“Origin PC Laptop” Review (2017)

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“Origin PC Laptop” Review (2017)

As you probably know, I change PCs A LOT. I’ve had all different kinds of pcs, notebooks and other tech stuff. The latest notebooks I had were all from Surface series, which I also did a review on them.

Recently, I decided it was time to change again, and I decided that, for me to get the performance I wanted, I would have to buy a gaming laptop. This is why I chose the Origin PC Laptop series.

Here is a quick overview on the power of those notebooks:
“ORIGIN PC EON laptops with overclocked 6th generation Intel Core Skylake i7 desktop processors can easily handle a range of demanding tasks, from the latest video games to 3D modeling. With Intel’s multi-core technology, your games, applications, and multimedia can run at full efficiency all at once, taking multitasking to the next level.”
(Source: https://www.originpc.com/gaming/laptops/)

So, thinking about buying an Origin PC Laptop and wanna know someone’s opinion first? Watch this video and find out!

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Oxdard Oxdard says:

How long the battery last ?

Jalmari91 says:

I think it is unbelievable that desktop gpu fits to that laptop.

Jason Chan says:

he has his nerd voice back!

Dev Landing says:

DAMN! That’s huge!

Richard Servello says:

You think that power supply is bulky…if you get the dual 1080 in SLI….it uses 2 of those!!!

AskEpic says:

Did you try a razer blade? Linus runs it as his daily i think.

Jakub Wałkowski says:

@SimpleProgrammer If u want to check new display, check 32 inches (or 34) display with 4k 🙂 Not in Ultrawide but in standard 16:9. More space than in ultrawide 🙂 and ratio better for programmer.

pavXX says:

Origin makes really nice laptops. $5k is non-starter. Fwiw I picked up a really nice Eluktronics.. on super-sale at Newegg a while back. Crazy good stats; 15″ IPS, 970, 500GB SSD, i7, 16GB. Really nice laptop for around ~1300. Personally I’d never spend more than $2K on a laptop.
Now looking at large external monitors. Really like the Wasabi Mango UHD400 4k, 40″.

Cono 52 says:

I agree, i had the same logic going for the xps 15 9560 instead of the xps13. it’s sweeeeeeeeeeeet, ubuntu is a bit buggy but very functional.
Will you be installing a linux distro? or does windows suit your dev needs?

ronstoppable107 says:

A VR laptop is pretty cool

Abdulrhman Sulaiman says:

The pomodoro though 🙂

Paul Garcia says:

Hey man if you ever get tired of that computer just mail it to me

Mr P says:

Would be awesome if you would make a video about going with the laptop in a starbuck and sit between people with macbooks 😀

bojanglesme says:

John, do you still play video games? Because I wanted to buy a PS4 console but I hesitate because I’m afraid that I’m going to get addicted to video games to the point that it will hurt my self improvement.

Richard Servello says:

I ordered one a week ago. Patiently waiting. Got a 7700k tho.

CodingPhase says:

u need to go with mac

Vito Wang says:

Hey John, can’t wait for your VR review.

dedominator says:


ProfessorMagus says:

Hey John, when is Simple Gamer coming out? 😉

Don Man says:

Damn what a beast…4k IPS gysnc laptop with GTX 1080…

Reso says:

Looks awesome! Does it have any problems with thermal throttling? It must get hot pretty quickly when in load.

Sriharsh Amur says:

But John, Intel Xeon microprocessor are for servers not for personal computers. You should have got an i7 processor Extream Edition.

Dr. Cringe says:

Do you game on your laptop?

Richard Servello says:

I currently carry an Aorus X7….it’s about half the thickness and about 4 lbs lighter. But I REALLY need a powerful PC. I work on VFX for movies and TV and I need a desktop I can strap on my back. Can’t wait for this monster to show up!!! Fri they said they were building it. Hopefully it ships this week.

Kevin Cho says:

beast mode on!

Kevin Brown says:

I want to see it boot up

Imran Nazir says:

How much noise does it make and does it get hot?

CobaltAGC says:

What happened. I lost consciousness after 5,000 dollars.

tenminutetokyo says:

You mean India didn’t make the Surface Pro great? You mean they didn’t keep Microsoft going as promised?

amir mekk says:

do an apartement/house tour

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