Razer Blade Pro 17″ Gaming Laptop: Review

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http://www.razerzone.com/store/razer-blade-pro (Link to buy: RazerZone: $2499.99 as of 3/30/2015)- 256GB version – RZ09 01171E51
http://www.razerzone.com/synapse/ (Software download)

This video features the Razer Blade Pro 17″ Gaming Laptop! Check out the video for a closer look!

This laptop is encased in aluminum, with a stealthy black design, and a Razer logo that lights up when powered on.

Its main feature is the 4″ glass trackpad that doubles as a second display.
It uses Razer’s Switchblade UI to run apps and macros straight from the trackpad.

Here are the specs: Intel Core i7-4720HQ processor, Nvidia GTX 960M graphics, 16GB DDR3L RAM, 256GB SSD + 500GB HDD, Windows 8.1 64-bit, wireless a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0

It comes with an HDMI 1.4a port, 3x USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports, and a headphone/mic combo jack.
There’s a built-in 74Wh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery inside.

You get a 2MP HD webcam and mic array; it houses stereo speakers as well.
This laptop comes with a 17.3″ 1920×1080 matte display.

Alternate commands can be accessed via the Fn key and F keys, such as volume control, monitor output toggle, keyboard LED adjust, and more.

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JooJoo Flop says:

over price product waiting on newer gpus and for this to work with the razor core plus updated 4k pannel

altec00 says:

and then

Tito Nogueira says:

wish they made all razers Chroma RGB style (change all light colors)

Welbeloved Akulas says:

I was looking for the gtx 1080 version not the 9 series…This is a dino now!

Robert Presti says:

over priced, out dated garbage. Gotta love Razer, they’re just as bad as apple with old over priced hardware

damien bland says:

Nice review.

jimmyt1988 says:

“and on the back, it’s just a clean back side” hue hue hue

Amp says:

I can’t even find any laptop links on razers website i thought they might of stopped laptop production.

Just J says:

I totally hate that Razer took what was revered as one of the better Gaming systems and turned it into a multi media PC adding a track pod 4″ touch screen.

As many might like this idea that you can quick launch into Facebook ( I don’t) and do this on a separate 4″ screen, I find this to be going off the path of what Razer was all about in the first place…

If they wanted to design a multi media PC they should have just made a separate PC and left this out of the Blade gaming PC.

This PC may be considered a gaming PC but it’s not truly a gaming system anymore (my opinion)…

When I look at the earlier models with 15″ display, what made them appealing was they copied Mac”s solid state drives system and they had no fans same as Mac…They ran super quiet and very cool.

This particular PC has an air vent port, really, and why is this needed if this is suppose to be solid state PC.
If it’s actually a solid state drive than vents aren’t necessary….

Just maybe Razer Blade Pro aren’t solid state anymore probably due to adding the multi media bloat ware.

For $2700. this is an over priced PC considering there are better PC on the market for half the price….

Check out the MSI I7 which has 16GB 100% gaming systems for half the price and it’s a 4K picture processing and refine audio….

The MSI 17.3″ GE72 Apache Pro-003 Gaming Notebook is $1200

JannisDavidZwahlen Inc. says:

I love the razer blade’s… but there are no HDMI Inbuild plugs for the oculus… :'(

Marco Deen says:

great vid im sold

Binay Sangat says:

Documentation are for dustbin

Andrew Vinson says:

thanks for all laptop specific specs details

xYasuo OCE says:

For that price it better get me out of bronze

Robert Presti says:

mouse pad where your numbers keys should be? fucking morons.

De_AlphaGamer says:

Hi, really need help here im a student looking for a good laptop what im gonna be doig with the laptop is to do gaming & school work some of the games i would be playing are guild wars, smite, league or le legends, dota 2, & some first person shooter games for my school work i’d just simply use photoshopt, after effect, 4k video editing, & a lot of power points. So do u think the razer blade pro will be a good laptop for me to buy???

M.C Swaggers says:

For the optical drive you can buy on and connect it to the usb ports

Ssomer says:

Should I buy this for modded minecraft or should I get razer blade 14 or Alienware 15

Mac Amey says:

I really like this laptop, and you showing a review of it made me want to get it

Huntrawrr says:

What will it run gta v (max) at?

Zatharos says:

Lol this comment section is full of people who don’t know anything about laptops. This thing has a 960m but at its price point or size its not worth it at all. It should at least be a 970m to compensate for its size and price. Another overpriced Razer product…

Edan Barad says:

give it awayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael James says:

chick is cute!

MrToast 518 says:

How much is it?

stargolden warrior says:

Is the new razor blade better or not because I keep seeing good reviews on this one but bad ones for the new one


So you buy a new game and it comes on blue ray or many dvd’s how are you to install it on this laptop? like GTA 5?

Paulo Palma says:

is there a way to make the razer blade pro 1TB storage. because im planning to use it for a very long time. and i need to play a lot of games and also for work. such as GTA 5 , STORM 4, BO3, and the upcoming game, Tekken 7. thank you so much. loved the blackwidow

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