Razer Blade Stealth (2016) Review – An Ultrabook for Gaming?

My review of the new Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook.

A comprehensive review covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad. With extensive gaming performance tests. Reviewed before launch of Razer Core.

Is the Razer Blade Stealth worth it? Is it a good gaming laptop? Does it over heat or throttle? What is the Razer Core? Watch and find out!

More info: http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-systems/razer-blade-stealth
Review unit: i7/8G/128GB/HD520 – US$999

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Mr SoulVault says:

but can it run overwatch?

Killito _ says:

Also can it run over watch?

User Ghost says:

Hi i need help , can ultrabook use for program ?

Peter Jacques says:

Do you mind if I ask what software you used to make your animations? They are really impressive!

PurpleRobloxExploits says:

Disappointing :/

DinoRexGamingHD says:

really 1000 dollars for shit specs with 900 pounds i can get an xmg with i7 7700hq 16gb of ddr4 ram 278gb ssd 1tb hard drive gtx 1050ti 4gb rgb keyboard

Bloxy Cola says:

What’s your race? I’m sorry if this offends you

Aravind Avid says:

dell xps 9350 or Razor Blade 12.5 base edition 8gb n 128gb !! which one to go ?


Lumino says:

Damn this laptop is old, do you still recommend getting it? Please reply

Chinchillo says:

Do you prefer the Razer Blade or the Alienware 13 R3 with everything in? 🙂

Da Boss plays roblox and more says:

its a hp stream size but alot better

TheOnlyHMR says:

I just need a laptop to do school work would this be a good buy ?

Windows Fan says:

Hey I Need Filli H2o.
Where Can I Download?

Muhammad Raza says:

hey I needed an advice which laptop would be better for adobe products plus programming…. and moreover if I want to gaming on that laptop….what would you suggest…..
I have options to chose from
macbook pro 2016
xps 13
Razer stealth
HP spectre

Chromee Cheeze says:

can i use this with the alienware graphic implifier?? can’t buy a razer core in my country

Wes Oshea says:

will this play call of duty the division doom nba fifa rainbow six siege battle front battlefield on really good frame per second for everyday use the razor blade

Melak Krimduz says:

only 8 GB of ram and it cant be upgraded. These computers are overpriced as fooooock. ROG – so much better value.

insertcleverphrasehere says:

Aluminium blackening compound (which is used by gun owners to fix scratches on aluminium guns) is great for any scratches of chips and is pretty cheap ($7 for a bottle).


JTundra says:

These are so overpriced lol

What Productoz says:

If this is “top of the line build quality”, why did the screws on the bottom panel completely fall of because of how hot this thing got from *web browsing* ? Honestly, I’m sick of razer’s shitty overpriced products that break instantly. My razer kraken usb’s bent on the side from only about 2 months of use and now i have to push the headphones so far up (so that the crack is not exposed) that they barely fit on my head.

Ryan Le says:

how would you rate the razer blade stealth as a video editing laptop?

Killito _ says:

Can it run club penguin?

petden0 says:

Would be nice if it wasn’t a touch screen.

alexander quark says:

can play DotA 2 ?

Christopher Bonte says:

This may be a stupid question, but how do I power the Laptop while theres a Razer Core connected? Does the Core then Supply the AC for the Laptop?

Quimich Bravo says:

Dave you’re great.

Superman 06 says:

how much does it cost

Tim H. says:

hi, I was wondering if there was any way I could install software or maybe change the graphics card to be able to run games like The Division smoothly…? I got the 16GB RAM one with 248 GB memory. I tried playing The division on it but its so laggy its not in the slightest enjoyable…also I’m kind of a noob when it comes to specs and graphics cards…PLEASE HELP!!

Matt Jones says:


PERSONA 5 . Jude says:

Get a dam desktop PC

William Bedggood says:

I don’t know anything about laptops and I need one for school but I want a razer for gaming and it’s about the same price as a decent Mac. Can you get word and everything I need for school on this? And is it complicated at all to use?

Andy x says:

Dave, can you please do another review of this laptop, from the ultrabook/regular computer perspective. I am looking for an ultrabook for school and accidently found this. I love the black unibody aluminum and the keyboard color. I have done some research and it seems like this company is known for their high powered gaming laptops. I feel like this would be a good buy as an ultrabook. I am specifically looking at getting The New Razor Blade Stelth $900 model linked below. Dave or anyone else, please respond.


FeelTheBirdie says:

ddr3 wtf?

Sam Carson says:

I already have a proper gaming laptop that can run most games at 80-120 fps, so let’s say I need a less hardcore and more portable laptop for school use. A cheap one , of course. Maybe run some cs go on it from time to time, but mostly for note taking and programming. Would this be a suitable buy? A thousand bucks seems reasonable coming out of my own pocket. if not, any other ultrabook recommendations?

Ambitionisreal says:

That’s my dream laptop

Kado Huang says:

Hey i have a question can u charge the dell xps 13 2016 with the razer blade stealth thunderbolt 3 charger? Thanks

Gaen Kok says:


Ross Porteous says:

Is this touchscreen?

Kamla Kohli says:

hi Dave, I wanted to check with you as I have heard that this has 16 GB RAM.

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