Review: A Week With the Apple Watch

April 8 — The Apple Watch is a huge new release for the company. Bloomberg’s Josh Topolsky spent a week with the new watch and can tell you if it’s worth your money. (Video by: Zach Goldstein, Ryo Ikegami, David Yim)

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ansh singh says:


Karan Nagrani says:

what is its cost

Jenna Hahn says:

I think the apple watch is a waste of money

smashthecraft says:

Guys please tell me what to get:
1.Apple Watch series one or two
4.Ps4 pro or ps4 or Xbox one or Xbox one s (NO FANBOYS)

manash rauta says:

hi get a apple watch at no cost learn how here:

Emily Velazquez says:

Now I want one!!

jarome Brown says:

Awesome video very helpfull and nice explanations and visual.

KoLMiW says:

Can I get VAC banned for this?

Krum Kasabov says:

straight away looks like a payed review

Furqan Adil says:


Jeff Goldblum says:

Someone tell me what dumbass from apple puts the sos button right under the off button cuz I just called the cops on myself. That is just looking for trouble. What if a child accidentally swiped. Obviously scared would not answer and hang up which would cause the police to break down your door. Someone needs to fix this

Xtreme 565 says:

The next apple invention… THE APPLE PIE!!!

memygamerside says:

Remind me agian, Bloomberg is the NYC mayor company?

neaumusic says:

it’s making me very productive and healthy, just takes a while to get used to the controls and apps

Egon Videos says:

its work with BLOUTOOTH?

Remelyn Estillore says:

just wow

Alexander Sanchez says:

This was the first video I watched when I searched Apple Watch because I wanted a thorough opinion/analysis on this product. Exactly what I needed thank you!!!!

kaws says:

just bought the casio data bank watch. the og smart watch

Archie Russell says:

Name east initiate llcisuq substantial separate late breathe conclude

Aron Sandstrom says:

Work give happiness circumstance bare announce island fade no society.

Syed Taimur Shah says:

Great review. Omega seamaster planet ocean it is then.

pepe lei says:

Wait, how can you message or go on youtube if you have no internet on the watch? HOW can you use it if it has no internet when you are outside?

Nukala Koshal Ram says:

can we paly games

ansh singh says:

Any marks on you screw

Aron Parke says:

its shit kills your iphone batt

Z-Man Overstreet says:

old guy:back in my day watches where used to tell time and clocks where round with lines

le bin28 says:

DAMMIT!!!! i lost my apple watch!!! its true!!!

starwars1744 says:

Because we need our phones on our wrists. Next is on our face and then in our brains.

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