Pyle Bluetooth Transmitter Review – Wirelessly transmit music and audio from any device PBTR20

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This is a great little device to very easily transmit audio from a non-bluetooth audio device to a wireless speaker system. I tested this with several wireless headphones, a wireless speaker, and two different cars. Each device paired up quickly and effortlessly, including those devices that didn’t not have a screen to guide the pairing process.

Usage is very simple – plug an analog audio device into the 1/8″ stereo jack, turn on the transmitter, and whatever the audio device pumps out will be converted to Bluetooth audio and sent over the air. Range is decent and the sound quality is excellent. Pyle includes both a 1/8″ cable and an RCA Y cable to for use with devices that only have those red and white output RCA output ports.

The device has an onboard battery which is charged via a mini-USB plug and an included charging cable. It will run for several hours off the fully charged battery or can run forever if it has a USB power source.

While it works great for audio it is not a good device for watching videos with. Due to audio processing delays the audio runs out of sync with the video. I was hoping to use this as a way to wirelessly transmit audio from my television to a pair of bluetooth headphones but I do not recommend it for that use given the sync delays.

DISCLOSURE: Pyle sent me this product to review.


komali100 says:

Please let me know. Can the Pyle PBTR20 transmit to multiple bluetooth devices at once?

TekReviews says:

So this would work sending audio from my bedroom tv to a pair of Bluetooth headphones and not disturb my neighbors at night time. If so, this is the only product I have seen that does what I want.

1980sCoverband says:

About how far will the transmitter Transmit?

Weizenale silver says:

I just got this and hooked up through my dvr and had no lag at all. haven’t played a dvd yet but watching tv i’m very happy so far

TekReviews says:

There is another BT that is a tx and rx its from a company called Avantree. The Avantree Saturn. You can use two, turn one on as a transmitter and other as receiver. Hold down both at the same time and they pair with each other. Sposed to work great for tvs, but I have not heard if that is true. Will try to find one for sale in the USA, I believe it is a Chinese product sold in the UK. They claim it works great for watching tv and using any headset, etc on the other end.

eulo melo says:

Thumbs up for Snatcher soundtrack at 1:43!

TekReviews says:

There is another company called TaoTronics that also makes a Bluetooth Transmitter, if you can get one and see if it has no lag so I could watch tv at night and use headphones to listen to a movie.

ricky stewart says:


Weizenale silver says:

well i need it for tv so i hope lag isn’t to bad.. but i got it and bt headphones for $23 can’t complain

vsybc1014 says:

Does it work in the other direction?  Could I connect the dongle to some cheap computer speakers, and pair it via bluetooth to my iPhone?

Drew Shapiro says:

this would be dope for my record player to bluebooth soundbar 🙂

MtnXfreeride says:

what product could send audio lag free?

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