Q&A Returns! Channel News & What Watch Brands To Review Next? + Luxury Zenith & Oris Unboxing!

In today’s episode I ask my audience some special questions, make a few announcements regarding the channel, and unbox two watches I have been dying to get my white gloved hands on for donkeys! Stay tuned for the full reviews of both the Oris Aquis (in green) and the Zenith. To post your Q&A requests, follow my Instagram here:

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Bernardo Courrege says:

3 months for me is great! I never get bored.

Marc Judge says:

Great vid,I’m fortunate to own a zenith el premero stratos blasford flyback also as my daily beater I use my oris aquis small second orange dial. Both are exceptional in own right. I deeply looked into buying an Omega planet ocean as my daily, but to be honest Oris is in my opinion so much better.

David Salchert says:

Love the state of the collection videos! Keep them coming frequently please.

Sam Kuang says:

Do ‘State of the Collection’ every 6 months.

He-Man says:

That Zenith looks incredible!

snorre follaug says:

Enjoyed this. Thanks. Red wine and an unboxing., epic.. 🙂

Patrick Gruszka says:

Can you do a review on the audemars piguet royal oak? Thinking about getting ine

munawar hussain says:

AND WE LOVE YOU FOR IT………………………for all the wonderful content.BYE.
ps the ORIS is sick…………………/

KingPatek / says:

What are your opinions on Chronograph Suisse watches?

Arthur Butcher says:

Hey TGV. Could you possible look into reviewing more Tag Heuer watches? They’re one of the major players in the mid-range market and it seems like that you’re avoiding them completely.

GTAYLOR1972 says:

I think 6 months or just doing them when the collection changes significantly from the last time you did a state of collection video.

Gerald Wood says:

I love that oris but the zenith had me speechless…

Gaudamear says:

Hi TGV could I ask what the music is you use in your intro?

Mike Mantho says:

Good stuff as always, appreciate the reviews and your perspective. I’ve learned a lot and have taken your advice on numerous purchases. Maybe every 4 months do a “state of the collection”? I’m interested.

Kavinsky Smith says:

I would say do the collection thing once every 3 months then, as you keep getting so many watches in and out, and I’m seriously wondering wheres the navi timer.

also I hate to say this but I think I may have found a seiko I like, a SKX173, as I tried one at a show this weekend that had been modded so it didnt even say seiko on it, and it surprised me with how good it seemed.

it had been modded with a beadblasted case, and GMT hours on it

although I think I’ll want to change the dial so it doesnt say seiko either, as I think I just flat out dont like the name more than anything else. as you said it ment something like grace or something, and I think it strikes me like an NSX really


 where they changed the name of the maker from Honda to Acura just because they thought someone wouldnt pay top dollar for a honda in america. and while I dont think that is true with the NSX, as Honda has a history of making cool cars like that.

like the S600


I think its certainly true for seiko

like I’d prefer to see orient on the dial far more than seiko as seiko always seems like kinda a cheap watch maker in alot of ways, alot of bang for your buck yes, but cheap nontheless.

Martijn Groot says:

Your collection seems to change so much, I’d love to see what your current collection looks like! 3 months sounds great, and as you probably know the collection vids get a lot of views!
I have 12 watches in daily rotation. 8 of those I’ve had for more than a year and I don’t see myself selling those any time soon. The 4 other ones are ones that I intend to flip at some point to fund something else… I’m partly settled 😉

Keep up the good work TGV!

odeddie says:

I really enjoy your videos, and the FB group is just the best, thank you for all your efforts It’s really appreciated


Excellent Video TGV, much appreciated, especially now your working and doing the channel!! Love the Oris, I really want the blue dial one!! Have to say your Moonphase Oris looks just as nice as the Zenith.. I think every three months state of the collection would be splendid.. I’m interested in what you’ve let go recently.. Anyway Sir all the best. BMJ ENGLAND.

Hussein Afzal says:

Just to say. Great videos. I love watching them. I have learnt a lot from you in regards to watches. Got the Orient ray ii as my first automatic watch. Going to buy the sarb033 next. Open to quartzes like the sna411 or the nighthawk. But until your channel I thought the only watches worth their weight were the luxury Swiss ones.

The lower end is so much fun!!! Under £1000 is what I’m willing to pay. You’ve shown that you don’t need to be minted to enjoy watches!!

Big hello from London!!

Diego Maraffio says:

Ciao Tristano! SOTC: every six months is too little, quarterly is too much…why don’t do it every 4 months? IMHO. ciao Diego

Raymond Malone says:

Yes to the 3 monthly sotc videos, keep up great work

Vigi Driver says:

I love Ken Onions Knives; high quality at a nice price. OK, now I need that green Oris Aquis. My wife says Thank-you Mr. Gentry. I think she was being a bit sarcastic. Oh, well at least I’ll take it as a sign of approval.

Vassilis Petropoulos says:

I believe every 3 months a state of the collection video would be very interesting! 🙂

HealthyGamer says:

Love you Vids, keep up the good work! Wanted to ask what do you think about SevenFriday watches, was thinking of picking one up and would love to know your views on it, thanks.

aars andijvie says:

I really like your collection updates. A lot happens to a collection in a few months.

richard leeke says:

Wow that Zenith is stunning!

Vipin K says:

don’t believe tgv guys, he is not a rookie !! he is too modest 🙂

Gerald Wood says:

thanks for the video…always a pleasure

hellotabasco says:

Can’t wait for the zenith review 🙂 keep the good work, cheers!!!

Gorgeous George says:

The Guv’nor LoL

Mikey Rupert says:

You deal watches frequently enough that if you did state of the collection every 6 months, some may come and go and not even make a SOTC video! haha. I love the state of the collection videos, I understand your hesitation to do them so frequently, but there is no way I am the only one who feels like a child receiving a package in the mail when I get a notification from the channel that there is a state of the collection video! I love the videos, and I also loved how you are starting to show pictures, and talk about every watch that went, and every watch that came in since the last state of the collection. the more the merrier. Keep it up TGV

Mario Pierre says:

Drooling… The G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) being strong in me, I should not watch your channel. (My wife would concur) +theurbangentry The Zenith is some piece. I know close to nothing about watches but I recognize beauty when I see it. Slowly creating a collection…

ME C says:

Trying to decide between a Marathon GSAR or Oris Aquis or maybe the Tag Formula One Cal. 5. Thoughts??

Chris Martin says:

Would be a big fan of the quarterly watch collection vidoes, you obviously dont need to go into detail on every watch over and over again, but maybe just state why you sold/brought new watches , its always nice to see someone enjoying and talking about their new purchases.

carlsonx says:

I for one, really enjoy your “state of the collection” videos. Please, keep them coming!
Best regards,

Germán Muñoz Carbajal says:

Please review the Archimede Pilot 45 HandWound . LS

Ralph antony says:

Ilove red no the watchs

SmokeRingsPipeDreams says:

The Oris Aquis is beautiful, and looks great on your wrist, you can wear that watch!

Avesta Hojabrzadeh says:

Well said about brands and introductory brands ie Seiko. We all know about the Rolex, Patek, AP, Hublot, Omega, Panerai, JLC and Constantine. Thanks TGV

jorge hernandez says:

how about doing a sotc every 4 months?

Peter D says:

Beautiful Zenith, usually available at (relative) bargain prices too.

Marc Judge says:

zenith watches are extremely well made individual and classy classic. Certainly more “bang per Buck” as they say. So overlooked and we’ll worth a investment in Time and money.

BhBraaq says:

TGV, I really enjoy your videos. I found it a few months back and now I watch every one. I come home and work while listening to these videos. You’ve really expanded my watch knowledge and helped me diversify my collection. Keep up the great work, you have great taste in more then just watches and I hope your channel continues to grow.

Mike Chan says:

The Zenith is beautiful. Can’t wait for the review of that.

Marios Pxls says:

I want to buy a Seiko SNDA57 or SNDA27P1 but Seiko stopped selling those in my country so i have to buy it from amazon.
Can you tell me what’s the exact case diameter if you know? I’ve seen 42-44 mm and 41mm in different sites without the crown.
Please someone help.

john g says:

it’s deployant  – not deployment – from the French

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