

Is this speaker good/loud enough for a party for 10-20 people in a medium house? While I listed can I charge the speaker to?

Rajath M S Hebbar says:

dear sir, can i use the mic and the usb/ Bluetooth at the same time?
need it for karaoke purpose. So…

Jonathan Chacon says:

I have a block rocker Bluetooth speaker bad ass block rocker I love it beat the other Bluetooth speaker products on the market thank u ion block rocker when will u have a new one for 2016 or later on thank u

Diego Cardoza says:

where did you buy it Michel

For the Record says:

Will it read MP3’s off either of the USB ports?

Franco Barrios says:

Wow I’ve had mine for about 6 months and I had absolutely no idea there was an app. I guess i should’ve RTFM

Alanmils D.Scarfe says:

we can play CD player?

Joshua's Recordings says:

It is a very crappy built product though. I had a broken one come in and the whole thing was shot (after about 1.5 years). The soldering was messy, the amp was just a 10W amp IC (without a heatsink). The speaker had the cheapest and thinnest metal basket I had ever seen!

Midnight-Voice Video Production says:

For $100 its not worth it… glad i didn’t buy it.. i was going to buy it to have on music video sets, as a playback speaker for the cast and crew as i produce them here locally. But its not loud enough…. I’ll stick with my 600watt DJ speakers ….

Kyle Sydney says:

What kind of MP3 player is that?

GGScOpEZ says:

I got this for $100 at Costco

Alfonza Hill says:

Was it design to play flash drive?

The Planning Coalition says:

Can you attached a wireless mic unit?

Roman Dybacz says:

Can I play pandora from my phone??

Andrew Lopez says:

may i ask how to connect bluetooth to my galaxy

Arturo Flores says:

wait wait wait ! when you say you can link 2 separate speakers at once u mean i can listen to the same music with 2 separate speakers using my bluetooth music ? so in other words i can have each speaker on each corner of room ?

Bass Junkie says:

Have you done a test of the speaker distorts? I read this Amazon review that guy says he blasted it at 75% volume and it didn’t distort. I honestly don’t believe that’s true since iPhone volume doesn’t sync with the speaker.

renthal971 says:

Can this be linked to older block rockers with bluetooth? I have a 2013…

mKdx says:

is there a way you can use 2 mics on this speaker?

xiomara lozoya says:

I want to use it for karaoke I hope it works…..,any advices????

Joseph Palomino says:

Great breakdown on how the speller functions. I have one and it is a HUGE hit around the house we use the heck out of it for kareoke and patio party’s. Battery life late for ever! A must have for the house!

normal jose says:

can you take out the buttons

jmartinez562 says:

Excellent Review!

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