POLAR V800 vs. M400 | REVIEW | Best GPS Watch

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POLAR M400 review and POLAR V800 review – These are GPS watches and legit fitness trackers. Both are great devices and will cover the needs of most people, but which should you buy?

Well…both are activity trackers and GPS watches and therefore track your steps, calories burned, distance, and sleep. They also pair with Bluetooth 4.0 sensors including stride sensors and heart rate monitors.

The V800 does add multi-sport features and phone notifications as well as a few other things. The M400, however, is cheaper, more low profile, and has the better screen.

Here are some other details you’ll want to know about both the M400 and V800:
_Water rating: 30m
_Data transfer: Bluetooth 4.0 & USB
_Battery life: 5-7 days
_Activity tracking: Yes. Steps, calories, distance, sleep
_External sensors: Bluetooth sensors. Heart rate monitors, stride sensors/footpods, and cycling sensors (V800 only)
_Companion app: Yes. Android, iOS, web
_Create sport profiles: Yes, online
_Multi-sport: V800 only

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Mon P. says:

I’ve had the V800 for over a year. I love it! I got the stride sensor this week, I’ve yet to try it, but I’m looking forward to tracking my treadmill running. I had no clue it has phone notifications, thanks for that info!

Jay Malguitou says:

buy V800. I have the M400, I have had nothing but trouble since I bought it. The M400 did not supply me with a reading for my sleep, irritated my skin. itkeeps crashing and does not easily lock to my phone. You need to update your information because if you use the latest software the M400 does it all not correctly but it does some of it. The M400 can now do all the traitlon stuff and support the notification as well with latest upgrade

Atanas Trifonov says:

Is it possible on V800 to have Duathlon mode same like this one for Triathlon?

Pascal Pellerin says:

Great video, thank you. I wanted to know how it does for crossfit. You show that the V800 has a crossfit mode, does the M400 has one too? Thanks !

Aldin Ibrahimovic says:

can the 400 read your heart rate in the water with the polar h7 strap?

Peter Schwandes says:

I have buy the polar rc3 gps
Hope its good

Fernando Fonseca says:

Hi there!! Is the M400 show route, Max Speed, Average Speed, total distance, total time? Thank you. Fernando

shadowwarrior350 says:

thx alot man i gonna get v800
you got subscriber !!!! ill keep your vids in my mind when gonna buy something

KDbikes8 says:

do you know anything about the soleus 1.0 cross country running watch

Adam Hodges says:

Just the info I needed.  Thanks so much!  Great video and comparison!


Hey guys! If you decide you want to buy either of these devices, please consider purchasing through my good friends at CleverTraining.com. They really help support me and I could not do what I do without them (AND YOU). Thanks so much! Here’s the link: http://goo.gl/6wcnsG

If you don’t want to go with them, that’s totally fine as well. Please just keep watching 🙂

Daniel Jones says:

I have to speak up for the M400 here as it has served me really well as a regular runner and cyclist without any noticeable problems, here in the UK you can buy an M400 for approx £80 whereas the V800 sells for over £300, this is a much larger price difference than in the US which is annoying as obviously i would have preferred the V800 over the m400, however just wanted to say good job on the videos man keep them up!

Merhi Hamad says:

does the m400 track cycling??

Steffen Müller says:

As told in other comments, the M400 supports stride sensors now, and notifications. But one thing that you have not told in the video is, that the V800 has a barometric height sensor. That is really useful if you run at a lake over a bridge or sth. .

Chef and Steward says:

@RizKnows just discovered you and subscribing. Much love from Dubai. Based on this and your other review comparing the VivoActive with the M400, I will go ahead and purchase the M400. One thing though. Does the M400 give movement alerts and does it track sleep and heart rate without the chest strap?

John Michael says:

how can I get the heart rate feature swimming with the Polar M400. I need it to track my heart rate as I swim.

joe doe says:

How accurate is the cycling gps?

S.P.K SR. says:

Does the M400 have a strength training option… the running/walking is is great.. but I am coming from an Polar FT80 and I really used the strength training ( weights i.e bench , situps etc.)

Christian Daniel Zagal says:

thx great video!

quito2382 says:

I do alot of obstacle course racing. Tough Mudder, Spartan, Battle Frog, etc.
So the amount of time spent under water is brief. Will the M400 suffice with that type of activity?

Maurice Altena says:

Thanks for this video. greetings from Amsterdam

Chandramouli Raghunath says:

@rizknows can you review the polar m200 please? TIA

The God Effect says:

It wasn’t clear: so, does the M400 measure lap times, distance swimming, pool and open water? Thanks

mesmerizedby tommyx says:

Thanks for all these videos! During my search for a GPS-Watch, I found your Top 5 and comparison videos very helpful and informative! I just ordered the M400, I’m sure that it will fit my needs!

H Shanan says:

One thing I like about the V800 is understanding training load and when your able to train again. Can’t really afford the V800 so can I get the same information from the M400 when I sync it to the app and Web service?

Oleg S. says:

Please, tell what do you think about smartwatch3 + endomondo, thanks.

Elijah Oquendo says:

Thank you very much

esterofilo says:

Hi Jeff, what is your go to fitness watch? The watch you presently wear for most of your activities and daily logs. Thanks!

Collin Williams says:

hey man, I love under armour and was thinking about getting their UA Band. Now I like the m400. i don’t know what to get.

Vadim Odintcov says:


S.P.K SR. says:

It looks like the v800 has a sapphire crystal instead of the plastic screen the m400 has

Link ToMe says:

Riz, any idea when Polar’s new smart/gps/exercise watch (post m400/v800) is going to come out? They have to have something coming out to compete with the Fenix3. Any idea??

RichUK1980 says:

Thanks for the video…. Your video convinced me to get to V800 over the Apple watch. It’s in the post so I can’t wait to test it out when it arrives

Bob De Walsche says:

You know if you can synchronize your V800 with a computer or only Ipad and smartphone

Carrie Labani says:

Can you recommend a watch for triathlons that fit a small wrist? My wrist is 5 inches around.

Jakub Onyśk says:

How many phases(not repeats, just different tasks, exercise etc.) can I set in Polar V800 phased target? Is there any limit as it is in Polar M400(20)?

Gerry Law says:

Excellent. Clear and very useful.

jacopersonaje says:

Hi Jeff, excellent review.
Which watch would you recommend for a person who will only use it during training sessions, including cycling (MTB) tennis and functional training ?
thanks in advance

alebidogas says:

hi! is it possibe to get (download) raw HRV data from any of these polar devices?

T.L B says:

I wish Polar would allow us to turn the activity tracker off. It drains the M400 battery terribly, even when the watch is in a drawer not being used! I don’t use this ‘faddy’ feature at all. I need my gps watch to be used as a serious training tool and nothing else (Running and cycling). It’s a real issue for me after 6 months using the watch.

Orpaz Chen says:

can you take a look and give us your advice for the rs800 vs v800 ?

Liam Reynolds says:

M400 Does show iOS Notifications. has done since last April I think.

papo papo says:

Where is the gps mapping?

Luft Atmer says:

the polar rcx5 multi gps seems to be a very nice device
but you dont really find any reviews to it :/
could you make a video on that gear? 🙂

Liz Nuñez says:

Why can’t synchronize my favorites on my M4800?

delisaster d says:

Tnx. 😉

Adam Couchman says:

The simplest way to compare is to say the M400 is a running watch. The V800 is a triathlon watch. I got the M400 because I wanted a running watch. It’s perfect if that’s your main sport. If you’re a triathlete go for the V800.

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