NVIDIA Shield Tablet Review – the tablet we’ve been waiting for

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The NVIDIA Shield Tablet might be simultaneously the Android gaming experience and Android tablet we’ve been waiting for. Josh brings you the review.

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rio scerbo says:

soa gtx 760 wont stream well?

UnicornHorn says:

Are there ways of moving software from the tablet to your pc? 16gb is a bit too small for me

Tuur van Boxtel says:

is it a mini HDMI or just normal HDMI?

Fallen Angel says:

To clarify, it will run steam?

Namu Bae says:

This one looks really cool..
Dunno if it worth to buy it now or wait for the next gen tho

Logan Hall says:

Can you download emulators to it?

Rishiraj Vasistha says:

@jknews i see you here

young mouss says:

it is possible to move games on sd card on lollipop?because 16 gb is definitely not enough.please i need help

Daniel Sargent says:

Whats the shield like to use as just a general tablet? Looking into getting a new tablet and I’m stuck between this or the Nexus 9…

Waleed Khalid says:

amazing tab. I loved it. . tegra k1 + stock android = greatness

Serdar Kezer says:

Cost €199 now!

Johnjr Magellan says:

do you know sir when will nvidia shield tablet 2 w/ tegra maxwell x1 be release? should i buy now or wait for shield tablet 2.

Jax K says:

The shield k1 is good now. All the updates fixed a lot of the issues especially WiFi. Except battery. The battery is pretty bad lol.

Ghost/Iceman says:

Here’s the big question, do you recommend the nivida shield tablet?

THE AnimeFAN says:

how is the batterylife for the NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1? is it the same batterylife?

Michael Petkov says:

+Android Authority is the Nexus Player Gamepad compatible with the Shield Tablet?

cities 7 says:

I don’t like that the controller is a separate piece, how do you lay in bed and play this?

Frank Reynolds says:

yay jkn

Johnjr Magellan says:

can you report, this to nvidia. to make another nvidia shield tablet 2 a thin bezel, more thin.. and make battery life, more efficient. i think they need like motorola google nexus 6 battery technology.

fordgt402 says:

This is so much lighter than carrying a ps2 slim with a controller.If only,the devs sells games using sd card,that will be very convenient.

Mychael Hunt says:

But the real question is.. can you use snapchat with the SHIELD tablet..??
the sad thing is Im actually serious. can you?

Hend Farid says:

Loved the review. Can you compare it against the Xperia Z3 tablet from gaming point of view? The the Xperia you can also connect the PS4 controller.

Naing Lin says:


Wapn Perfo says:

I want an nvidea shield phone with an x1 processor and HDMI out

2mesquivel says:

Is this better than the acer predator 8???

Corvo says:

this is what i wish…..
u dont need a gtx pc to stream pc games. it should be you sign into steam and then ur done

KillersGaming says:

Can you connect a mouse and keyboard to this???

david says:

Is there anyway to use the controller without wifi? Like if im in a card or on a plane.

Anonymous says:

can i game stream from a friends house or do i have to be in my home network?

lexustheimpaler says:

Dat negro

Moonnight 15 says:

Asus zenpad or this

Android Gaming says:

Will this have a second version ?

Epicgamersix says:

Great review!

Eli Garcia says:

Found it on Amazon