Ranger Key Series Gokai Cellular Review

Welcome to my review of the Ranger Key Series Gokai Celluar. This is the changer device that Gokai Silver uses to transform into the sixth or extra heroes, as well as activate his Gold mode. So is this change just as awesome as the Mobirates? More awesome than it? Let’s find out.

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DannyTheSuperHeroExpert says:

Counting AbrePink (Who Never Morphed but only showed up in gokaiger episode 29) AbreKiller counted as a 6 hero.

JulioToyReviews says:

Plz put the codes in the description. I’m planning on getting a Gokai celluar and need the codes.


it’s the worst changer of the Gokaiger’s I have it as well as the Mobilate and the legendary Mobilate both of them are a lot better then this one.

tae mitchell says:

000 and press robo knight will get you the megazord

Derek Itson says:

I need those codes to

Kaleb Tussing says:

hey dosmrider my gokai cellular came in the mail today

MysticEle says:

@GreggMays64 In essence yeah. Chopper’s abilties and mecha are varied enough, but it’s Toei’s call in the end.

박성규 says:


SaH Celerium says:

No u mode. LOL

Laila Cherkaoui says:

@exontonium my only guess is abarekiller has his own changer while chopper uses the same changer as the the other three or toei say F it and consider him as a 6th

Julian aah says:

are you fricking kidding me Super Megaforce was out in japan before it came out in the US

Julie Jaenisch says:

Egg greedy

Raul Toro says:

wait was the go on wings henshin where gai is half gold and half silver a nod to Kamen rider double?

Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

sentai otaku turns into a sentai hero for real…he is living our dreams 🙂

anti4kids2000 says:

You can kind of see that Toei just wanted to put limits on things such as sixth heroes and extra heroes and allies that help the team out. Kuro Kishi has been regarded as a sixth ranger, but is left out and for what, so the henshin device can fit sixth rangers faces on there. The reason for Ninjaman and Gunmajin being left out as ally helpers is merely because they wanted five. Same with why they had a female Shinken Red.

Clyde Cash says:

@ElectricTurahk Not all Sentai teams are going to be a five person team (JAKQ, Sun Vulcan, Liveman, Hurricanger, etc). They’re called 6th something because 98% of the time they’re going to be a five person team. At times, they will have some sort of senshi before the real sixth senshi like the Gouraigers, Dekamaster, Wolzard, etc. Abaranger is a three person team. Abareblack is like Dekamaster, and Abarekiller is their “sixth” warrior.

nightwing45304 says:

You get all the henshins with one key instead of needing more? Awsome.

lê Nhung says:


DerpyGamer 2.0 says:


Fuusuke Suzuno says:


anti4kids2000 says:

@MysticEle There isn’t a rule you know, it all depends on Toei and Bandai’s intentions. Not all sixth ranger mechas unite with the main team. Like V-Rex and Travelion.

anti4kids2000 says:

@gameboy6092 If Geki Violet should be on there, so should Abare Black. Or the Goraigers, the two Liveman who show up later, Go-On Green & Go-On Black, Big One.

bakusou bikers says:

all in one

Amanda Ziegler says:

weres titenim

Clyde Cash says:

@MysticEle Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t ShinkenGold behave like the rest of the team too? Though I place characters like GekiViolet, AbareBlack, DekaMaster, ect as Dwarf Sixth warriors.

Alex Tune says:

Just bought one used but it was missing the red arrow thing only 30.00 dollars how could I say no

Coeg Perek Koen says:

DECADE COMPLETE FORM LOOK LIKE GOKAI SILVER GOLD. I knew gokiager from Super hero taisen because i like kamen rider i wacthed the Super hero Taihen it was a funny fact.

mark camillus ramos says:
MysticEle says:

@GreggMays64 Yes in general. Though his weapon was different, as was his mecha(s), he was in essence a 6th Shinkenger. What makes him different (at least in my view) was how he used his Modikara. Rather then being able to manifest it himself (Genta sucks at Caligriphy), he’s capable of using technology to do it, which is why he’s regarded as a “genius” when it comes to using Modikara. Being to fix the Inomaru, creating Daigoyou, and making the Sushi Changer shows this.

CoMan77 Osorio says:

So apparently Gokai Silver has the ability to henshin into the 6th members of the Sentai

ChineseAsianDude says:

the only reason why abrekiller was a sixth ranger was because dragon ranger and timefire and abrekiller are all realted to dinosours thats why gokai silver has a dino mech

anti4kids2000 says:

Abare Killer was always a Sixth Ranger. Even way before Gokaiger showed its face, I knew Abare Killer was a Sixth Ranger. Hell, White Dino Ranger was a Sixth Ranger. Why was he grouped with Green Samurai Ranger and Omega Ranger?

Henshin Rider says:

I want this too, Gokai Silver is awesome!

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