RCA 10 Viking Pro Review/Unboxing (Best Cheap Good Andriod Tablet)

A very good tablet for the price. Hope you liked the review!

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push on says:

Just purchased for $79 from Wal-Mart’s Black Friday online deal at 3 AM. Took awhile to purchase because of heavy online traffic. Wife will be surprised.

Parker Finnegan says:

Hey you guys

John Rudy says:

you didn’t mention anything about the sound or volume of sound which is very important!!!

TheCuttingPick Gaming says:

I’m watching it on a Viking pro 10 ☺

The Backwoods Dude says:

The review u just did that tablet is not new it’s all scratched

KawaiiAsh says:


Shanna Rohrbaugh says:

i need help ive had it on the charger for 6 hours and all its been doing is flash the battery on and off. if i try turning it on it will flash the rca screen with the dog on it help! i want to use it asap

Itzel Garcia says:

hello I have a question I been having issues like it has been on a restoring screen and it won’t start wat can I do??

Brooklyn Clark says:

How do you tell if it’s done charging without turning it on? Dose the blue light stop flashing?

James Ronaldo says:

how much is that?

Parker Finnegan says:

Hey you guys

RSH _ISEEU says:

my camera don’t work
i get a black screen

Memphis10sound says:

how c how come when I detach from keyboard touch screen does not work do you have to enable tablet mode

pianolove16 says:

would this be a good cheap tablet to get for college?

Teen Gamer States says:

mine is an update and a bigger tab and bigger key board and it’s 149.99$

Heather Shaughency says:

love it

Karen Arlauskas says:

They can come in pink and purple I’m buying the purple one tomorrow

Dario Hall says:

It looks really thick.

Mason Dalbey says:

i got one for Christmas and I’m watching this video on one of those

Kelly M says:

now they are $99

LegacyMicro says:

This is by FAR the worst tablet I’ve ever owned. And for $130 it’s a rip off. Battery life 6 hours? Ya right… Try maybe 1.5hours… The touch screen work 50% of the time. The cameras are a joke. you can find a better camera on a kids toy. I messed around with it for a few weeks and returned it to walmart. Waste of time! The ONLY thing RCA got right on this tablet is the full size USB Port. (which is the reason I bought it in the first place. Seriously, take your 100 bucks and spend it on any other tablet than this one…

Supersayian Bardock says:

I’m getting one for $98 or $79

Myhalosgood says:

could I download Microsoft word on it?

OffBrand Bleach says:

Did This Man Just Say “Pazazz”?

Bruccade OWVG says:

“its actuallly really good because it has 4 core processors”.

….you dont know much about tech do you?

gdgfjejs jdjfjdjd says:

Thank you for the review. It helped a lot.

Buzz Bergamot says:

how long did it charge?

MargotHutter306 says:

Does it surf the web like a normal laptop?

ibnbad says:

I fave that tab let

Penguin Games says:

my dad got this new for 30$ so worth it

Jimmy James says:

view angles are horrible!

arkmo60 livin' says:

Dude- love the review but.. you’ve used the word- ACTUAL- twenty-two (22) times in four (4) minutes!

Yvan Ferrer says:

you can watch my video

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