Origin PC EVO 15-S Slim Gaming Laptop Review

Lisa Gade reviews the lightest and slimmest of Origin PC’s gaming laptops, the EVO 15-S. The laptop is based on the MSI Ghost Pro chassis, and it thus bears a striking resemblance to the MSI. Origin PC is a boutique PC maker based in Miami, FL that offers free lifetime support, custom painted lids and custom configurations for many of their machines. The EVO 15-S is a 15.6” gaming laptop that weighs just 4.2 lbs and it runs on the latest generation Intel Skylake Core i7-6700HQ 45 watt quad core processor with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M 6GB DDR5 graphics for strong gaming performance. The laptop has switchable graphics (Intel HD 530), 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM in two slots, a 256 gig PCIe NVMe SSD and a 1TB 7200 RPM HDD. It’s available with a full HD matte IPS non-touch display and a 4K glossy IPS display. Other goodies include USB-C, Killer E2400 Ethernet, dual and WiFi 802.11ac with Bluetooth and a SteelSeries multi-color programmable backlit keyboard. It sells for $2,265.

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Jesús Dawaher Bakhos says:

Hello! 🙂
Really informative review. I am looking for a laptop workstation for modelling, rendering, video editing, etc. Could you please help me? Would choose an Origin, Sager or MSI?
also, what’s the difference between the S and X version of this Origin?
Thank you!

Oded Yatzkan says:

hey Lisa, what do you think – ORIGIN EVO, or Razer blade 2016?

Chris Devine says:

So basically you’d need to be insane in the membrane to choose this over the XPS 15.

Wild MLG Magikarp appeared. says:

still better specs than alienware area 51

FastRedPonyCar says:

Lots of plastic for $2200, Origin. If I’m paying more than $1200 for a laptop these days, it’d better be all metal. I guess falling back on MSI’s cheap chassis and design gave them little choice in the matter.

Marcus Campbell says:

What about screen brightness? Another screen reviewer noted a dim display as a drawback.

Dylan F says:

i7 6700m? lol, I think you mean ‘hq’

Xeriox01 says:

Pretty cool. But that price is so crazy. I still have my little Lenovo y50 touch and it’s fine since I have a sweet ssd in it. Wish it could play the newer games a little better but I say Oh well.

Jeff G says:

I would love to see a review of the 16H5, which is the barebones version of the MSI Ghost from Xotic PC.

Badro JERKER says:

Can GTA5 run on Gaming Laptop GP70? i7 and can Bo3 run?

Laura Kane says:

Nice screen, but the screen edge is large.

노승수 says:

Just curious, what is the point of reviewing this laptop, if this laptop is technically identical to MSI GS60

Joshua Thooyavan says:

This model is old, now the EVO15-S has way better specs

George Andreou says:

ma pou ta vriskis

jigsawz says:

how long is the battery? Playing game vs just doing work (watching movies, youtube, browsing and etc…)

Wiselings says:

you have to review the
MSI 17.3-Inch Laptop GT72 DOMINATOR G-1445

Crillionair says:

YOOOO this vid was GREAT keep em coming!:)

Karly Johnston says:

I am waiting for an OLED model.

shadygreatone says:

would love to see you guys review the acer predator laptop

MD. Rawnak-ul-Islam Rumi says:

old whores doing gaming laptop reviews?! what?

Pierre Stromae says:

How can they base a laptop on a MSI product ?

DellaRobbiaMX says:

There is no way im paying over 2k for a 1080p display its not worth it…1080p it’s basically obsolete already,for 100 more i’ll just get the 4k display

DatPCgamer says:

anyone reccomend the BEST gaming laptops for around 500-700?

Art Saisuphaluck says:

Hi Lisa, Could you please do a review on MSI GS72 STEALTH PRO 4K? Your reviews are very detail, last time I bought X1 Carbon 2nd Gen was because of your review. Thank you.

Satya Peswani says:

is it better than Asus rog gl522

kapilace6 says:

Skylake 6700M??

Rogers Julianson says:

3:10 Interesting, a big Windows sticker with the product key. Windows 8 was only a logo.

Justin Thomas says:

Great work. Which camera and software you use for making youtube videos? Thank you

Minwoo Kim says:

your reviews are much more reliable than other reviews. I really enjoy comparisons too.

Can you review the razer blade stealth? and comparisons between similar priced laptops?

I am asking because your reviews are just far more informing than others.

Tom Liu says:

then which one has better quality? MSI Ghost pro GS60 or this one? never heard of this brand before.

Christiovoncović Wilson says:

Is it great for YouTube edition (FIFA gameplay & rendering)

shdowhunt60 says:

I really don’t get the desire to cram really hot and power hungry GPU’s into chassis that clearly cannot handle the heat and power draw.

Thomas Stäubli says:

please do surfacebook vs mac book pro

JooJoo Flop says:

wheres the 17s at god kids these days with there candy crush games always wanting super thin light crap,

Minho Park says:


J MarshallC says:

Ummm Msi knockoff

Xenecus says:

Ok so there are a couple of areas where the EVO15-S beats MSI G60 Ghost Pro, the biggest one being the IPS display which should by itself be enough to draw those who want a gaming ultrabook with awesome editing capabilities… The other one is Origin PC support which is on paper very good.
That said I still think the MSI G60 with the benefits of being able to configure storage and memory options makes it the more attractive choice of these two.

Bryce Dennis says:

Review the razer blade stealth!

Ronnie shanbal says:

any real gaming user reviews on this?

DEATH says:

Yep MSI chassi

nobblynobody says:

I don’t get it, any of us could build a laptop that overheats, has terrible battery life and gets real noisy and costs a bomb. What exactly have these guys managed to bring to the game with their ‘expertise’?

III III says:

Why not just buy the ghost pro? Makes no sense to me.

Brandon Young says:

good review

MrMano54 says:

lol I taught 3d mark was free

no one says:

Hei guys, I wnat to know that sometimes the spec of laptop writen 1TB HDD 5400 rpm/ 7200 rpm.
How fast is this, I mean write speed and read speed? (Sorry for bad engslih)

makaveli559m says:

Origin PC is the people that were involved in Alienware.

Stefan Simonka says:

Review the Asus G752!

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