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It’s rare in a Sentai today that you don’t get the additional hero, and here we are with Gokaiger, with the introduction of Ikari Gai, Gokai Silver, the fabulous man in Silver who’s powers come from 15 of the popular “sixth” heroes! More importantly, Dragon Ranger, Kiba Ranger, King Ranger, Mega Silver, Time Fire, Gao Silver, Shurikenger, Abare Killer, Deka Break, Magi Shine, Bouken Silver, Go-On Gold, Go-On Silver, Shinken Gold, and Gosei Knight. Whether his transformation is restricted to these heroes remains to be known, but the sixth hero surely has a army of awesome behind him.

Overall, this is a fantastic changer. Sure, it has a lot of missed opportunities, like having easier access to the sixth hero names, or the total lack of functionality with Ranger Keys. With that aside, the sounds it does have are really neat, the Gokai Silver Key is pretty awesome, and it looks great on a shelf next to your Mobirates. If you’re a fan of sixth heroes, don’t pass this up. Even with it’s flaws, it’s definitely recommended.

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DannyTheSuperHeroExpert says:

Beacause that’s the only dairanger suit that US Bandai wanted 2 use 4 some reason.

And Gosei Sentai Dairanger was only Sentai made.

Paradox The antaganist says:

hito ni kakurete aku o kiru! ninja sentai! kakuranger!

Shanta Laurie says:


VanBland says:

soooooooo with 555 he’s faiz and later it says wake up! so now he’s kiva? XD

TheSnake OfSkylands says:

I want that more than anything and I want to get the Japanese version because I don’t trust bandai America with phone like morphers…..

Nomolos31 says:


Ian Albright says:

gooooookai silver

Ian Albright says:

very helpfull review help with my new Gokai Cellular

xgame715 says:

Ok I’m having a problem with my Gokai Silver morpher. I can’t remember when I first tried it out that It said gokaiger when using Gokai silvers button. Now when I use it says something like kenshin poss. Not sure if I pressed a combination of buttons. I just want it to say gokaiger again. Thanks for any help.

CoMan77 Osorio says:

Gokaiger is my favorite Super Sentai what’s yours

ranjana bhandari says:
David Paltza says:

Comments say Bandai Asia has lower volume, as usual.  Do you know if everything else is the same or if it has fewer codes and what not?  Thanks for the review!

XTheVideoGamerGirlX says:

“GOOOOOKAIIIIIGERRRR?????” – is from the special when Gai and Marvelous gets fused into one where it becomes Gokai Silver and Gokai Red hybrid for that one episode.

Unofficial Cargo says:

Gokai Silver : Gokai HotDog Mode! Activate!

ryan gee says:

where did you get that

DannyTheSuperHeroExpert says:

then how can GokaiSliver transform into Black Knight from Gigaman??

Michael Pallan says:

889 880

BoomerUniverse says:

You missed car ranger

DannyTheSuperHeroExpert says:


Nancy Lo says:

I want the Mobirate, but I don’t want to use a lot of money. Should I buy the Gokai Cellular? I just want something to represent Gokaiger.

Joe S. says:

Frankly I think they should’ve just made the Legend Mobirate Gokai Silver’s device, cuz I wanna like the Gokai Cellular but I just can’t- it’s a giant noisy brick and it doesn’t really use the key gimmick unless you activate Gold Mode. Great idea, but poorly executed product…

Dresden Nova says:

Well, technically there was no sixth Abaranger either, they just shoved Killer on there anyway, and, by that token, GekiChopper should be on there but I guess they didn’t have room.

Xarvyn says:

No no no, Henshin mode is Kamen Rider. This is a Gokai Change. I am jk I don’t wanna be a troll.

Kathleen Villa says:

can I get one

tae mitchell says:

can you order me one

dFireCat productions says:

It’s anker mode you noob over than your miss word perfect review

AbisJussChillin says:

where is magna defender?

People Evil says:

Japanese version is better than the USA one

TitaniumTV says:

Theirs Red Blue Green Black Pink Yellow Gold Silver and White

Don't Forget says:

100 coment

TommyTheKing says:

i want the hotdog ranger

SillzDragun says:


Ray D says:

I hope they add the Titanium ranger on the shield when Super Megaforce starts airing.

soul scream says:

lol you can stick a hot dog in there and it will still do nothing LOL!

TechnoHajikelist says:

What happens if you put a non-extra Ranger in that morpher. Like say What if I put Gekiviolet or GoseiBlack in here, will it still make a sound?

Nguyen Huu Hung says:


The one and only HeXaDaast says:

+chanceller2 GoGoV (Go Go Five) Had only five rangers who were siblings. There was no 6th ranger for that team. The Titanium Ranger was added by Saban, even though GoGo V didn’t have a 6th ranger.


so why did they give Dragon Ranger it’s own “Key cut” and not the same as Zyuranger (I have both Mobirates types (Gokaiger & “Gobuster” sound one) and own the Gokai Robo playset (that looks like the cockpit of the Gokai-oh) ) and all of them say Zyuranger not Dragon Ranger

Adekunle Odunaiya says:

Toy are.good

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