Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black GMT Ceramic Watch Review | aBlogtoWatch

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black GMT Ceramic Watch Review | aBlogtoWatch

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch reviews the new for 2016 Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black GMT watch in a new black ceramic case with the Omega in-house made caliber 8906 automatic GMT movement.

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pennfootball71 says:

Have they made them thinner yet?

Ooh Arhh says:

Not a design that will age well…

Jettender Arora says:

Vile looking watch , classic 2500D the best..agree with other comments , looks like an Invicta.Seems like Omega are losing the plot.

George Yang says:

Would it have killed Omega to change the movement decoration with a black rotor or completely black movement?

Leo Yoon says:

Omega… please…

toobalkain says:

Doesn’t look all that great in the video but a watch has to be seen in real life, so easy to be fooled, and in the case of Planet Oceans, a good idea to come trying it in a shirt as it might make be too thick to wear under the cuff and then you can either wear your shirts uncuffed, wear the PO over shirt, like Enzo Ferrari wore his timepieces due to allergy, or you lose the shirts or you choose a Rolex after all. Or another thinner watch, like Audemars Piguet, those are much much thinner than most people expect.

amartolosgr says:

black and red.A gypsy color combination for a luxury watch.

matajsz74 says:

Can you please make a review on the vintage Seamaster Cosmic ? Thank you.

toobalkain says:

August already, time to acquire and review the new “regular” Planet Ocean 600m Master C, the Basel one with orange kautschouk.

David Lau says:

Thanks Ariel good review. I prefer the black or sedna gold version over the colour accented ones. I’ve been really impresses with the METAS certified movement, which has been really accurate. I regularly sync’d my 8400 master co-axial movement alongside a Rolex 3135 to the atomic time and both are consistently <5s deviation over a whole week. Much better than my other mechanical watches.

delesdog says:

Finally! A watch where no one can tell the difference if I’m wearing a puck or not

RobUK73 says:

I like it. I Like it a lot!

greekatso says:

The black and white one is the only decent one. Still too expensive though. The red and blue versions look cheap.

RomanDutch says:

Love the normal PO, but this is horrendous. Then there is the insane price, have they gone mad?!

Rob Logan says:

Got the all black one the other day. Love it!! And yes, I bought it from an Omega boutique, because I’m not cheap and because I want to make sure I’m getting the real thing. They didn’t have one in the shop, but the guy I deal with there put in a special order for me and it arrived 4 days later. I’ve tried on the Sea Dweller and it’s very top heavy. This watch is more balanced in my opinion. It’s become my new favorite watch.

Morris Nell says:

Omega are on crack good luck trying to sell this watch for that price.

korencek says:

Is this watch thicker than PO 45,5mm with chronograph?

rovpilot1 says:

I tried it on and it looks stunning and quality, but black and red is to aggressive for my taste

amacro11 says:

MRI magnetic resonance imaging FYI, the watch is cool looking and will not match all my outfits except my diving gear just kidding – appreciate your videos

Shashike Jaywalking says:

Regarding magnatism: you allude that a magnetised watch needs a watchmaker to put it right (you mention the replacement of parts). This is simply not the case, you can buy a demagnatizer on ebay for under $30 and demag a magnetised watch extremely quickly, cheaply and easily.

RobReports says:

ugly but looks good on wrist. too expensive

Matt Stevens says:

Laughable pricing. Ceramic plates shatter when dropped. This will be no different. I’ll stick with my first gen Planet Ocean. Upgrade? HA! To me it would be downgrading.

Jack J says:

Over priced Luminox

Jesper Andersson says:

So many negative comments here, why don’t people like this? Black ceramic looks awesome, the red accents is not my style but do people really hate black ceramic watches?

korencek says:

the watch defently stands out. I love the contrast when put on the skin. Dunno how it would work on black people. Love the red how it stands out. But I am sure that rubber on the bezzel could be changed with some blend of copper based metal. or maybe even with red colored ceramic.

Yaax Arr says:

10K???? wtf Omega!!

holytiger89 says:

best looking planet ocean. PERIOD

Edward Abraham says:

A lot of critics here, but I like the look of this watch. I don’t think it looks cheap at all. Don’t get me wrong, it is too expensive for what it is, but that doesn’t mean it looks cheap.

Spiederia says:

I actually like this series from Omega, there are 3-4 other color combos that look great also (the blue combo is stunning). These will sell, look at all the Dark and Grey Side of the Moon watches that have been bought.

MrPleers says:

Yuk. Looks like plastic and cheap.

Sahen Liyanage says:

Is that a rubber strap?

Stephan 8889 says:

2’nd gen is the best version so far !!! There’s no doubt about it. The deep black collection is a little bit overpriced and it’s not as good as 8500 IMO

a single white female says:

Wish there was a midsize version. 36mm or 37mm.

ry8484 says:


pengasus says:

I’d rather stay magnetic and buy 2 watches. Or get a Rolex. WTF is wrong with the people at their marketing department…

Curtis A.R says:

The reason why they have the hour hand changing the date is to save the date wheel, while also allowing the user to change the date at any time. The seconds and minutes hands still move allowing for accurate time. Perfect for someone who travels a lot for work with many time zones.

SchneiderMan says:

Nope, it looks cheap and tacky.

Arliss Arlington says:

Omega is in for a rude awakening. At times when the industry is struggling Omega puts out a PO at this obscene price. They’re pricing themselves out of the market by nearing Rolex price ranges…big mistake. Tudor, Oris, and Sinn will gladly slide into the price point where Omega once ruled.

J Philosopher says:

I agree about the GMT complication, prefer it on this one

LegoExpert says:

Would it ibe possible to make a compassion between the Glossy and matte versions of the Deep black side by side? 🙂 ( the Full black one Vs. Blue one ) since the Red version already been reviewed 😉

The truth Is out there says:

way to thick, omega need to address this…

bob345 says:

that case back really reminds me of of the center lock used on Porsche’s such as the gt3.

Mr Clowdee says:

Oh dear. Not exactly Omega on top form, eh?

SB SB says:

NICE watch, but I will prefer if the bezel was either whole red, of black.

mac daddy says:

Crappy looking watch.

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