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In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I review a small micro brand watch by the name of Reverie Sea Spirit. The Reverie Sea Spirit come in both black and blue dials with a beautiful guilloche pattern. They are limited editions of 125 pieces each. I get my hands on the fantastic blue dial edition. While not perfect it certainly is a watch full of personality.

41MM Case
100M water resistant
Miyota Movement
Made in Singapore



Reverie Website:

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arthur mcphee says:

Nice review Federico. For a brand wanting to impress, i’m amazed at the quality control issues you as a youtube reviewer have encountered namely of the personalised fingerprint and the poor date window finish are an indication that for a “limited edition” watch is less than impressive. The words try harder come to mind in issuing a watch to limited edition customers. Buyer beware.

Bren Mo says:

Great video , great transparency! I love supporting smaller brands. As Hodinkee has recently stated ” everyone has to start somewhere” keep it up Frederico !

Roberto Sans says:

Hello and thank you for the review. It is an interesting watch but for the money i would buy other pieces like the Seiko SARB035 or a Hamilton khaki. Love your approach and enjoy your videos, please keep them coming!

император Сэм says:

Federico did you receive my email?
– OT: Great video

TimeToGo Travel And Timepieces says:

Love the dial and the offset seconds subdial. Thanks for the vid:)

TD roadster says:

An ugly watch.

Ben Hughes says:

Great review. If they had a no-date option I’d seriously have considered one.

Martin L says:

Can you make a review of Rolex Oysterquartz

Chris_Audittr2108 says:

Seen these on the Gentry Facebook group. Love the dial!

Sir Alfred Powell says:

If this had a handwinding Unitas or asian equivalent I’d buy 10 of them.

pennfootball71 says:

not my cup of tea

Lee says:

i like the design of the watch, love the off set sub seconds hand (reminds of a Patek 5000J), but i think that it looks better without a date window.

Claus-L. Müller says:

Hi Federico,
I really love the dial of this watch. But that’s it. The off-set second hand on the same side of the date window isn’t the best choice when it comes to symmetry. I would like to see the small second hand on the left side, between 7 and 8 and the date window at 4. The fully mirror polished and very high case isn’t my cup of tea. I would like to see a nice satin case with a polished bezel area. And as a more dressier watch it shouldn’t have such a high case. What is it? 15 millimeter?
But it was nice to learn about a micro brand that otherwise would never got in my view.
Best regards,

gc pz says:

are you selling it?

Cedar Canoe says:

I really valued your honest review. And also wondering that you didn’t refer to Panerai regarding the case shape. This watch is great value for money. There was a small issue with the sound, once back in the studio. Very well done Federico.

Eduardo Pascual says:

Nice review. The watch has a look of a blend of a Panerai case with an Ulysse Nardin diver dial.

Lycosa says:

Yeah go buy fast 😀 take a look. Only some left. damn the dial is beautiful and the case :O!!!!! reverieahhh reverieee… woah. Reminds me of patek philippe :p

Eduardo Pascual says:

Great video. The Reverie models looks like a blend of a Panerai with a Cartier dial.

fredo1070 says:

It looks a natural on the wrist.

substrate001 says:

Love your channel and subbed a bit ago… Honest question: given the price of this and your vast knowlege of watches (I liked your vid with TGV and Mark; probably getting a couple pieces from Mark, after finding out his story in that video and emailing him, btw) – in fairness, could you recommend one or two other watches that are similar to this in the same general price/quality range? Thanks for the vids, and keep up the good natured yet honest reviews!!!

Matt Owens says:

Thanks for the video Federico. I really enjoy hearing about smaller brands and see what else is out there besides the big players. That dial is very pretty. Keep up the good work, congrats I see your almost at 7,000 subscribers.

StefL says:

Hello Federico, i’m a proud Owner of The seaspirit Blue dial too. And I’m very satisfied about this piece. Don’t You feel there is something Panerai-eske with The case? As I have a small wrist like TGV it makes really The job. The Owner is very Nice And helpfull. The fact that We have One of The first And small limited production makes me feel We made a very interresting deal. Cheers And long Life to the Channel.

officialpartychannel says:

Good review, thanks.

Tomasina Covell says:

For the high price-tag they should have used the newer Miyota cal.9015 instead of the non-hacking, and less efficient automatic winding cal.8200 series. I don’t like the font style of printing and the rail tracks, or the hands, it’s all too ad-lib, at least with that dial pattern. But come to think of it… maybe the Miyota cal.9015 would be a waste in that watch, even a DG13 would be. It’s a foolish piece, “Sea-Spirit” where do they get that its got the “Sea-Spirit”?

Steel Arts says:

A gorgeous watch for the price ! and pretty unique considering there are so few made.

Pete says:

That looks like decent value for money, a very attractive watch. Cheers Federico

Mark Flower says:

love the dial!

Mandy Lennie says:

Federico have you received your new watch from Hong Kong yet..?? Looking forward to the unboxing..!! Rich Lennie. (ufologist) Also well done, you have reached 7,000 subscribers..!

Richard Erwood says:

Had to order this watch. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Thanks Federico!

Alex Sibley says:

Do you still have this watch or did you sell it?

John says:

That dial!!

Mr. Wolf says:

agree with everything you said, esp. re. the hands. i do like the case shape. reminds me to suggest an omega bullhead review. i.e. do you think those still left are a good investment?

Joe Loveridge says:

Keep the videos coming! Love them, very informative and I value your wisdom!What do you think of the Tudor Monarch quartz?

SamJS says:

plz make a 39mm version 🙂 thank you

Dave S. says:

That Reverie is a very nice Watch; Fair review with Frederico though. The see-through Caseback and the very reliable movement complements a nice watch. I couldn’t quite see if the hour-markers were raised or the minute dial details but i’m going to their website after this. Nice review!

K.D.P. Ross says:

Those dials *are* beautiful … Agree about the date wheel / aperture (maybe some nicer bevelling?); thinner hands (maybe something Laurent Ferrierish?) would fit the ‘personality’ better for me. Congrat’s on hitting 7k sub’s! Fun to see you doing a lower-end micro-brand piece!

Philip Allen says:

beautiful dial and case

Pedro Dias says:

Such a beautiful dial completely ruined by the hands IMO, it is a shame. I would consider buying one but with a more subtle/refined hands that suited the dial more. Great and imparcial review Frederico. Congrats

Arthur Scargill says:

Appreciate the transparency in explaining how you ended up with a watch to review.

sid M says:

Beautiful watch indeed !!

Mike Braykovich says:

Federico, very good review. I would prefer no date option on this watch. Good size, really nice dial. Love crown. Love high polish. I actually like hands. I don’t care about lume. As always “like” for your video.

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