REVIEW: Ion Blockrocker Tailgate Bluetooth Speaker

This is the PERFECT bluetooth speaker system for any dance party, karaoke night, or tailgate event!

Check out the video for all the features of this AWESOME portable speaker system!

Retails for $169.99 on Ion’s website:

Or on Amazon for a slightly lower price:



OfficialSameeA says:

This is basically a portable guitar amp! The mic input isn’t even a mic input. Most, if not, all microphones that are worth buying need an XLR cable while the input in the Ion has a 1/4 inch jack!

Dom says:

why people buy such garbage?

norman adams says:

I bought the smaller version of this speaker. I was hoping I could up my older flat screen TV to the speaker for football tailgating but was unable to do so..I was disappointed

Diego Martinez says:

Does it have a place to attach a lock? I bought one for work and I wanna chain it to my toolbox, since there’s a lot of arseholes that steal stuff when they get fired.

Killip Enterprises says:

when u turn the sound louder the bass sound terrible . Thanks for showing. But this is a no no for me.

Andrew Dang says:

Nice review! I have one myself. I bought it when it was $30 off at Costco. I definitely recommend buying it through Costco because of their generous return policy. I do have to mention that the handle bar is very flimsy. Also, the speaker is good in that it can get quite loud, however, the quality of the music significantly worsens as it gets louder. It doesn’t have very good bass at all. If you’re looking for an affordable outdoor speaker, the ion block rocker is decent. If you’re looking for quality concert sound, steer away.

YoutubeAccount says:

Is this loud enough for a party outside for about 30-40 people (not just background music!)

Simran .T says:

Does it come with the Chord to plug it into an outlet?

Gianni Stefano Gonzalez Cierro says:

Hi there I hope you can help me answer this question.
I just got the amp yesterday, it was low in battery so I left it charging overnight. I turned it on in the morning and it is still low on battery. I expected, from the 3  Do you have to turn on something in order to charger or…?
on the other hand, shouldnt the green light from power get on when charging?

ThienHeoBangDayThun says:

they should have echo sound for singing.

klv400 says:

Great Demo!

Dewey Vu says:

I’m thinking of using this for a wedding ceremony. Do you think 100 seated people in a relatively quiet outside environment will hear vows decently well? Thanks.

Dirt2Purple says:

you turned the volume knob and nothing happened lol

barrie butsers says:

this is not the tailgater. It’s the blockrocker. 

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