Pixel C review

Google has made a tablet for the first time, the Pixel C. It has beautiful hardware and a clever little keyboard, but can Android keep up with this vision for the future of computing?

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YoutubeCommenterJX says:

Wow! A review that didn’t wholly compare this tablet to an Apple product. I’m amazed. It was actually quite well balanced and unbiased (for once). Excellent review and some valid points.

b brady says:

this looks so much more enticing with the Remix OS installed… I mean seriously it’s amazing….

sam madison says:

So google fixed all the main launch issues, now provides multi-window capability with Android N, and also chopped the price to about $375? OK! Getting it Thurs!

Xin Jiang says:

Super beautiful hardware outside, but poor software inside….

MrLaeddis1 says:

Sooooo Lagdroid is still Lagdroid. I see.

Lindar Hoxha says:

1:59 even apple* not samsung -_- Samsung tablets had Multi-Window in a long time

Anuja Ariyaratne says:

Wears a Moto 360, uses a pixel c. I’m sensing a Google lover.

Aaron Tolmaci says:

When you say “high resolution screen” you should really clarify the actually resolution.
One man’s high resolution is another man’s low resolution.

Kieran Galbraith says:

has anyone else had huge wifi issues with the pixel c? or is it just me? I just returned my google pixel c and I’m really sad about that as I really liked it

Jason Keith says:

Thanks for the honest review. I was thinking about getting this but I’ll cross this off my list of options. I had expected that the Google hardware and software would function well above average together. I know it is new and will have issues but lag in native apps and a keyboard that doesn’t work quite right out of the box??

jermamevo says:

lte version?

Todd Pund says:

The landscape/portrait mode complaint seems aimed at the wrong target to me. All instances of that are application based and those applications are made by people other than those who are developing android. For instance, Google has zero control over whether instagram is portrait or landscape, only instagram controls that. So, aside from those instances when a google or android feature does that, the complaint is aimed in the wrong direction.

Steven Nguyen says:

1:39 I hate you too

Sean E John says:

I want to see a HP envy 15T review.

brycemandrake says:

The next time you review a tablet that is neither 4:3 nor 16:10, start a movie and show how that movie looks like you amateur!

unrefillable says:

All tablets suck in my opinion. I’d buy a good ultrabook, or convertible all the way. Either the iPad or any of these Android tablets are not my taste, there are just too much drawbacks.

Jordan Johnson says:

That “tap on the top to see battery” is pretty cool

Wacko Dreamer says:

Does anyones here have a pixel c? If the answer is yes, Then do you have an issue with the screen clciking? right by the power adapter , if you apply slight pressure you should hear and feel a click. I found this one day by applying a screen protector and i just want to know if anyone else is having the same issue

Vlad Novetschi says:

android n fixes it

TechReview says:

first there was the Surface it is good as a Laptop and Ok as a Tablet , the there was the IPad Pro which is Ok as a Laptop and good as a Tablet and last there is the Pixel C which is worse in both categories!

understatedcore says:

The square root of two detail feels really good.

pbilk1 says:

Windows in the tablet market too and they have had “split screen” option for a long time, unless you were only talking about mobile OSes.

ser610ml says:

Nice video

Micheal Phillip says:

The fact is, Google designed the product to ship with ChromeOS. Instead, they changed it to Android 6. In future version of Android, Google tells it will merge Android and ChromeOS together. Then we might see split screen feature.

Anuja Ariyaratne says:

At least Android runs MS Office Apps offline, unlike chrome OS. lol

Tony Stark says:

Burn android

Brandon Vuong says:

Quarter of an inch is thick? If I’m not mistaken, the iPad Air 2 is about that thick, right?

Rushan M says:

“now that Windows, IOS even Samsung doing it”

David Betz says:

I agree with everything on here. Not only that, but both Microsoft and Apple understand a fact: the latency between moving between the keyboard and the screen is too much for anyone. Apple’s usability study is still the gold standard: you need a mouse. Microsoft agrees. Google needs to get on the ball. I want something faster than my Nexus 7, but the overheating of the 9 and the 1990s 3:4 aspect ratio and the incongruity of the C (e.g. it should act like a tablet) are far too much to deal with.

Clara Barbarita says:

Yet another Google’s piece of junk. They should just stick to web search!

Tom M says:

Put Remix OS on this = Problem Solved

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