Powerful Sound On Your Desktop With Bluetooth – Logitech Z337

Get your Logitech Z337’s today:
Amazon (US): http://amzn.to/2BtMbV1

Unboxing some Logitech Wireless 2.1 speakers for your desktop. These are some great desktop speakers at a decent price. Great audio quality, with great bass, and connectivity. Not only can you use this for your computer you can pair your smart phone, Tablet, or other Bluetooth device to it. Let us know what you think of these speakers, or if you already has them. We love hearing from you guys.

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Robert B says:

Will it play the audio from both sources at the same time? or does it pause the original device?

Antonio Santana says:

This channel deserves more subscribers, there must be a way…

Daniel says:

Do you have to plug the satellites into anything other than the wall?

mattycastaway says:

how far can you move the speakers apart? i can never find this info

Hristo Bivolev says:

How ’bout some original ideas?

plutoguerra says:

my desktop computer has bluetooth , can i connect it with this speakers? im just trying to eliminate extra cables.

Afnan Studio says:

Budget unbox therapy

Kareivux K says:

hmmm, the sound sounds suspiciously similar to my stereo

leonard louie says:

ur nailsss

Nidhal25 says:

Hmmmm now who does the channel name and way of filming remind me of…

Williamtheturtle says:

Great review

Ashley Jay Tanna says:

Good review

Mr. J Random says:

Your channel would grow faster if you were more original. Just saying..

Aarron Offer says:

the sub is realy good for the money if u have adobie acess

Eda Wide says:

Does it have bass and treble control?

Battlefield Fan says:

really cool

vape nation says:

I hate you

Isaak Dangerfield says:

had my head bopping like you hahah. subbed. nice review!

New LOOP says:

Z333 or creative A255 or Philips 2550f?? Bass and sounds

Ultra Rides says:

Creative Kratos s3 are better

Professor Phil 1 says:

Mine are great, I have them in my room against the back wall and i cam hear them throughout the entire house

M-Rated Studios says:

Your thumbnails are well made but very ugly. Not attractive at all. I’d review the colors and fonts used. They don’t all have to match.

Quad4Nation says:

Great Video man, you actually tested every single thing I wanted to know. Thumbs up!

Jheisson Gaona says:

Rock song?

Edgar Mali says:

Which is better Edifier XM6BT or this one?

I find this to be interesting Jarp, jurp jup jup says:

I don’t know why they advertise 80 watts. Since its only 40 watt RMS if you had to run it at 80 watts for longer than a minute it would trash the speakers.

Walker Ken says:

Nice Review! @@

Pawel Stryjecki says:

Hi 🙂 It is nice presentation. And let me know – what is the sound/song which you present ? The first one (that bass!)

ShadowSlayer says:

Sorry what was the first song that you played it was sick???

Rich Homeless says:

Nice review man,your channel will grow very fast as hell

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