Razer Blade Pro review – the ultimate gaming laptop

Razer Blade Pro review: Razer’s new 17.3-inch desktop replacement laptop is incredibly powerful but it’s not perfect.

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lgnfve says:

according to people who repair laptops, the guts of razer laptops are substandard. the parts razer uses are as cheap as they can get and build quality is hit or miss. google it.

mario soto says:

I kind of giggled when you said battery life and the MacBook Pro considering the battery on the new ones are not that great.

HTBLuVA says:

You are the first noticing the awful backlit keyboard. It’s flickering as f***.

paradoxiCk says:

its one of those laptops with no sense.
still awesome though

Willy bob says:

As a lefty it it’s a bit of a turn-off for me to have the track-pad on right side.

DidoCool says:

Nice videos on your channel bro, keep up the good work. Btw i also uploaded new videos on my channel… 😀

exklim says:

he said long and hard

thelichisdeath says:

that position on the track pad… it’s genius!!!
how come laptop manufacturers did not thinking about it 10 years ago?!
it saves a lot awkward hands cross overs… and now i much more possible and use it (the laptop)without a mouse

that is the one thing i’m impressed, the machine is not worth it though…

Liam Manley says:

Don’t get it it’s awful. I’ve RMAd mine twice and ended up refunding it. The screen is garbage as it has gradient lines all over the screen and has some of the worst pixel response times I’ve ever seen. Everything has ghosting on it and applications and games all look like they are running on 45 fps with motion blur running too strongly. such a shame because the colors were fantastic. the thing also idles at somewhere around 60C and during basic web browsing can shoot up to almost 80C. That’s insane. That motherboard will fry under constant heavy load.

1-Step Fury says:

Also did you here the new razer blade 2017 that had the new kabylake and 4K screen for the 14in model??

Twinji Tech says:

Great review, thanks!

JooJoo Flop says:

that is the problem I’m facing at the moment too hehe razer lade pro is gtx titan 1080 or aorus v7 gtx 1080 that screen on razer though is stunning

ItsJakeVlogs says:

jealousy levels:8940983240974723872089746873687456382709879872098371209372908647856438756438756234753980274928103

ThatBulgarian says:

Nice review but I have a question… how are you getting this many review samples with just 1.6k subs?

Marlon Fortes says:

This would have been the best laptop to save up for but $3700 after seeing the actual specs on razer store is not even worth it.

mms medo says:

Anyone can help me ?
What is the best choice between :-
1) Acer XB321HK (32” ips G-sync )
2) Acer XB271HK (27” ips G-sync)
3) Asus PG27AQ (27” ips G-sync )

Absolutely NoOne says:

great review, as some ppl should have already told you you deserve much more views and visibility so plz keep doing these reviews! cheers from France

Guangyu Xu says:

This sounds much like a ad rather than a review.

1-Step Fury says:

,.. that’s not ips

Rain E says:

Great review man! But, do you think it will be worth buying at all? I suggested a guy to buy this laptop, but I am not sure if that was right or will that laptop ever last more than 3 years (all because of Razer’s bad quality)

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