Razer Blade Pro 17″ Gaming Laptop review.

Chad reviews the Razer Blade Pro 17″ Gaming Laptop.

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Xeno says:

NOOOO My Track pad buttons dont wor like that

Kelly says:

stop interrupting you fucking twat I want to hear the man speak about the product not your exclamations about how impressed you are that twitter is showing up when he presses the god damn twitter button you fucking geezer

Your average Joe says:

I don’t get u guys this is new tech and u say the second screen is bad ITS BRAND NEW WHAT DO U EXPECT

Trainguy1717 IRL says:

great computer exept no optical drive 🙁

Oviraptor says:

I’m left-handed and see no problems with a right-side mouse/trackpad. Am I missing something?

Thrash Metal says:

Wanna hear a joke?

Read More

-Recoilbear- says:

razorblade lmao

peter jones says:

I am unsure if i would ever believe anyone who has orange hair would be able to represent any consumer point of view.

Gabriel Porras says:

The laptop is just amazing, the best… The support the WORST!!!
If you have problems with your Razer Pro, as me that my battery get damaged, you simply can’t buy the battery.
You need to send the Razer Pro to his headquarters and wait they return again it.
If you get a simply cable damaged the same.
Don’t buy Razer products because if you have some problem you can’t buy the replacement part.
Take care!

Al Cardenas says:

Hggssfbeing the computer planes

cheeto of Unequivocal says:

Like the video but it’s a gaming laptop almost everyone is going to use a gaming mouse as a gaming computer it’s top notch maybe not so much for someone who is just going to browse facebook all day haha

CameronHallXD says:

yay OMGchad

Jaden Gitlow says:

that guy interrupting I swear to god

Heok Meng Chia says:

i dont like twit

Nathaniel Lough says:

Old guy will not let Red talk.

Reynald Bangcot says:

I think that I’m gonna stick with the EON17-SLX

Myanameis Beestingz says:

Did James Holmes get released from jail?

Moch Andy sugianto says:


cimeri hr says:


iborrada says:

37 seconds in “it’s got the Razor logo”

That’s when I stopped watching.

Paranoid Gamers says:


wakaphwap says:

ive got an idea….how about every one talk at once

Boozamn Boozamnin says:

A Macbook enthusiast rating a gaming PC on Macbook merits. I died a little inside. Speak away old man, it’s more informative than his fanboi remarks!

Ceira Guerin says:

My uncle works at razor he is the second boss so I have all the computers

anand kanekal says:

Firstly, this is the most annoying video I have ever seen in Youtube and secondly, I no more consider Razer as a gaming laptop from now.

Raphael Barninka says:

Is this laptop good for producing music in Fl Studio?

Ceira Guerin says:

This is my favourite computer out of all the ones

Elements Of The Earth says:


Awesome Legend says:

ya that laptop is gonna die young because its going to overheat lolz

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