Panerai Watches – A First Time Buyer’s Guide – Panerai Watches – A First Time Buyer’s Guide

In this video review, I will be looking at Panerai watches from an angle of a first time buyer. The video should help you know what to look for when trying to buy your first Panerai.

Panerai is a great brand of luxury watches that has a lot of interesting timepieces – a brand that is agreeable normally to watch enthusiasts that are looking for something outside of the traditional.

The company’s most popular model is the Panerai Luminor Marina, which features a 44-mm case, as well as signature feature: the distinctive Panerai crown guard.

One strong recommendation that I would like to make regarding Panerai case sizes is this…If you’re a guy, stay away from models in the 40-mm and 42-mm space. These smaller models look like women’s watches and won’t look good on the wrists guys that care about their watch game!

Another important factor to take into consideration when purchasing a Panerai is the “PAM number.” Do your homework using the different PAM numbers because this number is going to tell you specifically what features the watch you are interested in has. This is important because there are a lot of different variations of each Panerai model.

Some of my favorite Panerai watches are the PAM 104, the PAM 005 and the PAM 441 Ceramica, a watch that is difficult to find and one that looks a bit understated – which is great to improve anyone’s watch game.

And how about the best Panerai model…the Top Gun?

For me, it has to be the rose gold PAM 289 timepiece. Even though it is not the most expensive, and it’s certainly much less expensive than tourbillons, it is an exquisite watch for anyone who loves nice watches.

Each of the more affordable Panerai models have one or more distinct features – but no one single watch (unless you go to the very high end ones) sports every single feature in the Panerai realm. For example, some Panerai models have sub-seconds and a clear case back, but may be manual with no date. Another model might be automatic with a date and sub-seconds, but lacking a clear case back.

While some who prefer other high end watch brands may not like this, it is actually what makes the more popular models of Panerai interesting. Collectors can, and frequently do, accumulate different models with unique features to sport them at different times and with different purposes.

Another great thing many watch fans like about the Panerai brand is the high degree of flexibility it offers when it comes to being able to use different and even exotic straps with the same watch. It is actually very easy to change straps and it is almost like having different watches in one.

If you’re interested in buying your first Panerai, make sure to do your homework carefully in order to select the model that is right for you.

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Shafir Iqbal says:

Seems like these watches are shitters

Max Pompen says:

Thx because of you I bought the 104! I really like your channel!

Kevin Ching says:

I love the 44mm automatic 312 with all the options. Clear back. I love mines and i personally think a new buyer 312 is the best bang for your buck

l00katy0utb3 says:

cool sunglasses, what brand?

Watch'dUP says:

I agree about the girls watch thing, telling people all the time. Trends aren’t going to go back to 35mm, never! you feel me

Sean Jakober says:

What do you think of the PAM0438 tuttonero, i see you like the 441, was curious as to where you think this would fit, and how well do you think that value will hold up over time? or do you think it will tank being ceramic although it is in a limited number

RedlineS2K says:

My wrist is little under 7 inches, no way I can wear a 44mm Panerai, I love Panerais, the only way I can wear one is by selecting the smaller sizes, what’s your rational behind saying they are crap? Resale? Image? Quality?

sabz0909 says:

Bro, great informative piece on panerai. Also, what’s the tune in the background?

George Grasser says:

For me the Glycine Incursore 3873.19 LBK7H looks close enough for me at $545 that I cannot justify the $4,000 to $9,000 that the Panerai models that I like cost. Not to mention the now discontinued $280 Festina Manhattan (All three of mine never needed a repair). My most recent purchase was a Deutsch Master U-88. Seem’s close enough to a Radiomir to me and if it gets damaged or stolen I can just buy another and not be upset. One must understand that watches get old and begin to show wear. At my income level ( I am Gofundme beggar that eats $1.06 a day Burger King as dinner) I’d be crying if I scratched a Panerai that was worth thousands.

Geoff Thoma says:

Hey Eric, looking at getting my first “nice” watch. What’s your opinion on the PAM 560? Found a deal on a new-in-box one for just over 4000USD but i am a little concerned about the lack of second hand or power reserve indicator. Worth taking the plunge or should i save up for a more complete model or something like an IWC Portuguese 7day? Thanks man

mt89 says:

great vid, thanks! I own a Panerai 321

MrSHARP27 says:

what’s the soundtrack ?

S&K LLC says:

What are your thoughts on the 511 in Rose Gold? Thanks

Sufyan Sani says:

Hi CRM, you guys have made one of the best watches reviews channel on youtube. Keep up the good work!

After watching this video, i would like your advice on which PAM number that have a high resale value than normal models. I was considering PAM 321. Will it be a good investement or worth buying? You are the expert in this luxury category. Trust that your advice will come in handy

Jethro T says:

Guys, I’m planning to a new watch but deciding between Panerai 8 days and a Hubot BigBang.. Which is better and why?

Farttity says:

Awesome vid! My PAM564 says hi!

xxx Siew says:

Am looking for a panerai with date display and display caseback for preferably under 8k brand new. Any suggestions? thanks in advance for any input:)

Bort Nedrick says:

What’s your opinion on the PAM424?

Jeff .Graham says:


What do you think of the PAM 24? I think it’s the longest running production model. Very tough watch!

May Salvador says:

how much it will cost

melayu radikal says:

thank u for ur video

Lorenz Müller says:

Need your ADVICE on my first PAM:
312, 510 or 104… What you guys think? I think the best option would be the 312 but I’m not sure. Please comment. Thank you.

My Email says:

Eric. What do you think of the PAM 111? In terms of holding value.

oscarjavierguerra says:

Hi Eric, what’s your view of the 351 Titanium? Does it normally have a good resale value? If you could with either the 351 or the 104, what would be your personal preference? Thanks a lot,

jim LEHMN says:

Can you do vid on deciphering replicas? Ton of replicas out ruining watch collecting

lars koenig says:

Seiko watches are better than many expensive watches !

Watches Oem says:

I am very like the Panerai Watches , but the official watches price is too expensive! I want to buy one replica panerai watches

Jordan Curk says:

Why are all these Jewlery guys fucking douches

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