NVIDIA Shield Tablet Review!

NVIDIA Shield – Gaming = Nexus 8!

Shield Tablet: http://amzn.to/1kXKUZi

Gaming features
Wireless controller: http://youtu.be/slbLq5e-tBU
LinusTechTips Review: http://youtu.be/hwn1MdcqCm4

Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


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Schroeder M. Schulz says:

This is Nintendo Switch 2 years ago

David Playz Gamez says:

Watching this on my Shield

Schroeder M. Schulz says:

you are black.. but your hand are white… what?

RandomReviews says:

It has 192 GPU(s). Wow.

CabooseEcho says:

LoL u litterly have a review for every device I look for! that’s freaking awesome

Jan Butz says:

my shield table has on the left side (where the camera is) some LEDs or something that are not lighted pls hell me and sorry for my Bad english

VirtualJoker says:

Even in 2016 its still one of the fastest tablets out

Sean Eredia says:

They should sponsor the TV show Agents of shield lmao, currently they are sponsored by apple : /

Chunk Gamer says:

my father said its only Php 8.000+

PolioVitruvius says:

CAUTION!!! I bought a tablet second hand and it was working fine. Then last week it suddenly stopped working. That is when I discovered the recall. So I entered my serial number and found out that a replacement tablet had already been issued for that serial number. Yes, I was scammed and did not research the SN before purchasing. Now there are potentially 88,000 of these recalled tablet on the second hand market. I have spent a lot of time with NVIDIA. They WILL NOT help at all. Yes it is nice that they replaced them for original buyers. However they do not seem to care AT ALL about the actual fire hazard. Buyer beware! LOTS of these recalled tablet on the market now. Yes, I have tried and tried to get a new battery or replacement battery to fix my tablet since nothing else is wrong with it. No luck and again, NVIDIA will NOT help at all. There is a tutorial in ifixit with battery recomendations but non are a match and they are all from aliexpress and dubious at best

ZizzLeX says:


Ashleypalmer1991 says:

I have a nexus 10 and I love it with the exception of 2 things. No expandable memory and the fact that it looses a charge while it’s plugged in with even the lightest use while also taking forever to charge. Will this tablet still charge with heavy use? I was also wondering how long the battery lasted and how long it took to charge? Thanks to anyone who can help me out with these questions!


can anyone stop Comcast.

matt F says:

my last 2 tablet’s were Samsung.. one being the a8 .. i am gonna give this a try… even though I don’t really game.. but I religiously use my tablet every day for movies .. casting.. Kodi custom building.. etc

argee mar gozun says:

I really want to have that nvidia tablet. can I have it. PLEASE!! 🙁

Barry's World says:

does this have gps so you can use google maps as a satnav?

Kshan Horton says:

did he just say a 192 core gpu

Flare says:

Pause at 0:08…

PH_C Mr.Pickles! says:


Anonymous says:

Android L huh… How about N

Smeary Toast says:

Wheres the cheerios? 🙂

Don't talk to me or my son ever again says:

Duu duu duu du du Nvidaaah

Matt Goodbaudy says:


??? ??? says:

2017 Update on Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet.
PROS* Gaming* Fast Processor* Strong Performance* Build Quality* Speakers * Front Camera
CONS:* Awful Battery Life* Bulky Design* Low Brightness
OVERALL:Great value. Quality specs. Best for home use – not for portable. Recommendable for gamers. It’s a good tablet for anyone, although, if you’re not a gamer, it might not be the very best tablet.

thrasherballs1983 says:

this is the tablet i thought htc was going to produce when the htc m7 came out and was on top of the phone business… they sure missed out on a good product

TCTrond says:

I wish this tablet had better buttons, 3GB of RAM (as Android 6.0 uses more RAM than Android 4.4) and maybe better speakers then this tablet would have been perfect, even 2 years later (I would pay $249.99 for a tablet with those specs now)

bunnyfreakz says:

You don’t need to become a gamer just to install a game and test how its play.

Gabriel Ward says:


Man Man says:

Hopefully Nintendo Switch is much more powerful and efficient than Nvidia Shield Tablet

Tom Krausz says:

the new version does not include a stylus

Simir Lyimo says:

hey obviously you don’t know me but I’ve been a huge fan or your Chanel for years. because I like the way you run your channel put shorty. but anyway I can’t give much information cause ive already had too many if my gold eggs stolen but this one is mine!!! but i could be ours since your video inspired it….butt about what I’m doing the only thing I can tell you is its project DSM. and I’m going to need you when I get the idea going just gotta do a little more research and build it. but message if you’re actually interested the only think I need help with from you is talking to nvidia… OK that’s a biiiig favor but I’m doing all the work bro lol. but hmu asap or I’ll sent you a bid when im done……..

Sajad Gaming says:


Jax K says:

if this tablet had at least 3 or 4 gigs of ram. It would be a desirable device still in 2017.

Tanzim K says:

This is, perhaps, the first Android Kitkat device that is upgradable to Android Nougat.

Itachi Uchiha says:

I am interested in this tablet however, would I be able to download regular ios and android games onto it? Or are the games only the preselected ones that are in the store? (eg: titanfall, boxing, overlord 2)

Mega Gaming says:

ugh I’m so angry I bought the nvidia shield controller for 97$ at Amazon and it the button you use to connect it to the tablet doesn’t work. -_- …….. SCREW AMAZON!

Brittany Janoskie says:

Video was very informative thanks. I do have a question on what you are opinion would be I’m looking for a tablet that would be really good for homework, power points, paper, tests and stuff for college. so I need something that’s going to run very smoothly before freeze do you think this would be a really good tablet for that?

Nick Pisano says:

How many people thought of this when they saw the Nintendo Switch?

Moreno says:

Go for 200 on amazon, what a steal

AmmoniumChloride106 says:

I really want that so badly ;(

ProGamer635 Minecraft says:

I’m getting a shield

thatswicked says:

Nice daft punk poster

GamingTechReview says:

I cannot wait for the Nintendo switch.

Thisun Sudaraka says:

what is that f1 racing game?? 6:45

Simir Lyimo says:

sorry for the typos

Karan S says:


192 Core CPU?!!!!!!!


Jack K says:

Hello was considering this tablet. However is this all with all its power is it capable of editing of any kind? like picture and video editing besides just gaming.

Steven Mendez says:

I love this tablet then more than my iPad air

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