[Review] iHome iA100 Bluetooth Audio System + iHome + Sleep App Demo

Today I review the feature packed iHome iA100 Bluetooth Audio System for iPod, Iphone, and iPad. The system includes features such as specially tuned Reson 8 speaker chambers, Boniovi DSP, bluetooth capability (speaker and calling), app enhancement, and dock compatibility with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad

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fchang21 says:

Hi. Nice review. I read a lot of reviews because i was considering getting this speaker system. I read somewhere else that the app needs to be running in the foreground when you are sleeping for the custom alarm features to work properly. Is that true? What happens if the app alarm is set to play specific song from an ipod and the ipod is docked/paired but the app is not running overnight? Will the alarm still come on with that song?

Parker Duff says:

Did you jailbreak that iPhone

Custom PC Review says:

@ulrocks4 Yes I did haha. Good eye.

Custom PC Review says:

@ulrocks4 The button and the screen lights up, but you can adjust the brightness either through the device itself or using the iHome + Sleep app on your iphone/pod/pad. At the lowest setting it’s barely visible. Also, I think if you hit the sleep button everything dims as well, but I gotta double check on that for you.

Custom PC Review says:

@fchang21 No. It will wake you to the music the clock already has preinstalled. Not yours.

Bonnie Hanna says:

@custompcreview thankyou for replying!!

Custom PC Review says:

@fchang21 Yes it’s true for custom alarms only, but there are 2 alarms that can be programmed into the clock itself. These will work regardless of the ihome program running. You can set it up to play music from your ipod in 2 modes – playlist and ipod. If your ipod/phone is not docked, the clock’s own wakeup music will play. If it is, your music will play regardless of you being in the ihome app or not.

Parker Duff says:

do you know if the power button lights up because on my ia5 it was too bright to sleep without putting something over it

Tobias Bembhy says:

Is this portable? Can I hear music withouth connecting it? I have it and I can not use it with batteries.

Custom PC Review says:

@techclassy It’s about a year or 2 old. Not sure if they’ll release a newer version, but the iPhone app is constantly being updated. They’ve also dropped a couple firmware updates for the device as well in the past year since I’ve made this video.

Bonnie Hanna says:

Does it work with the ipod classic?

redbird saraceno says:

Play Sound Thru it and Shut your nobody cares Hole !!!!

Parker Duff says:


_chrisisisms_ says:

CAn you get a system exactly like this but with DAB functionality?

MrPlagueZero says:

Good video, I would probably buy this if I had money for it too 😛
Subbed from your camera giveaway, but I definitely like your videos too. Liked 🙂

Michael Davis says:

does the adapter charge the batterys

fchang21 says:

Thanks! Another question I had was…can the iA100’s alarm still wake to music from the ipod if it’s connected via bluetooth and not actually docked?

Custom PC Review says:

@Aussiegirl265 yep

Custom PC Review says:

@infirmier83 Nope. Unfortunately, home + sleep has to be running on the iPhone.

pretty707 says:

@cainvx , ikr 🙁 thats wut i was hoping for. Im so torn between this 1 and the id85, idk which 1 to get!! Hopefully i can just go to bestbuy and try to c which has the best sound quality if i can find them there.

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