Pixel C Review: The New Android Tablet King

Jon reviews the Google Pixel C, Google’s first tablet designed in-house. Does he think it’s a buy? Check out the video to find out!

Read more about the Pixel C: http://bit.ly/1PFn81B
Pixel C Pricing Info: http://amzn.to/1NUBe9K

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Neil Santosh says:

I would not buy it I only like the surface book tab and PC other companies I won’t buy it

Kevin Pranoto says:

Waiting for the rumored Shield X1! (please come true)

kau54r says:

Brilliant review Jon. Question – which would you recommend the Xperia Z4 tablet or Pixel C? I mainly use tablets for viewing pictures, watching movies and browsing online.

tinostarks says:

its nice but I can buy a pretty decent laptop for $650

Colin Bentley says:

I would get one when gets two screen multitasking.

Garrett Campbell says:

The Pixel C is a beautiful machine, but has serious wifi issues. I feel like it’s not being said enough on YouTube reviews. Overall a very buggy product even with Googles OTA updates. Check this thread which is STILL GOING ON after months. No fixes, no answers. Had a Pixel, returned it. Still waiting for the Android tablet king.

Julian Novarr says:

When he said OK Google my Nexus 5X recognised it

Pratik Kushwaha says:

In this video @2:38 when you screamed ‘OK Google’, my Google app captured the voice from the video and opened the search bar.

Alejandro Doe says:

I want this tablet but its so expensive for what it is. Also the os hasn’t match the hardware yet =( I am tablet less since a year ago when my z2 hit the floor. I really dont want to buy an iPad air 3 but if they dont lower the price on this i ll have to =(

Ryan Tervo says:

Looks like Android N is going to solve all the issues with the Pixel C, especially the multitasking portion. Makes me wonder why Google didn’t just wait until N launched and the Pixel C could have been a wonderful showcase for it.

MrTechnology83 says:

kind of expensive and no a USB port???

Gino Diggserino says:

after using Android N with the pixel C, I can definitely recommended it

Ethan Johnson says:

im getting the pixel c for only 350 and android N will have split screen,,, should i buy it?

MHUH H says:

kindly do a quick part 2 with Android N beta. 🙂 thx.

ShirtlessRabbit4 says:

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7, and I wondered what the TB opinion on it was. I love mine!

robertomasymas says:

Overall the cons win out at this price point for me. My top choice right now would be a Teclast X16 Power 8GB variant (for ~$100 less including the stylus, if you shop around), followed by a Surface 3 (for the same price with the stylus). Both of these have a CPU that is half as powerful, a screen that is less bright and pixel dense… it is a trade off.

pluses of the Pixel C:
* seriously bright screen —I love its outdoor-ability
* it’s beautiful.
* relatively powerful for a tablet … although there is a caveat here in that it is an nvidia X1 so it is a vented tablet.. making it just as non-weather-resistant as full fledged ultrabook style tablets like the Surface Pro 4.

* doesn’t come with android N (multiwindow support)
* doesn’t come with Windows 10 — I’m looking to develop android apps on a tablet. Strangely, Android Studio still doesn’t have an android version
* doesn’t come with 8GB of ram option — see windows 10 flaw, above
* doesn’t come with a stylus option —the other major use for me would be as an artists tablet. I’ve always dreamed of that.
* price — it costs about twice what it should. this is typical of nexus devices though: they overbuild and then the device is fairly premium, but minimal too.

BttercupPrincess says:

Dude how do you play stree fighter on the pixel c? I wanna buy that

Matt Carter says:

I enjoyed Android tablets back in the days of ICS and JB where apps and the UI were actually tablet optimised. These days it’s just complete shit. I can’t stand seeing all the wasted space from what is simply just a scaled up phone app.

JANER64 says:

You speak to fast . slow the fuck down.

Vikram Elango says:

iPad is 🙁 really bad

Vikram Elango says:

It’s epic

Robstunner says:

Looks like Android N fixed one of Jon’s dislikes: Multi Window 🙂

Allan Song says:

When you screamed “OK GOOGLE” my phone actually caught it :p

runnut5 says:

Screaming “OK Google” made mine kick on in the middle of the video… I guess our voices are similar XD

D P says:

ROFL when you yelled OK Google, my phone opened it up you butt

Patricia Fernandez says:

Invidia shield is better…

jash556 says:

you activated Google on my phone. nice job.

Murad Shawar says:

so 500$ for 32 GB

please make one thats 8 inches and 32GB for 300$

Vincent Martin says:

I just purchased the pixel c with keyboard and I’m concerned that the keyboard is going to scratch the screen when closed(facing the screen). Any thoughts on that? It seems like it would scratch a lot if moved around in a bag or normal transportation.

Kunal Bhat says:

tablet z4 all the way.

Dave0551 says:

ipad is better

Karim Salloum says:

This and an iPhone Plus are close to the perfect setup. iOS is great on a smartphone but Android on tablets is really more fun.

Khotta Bogard says:

If you ever think that tablets don’t make sense because smartphones can do the same or even more, think different, let me put it this way. The more expensive smartphones of each year aren’t necessary if a tablet can do the same or as much for half of the price, and get yourself a great affordable smartphone like the lg G4 (nowadays at 340$) or the oneplus X, you will get 2 devices for the price of 1 bragging tool. (Not only pointing my finger towards the iphone btw).

Muhammad Nazeer says:

the front facing camera is just 2 mp……..why did google do this???
xperia z4 tab has a 5 mp front facing camera

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