Review: Huion H610 Pro Graphics Tablet for Artists

It’s cheap and good for selected software, specifically Photoshop. Other software may or may not work as well, so do some research before you get one.

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Yaretzi vazquez says:

do you need Wi-Fi

PlautusGaming says:

now recommend me a good draw pad

Powlingar says:

Hi, I was wondering which tablet you thought was best, this one (Huion H610 Pro) or the Huion New 1060 Plus. Great review and thanks!

John Derrick Hembrador says:


I have a problem with my Gpen-F509.. maybe you know the fix for my case

Here’s the case:

Previously my desktop’s OS is windows 7 ultimate 64 bit (no problem) then I tried upgrading into windows 10, (no problem)… Then I switched back to the previous OS (same preserved files) and then kaboom…. The cursor just wont stop shaking and jumping… but it works fine on my mothers laptop which is on windows 10 OS. I think there’s something wrong with the computer system and graphic tablet relation..
I just don’t know anymore what to do with this problem. Please.. someone help me

I tried also asking assistance from genius customer support but all of their suggestions are useless..

suggestions like:
change the battery of the pen
install and uninstall graphic program
move it away from the monitor( frequency issues)
bla bla bla.. .. ..
All useless..

PlautusGaming says:

Make you can tell me what pad it’s best to work with. Mid sized pads

Miracle H says:

Will it work with Planning to buy one next week

Adrian Malinowski says:

very helpfull, thanks!

RezaQin says:

I have the simple 8×5 black one and it works like a champ.

Political Cartoons for DONALD TRUMP says:

Is it true if you put the huion behind your laptop screen that you can draw like you are drawing on the laptop? Some guy said you could do it, I wanna see this!

ArcherFish says:

Is it good for flash?

Doritos says:

Does it work with fire alpaca

PlautusGaming says:

recommend me a good tablet, the wacom intuos draw was shit. Has nasty borders

Lindsey White says:

Does anyone know if this works with Manga Studio 5?

ItzAdamA says:

U ended to be my useful youtuber P.S i subscribed

Irfan Iy says:

its good !! intous or this huion h610 best ?

Kimberly says:

Good review, thank you!

Bracetty Bracetty says:

Thank you! i just ordered this tablet thanks to your review

Tachi Chin says:

I used to have this tablet until it broke. The build quality itself is quite nice, the pressure sensitivity level is good, it is almost the same like Wacom Intuos.
However my usb port suffered some damage (which I couldn’t connect from my computer to my tablet) anymore. I’d say it’s a good tablet since it’s very affordable.

There’s also jittery lines in my Photoshop but that isn’t a big issue for me since you get what you pay for. I’m going to buy another Huion to replace my current one!

PizzaDeliveryMan says:

Is this good with paint SAI

The SleepyAsh says:

will it work with Paint Tool Sai? 😮

Magic_Zach says:

Drawing without looking at your hand?! WHA?! That’s crazy! I guess having no display explains why it’s so cheap.

Arun Kumar c says:

is this tablet support linux

DanDunDun says:

Only honest review I could find of this device. Thank you!

ItzAdamA says:

can you do a Huion H580 review?

The James says:

Yo, my tablet doesn’t even work, i installed the right drivers and everything but the only thing that works are the buttons.

PlautusGaming says:

The huions habe good border but I only hear bad reviews about them

1D3adly _KatFish says:

Does this specific tablet work on Illustrator CC by Adobe Creative Cloud ?

PlautusGaming says:

I think this pad is defect.
No way a tablet cannot use work correctly with photoshop. That should be pretty standard for any tablet.

m.i.c 101 says:

do u have to download something or does it automatically load to your computer

Abdul Hakim Abdul Rani says:

Hi Teoh~ is it compatible with “Clip Studio Paint Pro” ?

Almark says:

Wondering about the re-branded version on Amazon.

The Turcom TS-6610-Pro Graphic Tablet Drawing with a rechargeable Pen/Stylus for PC.
Heard they were simply the same company, but different name. Is this true and is it fully equivalent to this one?

Beth Radas says:

Would this device be compatible with Clip Studio Paint Pro??
(for reference)

Mimic Kairatta says:

I’m currently looking for a replacement tablet for my PC, something that isn’t monoprice since it’s no longer functioning.

ANy recommendations for something below 70 dollars?

Witsniper says:

Thank you for this review. I use Krita, so it’s good to know that this tablet has issues with that program. Glad I looked at this before buying.

Almark says:

Thank you for your honest review.

ItzAdamA says:

does it work on windows 10?

k3p13r says:

Hi ! i have one question
Huion H610 Pro coast $ 76.99
Huion 1060 Pro Coast $ 80.95 in promo sale
Whats is the best for buy ?
Use in Photoshop in Win10

LPS Artsy Paws says:

will it work with photoshop cs6?

ItzAdamA says:

ahhhhh my fav review tablet etc. youtuber…FINALLY MY MUM GONNA BUY THAT GARPHIC TABLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! GONNA WATCH THIS VIDEO AGAIN WHEN I GOT IT!

Annette Lucero says:

Thanks so much for this! It was very helpful as I learn about using draw tablets.

Lizzie Zen says:

would it work with paint sai?

Chokhor Creations says:

Hi after watching your video, I bought the same tablet, but I am having lots of problems using it. I am a new tablet user, so have a basic question for you. I tried the tablet on PaintPro (noticed red circle w/slash) and also with Photoshop CS6, I see black circle symbol. Can you tell me how to get rid of these symbols? Thank you.

Fandmm And Crapw says:

would you suggest this as a good beginner tablet, just to take some small commissions here or there

mcdadou931 says:

Thank you so much on the review

akashay mandhare says:

i have prices huion h610 pro or not the prices tablet. give answer

ThatOneGuy 132 says:

Hi! i just got one of these and it is kinda bugging me but there is a delay on when you stroke the pen. is there any way i can fix that?

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