Review: ASUS G752VS OC Edition GTX 1070 Laptop

Quick review of the new ASUS G752 OC Edition “laptop” now with an NVIDIA GTX 1070 inside. We take a look at how the G752 has improved over last year’s super popular model and what it’s like to actually use the 9.5lb silver beast. Check out the ASUS G752 VR-ready laptop here:
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Products in video:
ASUS G752VS OC Edition GTX 1070 Laptop:
ABS i7-6900k ASUS GTX 1080 VR PC:
HTC Vive:
ASUS Strix NVIDIA GTX 1070 Graphics Card:
ASUS ROG PG348Q Swift 34” G-Sync Monitor:
DX Racer Chair:
GIGABYTE Force K83 Keyboard:
Sennheiser HD600 Headphones:
KEF Egg Speakers:
Audioquest DragonFly Red DAC:
Roccat Mouse:
Blue Yeti Pro Microphone:

Created By: Josh Ray
Director of Photography/Editor: Joel Moody
Voice: Mike Ortiz

Disclaimer: Unlocked is an editorial publication and the opinions expressed here are those of the Unlocked writers and not those of Newegg or product manufacturers. Products are provided to Unlocked as review samples only, Unlocked does not keep the samples or receive payment for product reviews.

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Mr. Collins says:

According to ASUS, you can order this laptop, with either screen you want. It’s an option just like the memory and hard drives. (or SSD as it were.)

azazel haque says:

alienware 17 r4 is better

Murtaza Nazham says:

Good review. Please review the new Asus G701 VI OC Edition with the Kaby Lake processor. Thank you.

Wolf_Z says:

cool laptop no doubt about it ,but its so expensive.
if this was more like a $1200/$1500 laptop i bet ya that millions of ppl would buy this

Redwan Hasan says:

Isn’t MSI offering a 1070SLI at 3000$?

Constantine Trofimov says:

I think it’s time to say goodbye my MacBook Pro 2013

Yu Studios says:

Hey! I was hoping somebody could help me with choosing a laptop.

I don’t care for battery life or portability. I was wondering what would be the best laptop with desktop grade graphics and good cooling for under $2000. I’m looking to always plug in for keyboard/mouse/monitor when I’m at home and use an external mouse when I’m on-the-go. I only need the portability because I will be travelling from time to time to meet clients to show work and work on projects when I’m travelling.

Tarukai Samurai says:


Tim Custer says:

I have this laptop it is a beast

Romanian Vampire says:


Bones0nFire says:

They need to stop putting the ports on the right side.

justin beamon says:

So it’s the exact same screen as my G751 with 980m. cmon now. I would at least expect a 1440p display with that 1070.

Infinite Knowledge says:

Getting it in 2 weeks!

Mr. Collins says:

Here is a question for you to think about, “Is there any laptop that gets more than 3 hours runtime browsing the internet?”


So huge laptop……wow

toocoolforu says:

WHY the eff is there a DVD drive ??? It’s 2016, hello ?!

Hazzell Mejia says:

I need advise please… How would this laptop perform for rendering with revit and 3D Max or for simulations with Green Building Studio?

BReal23 says:

I feel poor just watching this video. 🙁

Shadow 144 says:

standar hd xD so its 1280 / 720 lul

Mrskyly says:

this laptop is a great replica of a standard pc. but expensive and a stay home gaming rig. 3 hrs of internet and ull die. great work asus.

supesdupes says:

Hey so i’ve made a parts list and i was wondering how my build stacks up. My budget is about $1000. Here’s what I have so far:
Any help or suggestions would be fantastic.
Thank you!

Lahoot Suhaili says:

is it up gradable to gtx 1080

firdaus elamien says:

This does not make any sense

NOSfusion says:

Whoever edited this video needs a raise.

Sang Nguyen says:

For 3k you can build a decent desktop, buy a decent laptop, and spend the rest of money for upgrade on that fancy monitor …. Not worth it IMO

Romanian Vampire says:

First comment

ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ says:

That bezel is disgusting.

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